Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photo A Day June

It's time to say goodbye to June. It was such a lovely month. It started out just right with our one year anniversary and a trip to Florida. I have to say that it's ended quite nicely as well since June has turned out to be a surprisingly laid back month.

Well you guys, I'm still keeping up with Photo A Day and loving that I am reminded to snap a photo each day of the topic at hand. It was fun being able to expand my horizon and take photos somewhere else for a change while vacationing in Florida.

Anywho, let's get to the photos!

1. morning. It's funny to think that my morning drive used to start with the sun rising. The sun is now high in the sky before I even get out of bed at 6am.

2. empty. Day 2 was of my empty suitcase. I always wait until the last minute to pack. I was super excited for a vacation but sad to leave my beast. I would have packed Apollo if I could!

3. on your plate. A day full of driving through 3 states was on my plate on the 3rd day of June. Jeremy did a great job driving!

4. close-up. Day 4 was the first full day of our vacation (and anniversary!) and it was spent relaxing at the pool. Jeremy was wearing some aviators that showed my reflection.

5. sign. Ah, this day was spent on a swamp tour at Black Hammock. Let's just say there were many many signs about the gators.

6. hat. Yup. I was back at the pool. I had to show off my giant hat! I like to think that I can pull it off.

7. drink. I wanted to have a fruity drink by the pool but when I found out those suckers were $9 a drink...yes $9!!!...I passed and had water instead.

8. six o'clock. Oh how I miss the Florida outlets and malls. At six o'clock, we were at one of my favorite stores, H&M. We need to get one in Charlotte!!!

9. your view today. Stormy clouds and palm trees are the normal view for Florida.

10. best bit of your weekend. A spontaneous helicopter ride overlooking Orlando, Florida.

11. door. This was fitting as we were finally home from our vacation.

12. from a low angle. This was as I was sitting in the car waiting for the light to change.

13. art. We don't have much art hanging in the house (we should probably change that) but this will always be a favorite piece of mine drawn by Jeremy.

14. time. Time to go! This photo was snapped as I was leaving Food Lion for the day.

15. yellow. One of my favorite colors!

16. out and about. This was taken over the weekend and each weekend Apollo gets one long walk. This happened to be the only time I left the house that day. It was a very good day.

17. in your bag. A card for my Dad and Father-in-Law on father's day!

18. something we don't know about you. I played clarinet for 8 years and was in the marching band (it was mandatory) for one.

19. imperfect. My kitchen was diiiiiiirty. It was definitely time for a clean up. 

20. fave photo you've ever taken. I love a trip to the zoo! And who doesn't love giraffes?! This photo was taken a few years ago at Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina.

21. where you slept. Next to a handsome fellow, my husband.

22. from a high angle. A view from the roof!

23. movement. This was our first trip to the pool in our neighborhood. I was beyond excited.

24. on your mind. How good this breakfast that my wonderful husband prepared was about to be.

25. something cute. My adorable nephew Keegan in his new shades! 

26. where you shop. What girl doesn't love Forever 21??!?!?!

27. bathroom. I didn't exactly want to snap a photo of the toilet so I opted for our bathroom lights instead.

28. on the shelf. Books and DVDs ranging from Twilight and True Blood to Laguna Beach and Parenthood. Don't judge me :D

29. soft. Apollo's big head is soft, especially his ears. 

30. a friend. My life wouldn't be the same without my three best friends; my sister Nickie, my childhood friend Sairy, and my college roommate, Chelsea. 

Alright July, let's not get TOO hot shall we? I will be continuing my Photo A Day journey and snapping photos here and there with my handy dandy iPhone. You should join me and play along! Happy Birthday America and have a great 4th of July!

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  1. You never cease to amaze me.