Friday, August 30, 2013

Movin' & Groovin'

My husband rarely gets me annoyed at him but one weekend I was up to my limit with a song that he had taught himself on the guitar. During a span of 48 hours, Jeremy had played the same song over and over and OVER again. At least 10,00 times. I couldn't take it anymore! I was a horrible wife and yelled at him...Told him not to play it while I was around for the rest of that particular weekend.

Since then I have grown to like the song that he was playing and singing on repeat. One Republic's "Counting Stars" would soon make it's way onto my playlist with me happily blasting it in the car. Jeremy has since calmed down on the tune and moved onto a variety of songs making the song much more enjoyable for my ears.

To make up for being a horrible wife that weekend I snapped at him, I surprised J with tickets to see One Republic, the very band that played the song I was so annoyed with at the time.

This was all very last minute on my part. I found out One Republic was coming into town only the day before the actual show but I was hesitant to purchase tickets since there was 100% chance rain predicted for that night. The next day I was constantly checking The Weather Channel and to my luck, the percentage of rain kept dwindling down all the way to 0%. Once I got home, we were out the door and he drove us to our surprise destination. (I would have driven but that Friday commute from Salisbury is KILLER, you guys. KILLER.)

I bought tickets at the door and we found the perfect spot to set up our blanket on the lawn. We grabbed an overpriced dinner of chicken tenders and french fries from the venue and happily ate while dancing along to Mayer Hawthorne's tunes. We were happy to find out that Mayer Hawthorne was actually featured on one of our "Jams of the week" (those are a regular in the Singleton household). Mayer opened with that very song so, needless to say, it was a great start to the evening.

I couldn't, for the life of me, take a good picture. I gave up and it resorted to this.

Mayer Hawthorne and band.
One Republic finally made their way out with a dramatic first song of lights and shadows behind a curtain waiting until the very end to show themselves. It was a great show of old songs and new, upbeat and slow. Ryan Tedder did a great job of engaging the audience, chatting with us in between songs, informing us to eat at Dish in Plaza Midwood (I've already been there and highly recommend it), and telling us how perfect the night was with it being 60 degrees in North Carolina of all places. Yep. The night was pretty perfect.

One Republic.

The best part about this One Republic concert was that it was just the preview for another amazing concert just a few days after. Jeremy and I had plans to go see Bruno Mars just 5 days later.

Fast forward to August 21st at 7:30pm to an arena full of Bruno Mars fans.

We got to our seats just in time to see Fitz and the Tantrums open up the show. We were excited to see some familiar faces as we had seen them open for Jason Mraz at Madison Square Garden. It was great to hear some new material from them and they had us dancing out of our seats and wanting their new album in no time at all.

Wednesday Date Night!

I need some dance lessons from the lady of Fitz and the Tantrums. She's got some moves.

Bruno Mars took his sweet time starting his portion of the show but we quickly forgave him once he hit the stage. We danced and sang along to several songs reminiscing on those old radio hits that we'll always know and love. You couldn't help but want to be a part of his band. They just looked like they were having a great time dancing and playing music that they love. Twas a great, great night.

Bruno Mars and band!

Bruno! He's short but he can MOVE.

Great show :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Photo A Day: Three. Six. Five.

Remember that time where I literally took a photo each and every day for an entire year? I decided I needed to somehow compile all of those photos and what better way to do it than with the help of Blub?! I finally put the time aside to put 365 photos into one beautifully bound book. It's pretty crazy that I remember the story behind each and every picture. I have the book on display at home, but here's a peek for those of you who don't always make it to our humble abode.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Bachelorette: This is the END.

Although we've coooome 
to the eeeeeeeend of the rooooooad
Still I caaaaaan't let you goooooo
It's unnatural, 
you belong to me, 
I belong to yoooooooooooooooou

We did it! We've reached the end. Gotta admit, it was looking a little iffy for me back when everyone was arguing with James about what he said (or didn't say). But I made it to the end. Because I'm a winner. See kids, some perseverance, toughness and determination can get you through anything!

Ok, let's start this finale. 

Oh yeah, we're LIVE! Well, I have a confession to make - I'm totally not live. Had to record this. So yeah, no time stamps tonight. Hopefully this all flows...

I almost forgot about all the waterworks from the previous episodes. Glad that's over.

Chris is addressing the audience. Oh, and we get to find out who the next Bachelor will be. 

Confession #2: Yeah, I don't think I really want to see any of these guys. But maybe, like most guys, they'll be a little different with 20 attractive women are fighting for him.

We open with a somber Dez talking about Brooks leaving. Blah, blah, blah... Chris is here!

Wow... and he immediately goes into psychiatrist mode.

Chris: "How ya doin'?"
Dez: "I'm OK."
Chris: "Really?"
Dez: "...yeah."
Chris: (big sigh) " you're not."

Lots of silence... then silence broken by sniffling from Dez... this is kind of... turrible (Charles Barkley voice).

How much is Dr. Harrison charging for these sessions?

Ok, we've moved on (finally) to talk about the guys who are actually left. Every time she talks about them, they basically sound like they're in the "friend zone". 

I would NOT want to go on a date with her after all that mess. And I know the guys will probably say something like how they feel bad for her and want to just console her and blah, blah, blaaaaaaah. But really... don't nobody wanna be around that. (That was some terrible english, but I had to get ghetto with that sentence)

[Commercial breeeeeeeeeak]

We're back. I don't get much of a break when we can fast forward through commercials. Anyway, it's rose ceremony time. Guys came out looking sharp in their suits. Would've been better with a tie though... 

Chris just broke the news to the guys that Brooks left. I saw and heard them cheer in their heads.

They look so concerned. Well, Hilfiger always looks like that.

Now Dez is explaining how/why Brooks left. She's holding back tears... I wonder if the guys are like, "hey girl, you're a lil' too emotionally attached to that Brooks guy right now..."

Ugh... Dez is crying (again). As a guy, it absolutely sucks having to sit in front of a girl/woman as she cries. Especially when you're the reason she's crying (obviously). Everything you say while she's crying just sounds stupid, haha.

She's handing out the roses. This seems silly... but how awesomely hilarious would it be if one of them actually didn't accept the rose? Would've been classic. 

Oh yeah, this is live. The folks in the audience... they all just seem so... corny.

[Commercial... fast forwarding...]

And we're back. Chris hyping up the crowd. Someone's gotta keep the folks awake.

WHOA.. I see... 3 non-famous men in the audience! What's going on? They were forced there by gun point, right?

Ugh... Chris is "interviewing" audience members. Whoa... this lady... I don't like her dress/skirt... thing. And man, these ladies have a lot to say. Haha, and the 1 married woman he's talking to said the realest thing any of these ladies said. She said Brooks should've asked for advice from a MAN, not his sister and divorced mom. Oh, and then another lady said the next realest statement - neither of those dudes should propose at the end of this since CLEARLY she's in love with Brooks.

Brooks' pimp-hand is SO strong right now.

Ok, it's date time with Hilfiger aka Drew. Horseback riding down to the beach. Have I told you guys about my 1 and only experience horseback riding? It was on our honeymoon... in the wild jungle of Belize. Our guide was talking about jaguars and crap in there... yeah, I was NOT feelin' that... 

Anyway, Dez has already confessed to the camera she ain't feelin' Drew right now. Big surprise. She's sitting down with Drew now and told him they need to talk. Look at Drew's face... he knows what's coming. 

He's literally bracing himself.

And boom goes the dynamite. Dez is crying and she has dropped the bomb on Hilfiger that he is NOT the one. What do you say right now if you're Drew? 

"I don't know... I don't know... I just... I don't know..." - Drew. (see, he didn't know what to say either.)

Welp... Drew has begun his long walk alone on the beach. I hope he doesn't have to literally walk back to his room. I mean, can a brotha at least get the horse?!

Poor Drew - had to take a long horse ride down to the beach just to get dumped. And THEN had to walk back. Sucker.

Ok, after this incredibly long walk (they seriously didn't give him a horse?!) he walked up the get-away van and rode off.

Hahaha, the audience is like... shocked. Complete silence. They're more entertaining than the actual episode.


Chris is throwing out a bunch of teaser questions. Gives ya the feeling he's really... reaching for some reaction. 

Now it's date time with Chris. It looks like he and Drew maybe shop at the same place? 

Well, there's way more talking, smiles and kissing on Chris' date. Could probably fast forward now since... clearly this date is going well.

Oh snap! There was a fish just skipping along the water! Brought just a smidge of excitement to this date.


Dinner time! Also, I can't believe they [ABC] stretched this out for 2 hours. This is more ridiculous than their usual over-stretching 2-hour episodes.

Totally zoned out during this portion of the family. All I know is Chris was sweating a lot. I guess it's hot in there.

Oh look, Chris has given her a fresh new journal. 

"I bet Zak is SO salty." - Asha. 

I couldn't have said it better myself! (And it's pretty clear I've rubbed off on her just a lil' bit)

Jesus, can we please get a commercial break?! 

"Psh, I'm not watching that crap." - Jesus

Ugh, Dez is crying again... I can't take this!

[Commercial... thanks, Jesus.]
("You're welcome." - Jesus)

Ok, we're back and Dez's friends are in the audience... ladies from Sean's season... oh, and Sean and Catherine. 

Chris is talking to last season's ladies. He's talking to the girl that got the least amount of camera time last season. She looks like a Barbie. Did I say that last season? 

I liked Lesley. She was one of my favorites on Sean's season. 

I baaarely paid any attention to that segment. Whew... this is getting tough.


We're back and it's time to meet Dez's family! I hope her parents are still kinda hippy weirdos and her brother, of course, is still a weird idiot.

Oh, mom still looks the part. So yeah, I think we're good.

Oh, ok we're just gonna open up with the interview questions from the family.

Dez's brother has a lot of questions. I think he prepped for this last night. Like... I think he wrote down his questions and practiced in front of the mirror. I bet he feels like Larry King or Matt Lauer right now.

Haha, they moved to the dinner table and my man is STILL firing the questions. 

Ok, finally time to sit down and talk with Dez's father. Um... I think Chris has talked this entire time. Haha, her dad is a man of few words. Very few words. But Chris, on the other hand, was a little chatter box. By the way, he says, "100%" a lot. 

Haha, ok now it's time for Dez to have her 1-on-1 with her brother. First of all... he looks kinda sun burnt. 

"He [Dez's brother] should be the next bachelor." - Asha.

Genius. He ABSOLUTELY should be the next bachelor. I'm 100% in support of this. How can we make this happen?!


Back on. My man Chris is doing the traditional visit with Mr. Neil Lane. He seems kinda weird to me.

Ok, let's somehow speed this process up. We only have 1 proposal to watch so let's get this going. Will she be with Chris? Will she reject him? Will Brooks magically come back?! 


This has to be the home stretch, right?

Yup, it is.

Ok, Chris is making his long walk up to see Dez. 

Ha... Chris is nervous. He also kinda sounds like he's going to cry. Yeah, he's definitely fighting tears. 

Hahahahaha... he was about to drop down to 1 knee and she stopped him. I bet his heart dropped to his stomach when she did that. Anyway, she's talking to him now... 

Haha, she told him she sent Drew home and he couldn't hold his smile, haha.

Haha, she hit Chris with the "okie doke" talking about Brooks and making him think he was about to get rejected. Yeah, I saw the confusion on his face. But then she brought it back and... well, she kinda... proposed to him.

I started the last 3 paragraphs laughing. That's a good sign, right??

Ugh, all this crying... 

OK, he finally proposed. She said yes. Yay.

Now that we got that out of the way, can we get a quick update from Brooks like, right now? I really, really dont' want to watch the "after the rose" special. 

Oh, we get a lil' montage first... 

Oh, and of course, the final rose.

Ah man... now more montage? Ugh... 

You did it, Chris! You're the last man standing. You're #1! Enjoy the next couple of months because, according to the stats, there's a good chance you're going to be single again. Sorry, bro.

Ok, it's finally done. Oh no, the "after the rose" special immediately started. I need to go before I get sucked in. Anyway, another season in the books. It was super boring. I guess it had it's highlights (that weren't very high) but yeah, it's all over now. Thank you to everyone who continued to read along. I greatly appreciated that.

Now... it's football season! Gimme my man-card back!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Let the Good Times Roll

This past weekend was an all-around good weekend. Not too busy. Not too boring. It was juuuuuuust right. My weekend started off right with a shopping trip right after work to Concord Mills. I had to take advantage of the LAST tax-free weekend being offered in North Carolina! Elyse and I hit our favorite stores and walked away happy campers.

Speaking of happy campers, this was my fortune at lunch that day. YES, PLEASE!
Saturday morning rolled around and I was sooooooo excited to sleep in...until I awoke at 6:30am. That lasted all of 5 minutes. I forced myself back to sleep (it wasn't that hard) and woke up at a much better time. We had a lazy morning catching up on important TV shows like MTV's The Challenge and Project Runway :D.

In between morning and late afternoon, we squeezed in some time to visit a few local shops in Matthews. We stumbled into a new fave, The White Stag, and found some great NC "Home" shirts and local art to hang. We were definitely happy with our purchases.

Love this! Made by a local NC artist.
Both Jeremy and I got one (different colors) . My new favorite shirt.
We definitely need this in our house.
Later that afternoon, we met up with the bro-in-law, Reuben, and Shannon and headed to Fan Fest to watch the Carolina Panthers debut this year's team which *hopefully* Armanti Edwards (App alum) will be a part of again. We found seats with CJ and his adorable son, Oliver, who was happy to spend some quality time with Bluncle (black uncle) Jeremy. They happened to match!

Ready (sort of) for the season to begin!

Carolina Panther's Fan Fest!

Matching shorts and smiles with Bluncle Jeremy
After sitting in the summer heat for a good two hours, we were of course craving some burgers. Since we were already uptown, we settled on one of Jeremy's favorites, The Burger Company, for dinner. Mmmmm....their burgers were miiiiiighty delicious PLUS defensive coordinator, Sean McDermott, happened to be eating next to us and just happened to pick up my hat that fell on the floor. Of course I had no idea who he was, but Jeremy and Reuben sure did.

The next morning we woke up early but for a good reason. FREE BREAKFAST. There's a new breakfast place opening in Baaaaaaaaallantyne, Another Broken Egg Cafe, and they invited YMCA staff and families to come and be guinea pigs before their grand opening. We started out with a cinnamon roll that pretty much melted in our mouths. Jeremy went with biscuits and gray while I went with my breakfast usual of shrimp and grits. Oh. My. It was soooooooo good.

After we didn't feel fat anymore from breakfast, we ended the day with a trip to the pool.

Pool time!
Our weekend sort of squeezed it's way into Monday which is A-okay with me. Thanks to a friend, we got tickets to see an advanced screening of "Meet the Millers". We had a feeling this movie would be funny but that movie had me crying, I was laughing so hard. And that never happens. It is definitely a must-see. GO SEE IT (if you want a good laugh)!

And that my friends was our weekend. Twas a good one. Now I'm ready for the next!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Bachelorette: It's. About. To. Go. DOWN #FantasySuite

Welp, after a nice week off, I'm BACK! I thought I'd be re-energized for this but that big dinner I just ate... I definitely caught "the itis" and this may be a bit of a struggle.

Ok, so anyway, the second to last episode has begun! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It's getting brighter too!

Dez is recapping the season. This is literally just a (so far) 6 minute reminder of how boring this season was. It's not that these guys were bad... they just weren't very entertaining at all. To the point where it's made me think about only blogging on The Bachelor.

It's 8:09 PM and she's STILL recapping and going through these final guys.

Ok, FINALLY... never been so happy for a commercial break.

[thankfully, Commercial Break]
So as I'm sitting here I gots to thinking - how long you think it's going to take before they pick a non-white Bachelor or Bachelorette? And when that happens, do you think the person will be black? Hispanic? Asian? Just wondering...

8:14 PM - And we're back. Ok... somebody help me out please. Is it pronounced 'Antiga' or 'Antig-wa'? I always thought it was pronounced 'Antig-wa', but they're clearly not pronouncing that 'u' at the end. Is not pronouncing the 'u' the correct way to say it? I'm so confused... whateva...

We're first hanging out with Drew aka Tommy Hilfiger. They're out having some dancing fun with the locals. I'm preeeetty sure these locals are giggling and laughing at them as they dance.

Oh snap... this dude weaving stuff out of uh... grass... anyway, homie got skills.

...oh, and it got a lil' awkward as he sat and watched them kiss... and kinda gave directions....

8:19 PM - Just remembered this is the "Fantasy Suite" episode. Always makes me giggle.

Except right now, it's boring because they're just talking. I feel bad because these guys seem like genuinely nice guys. I don't know if I'd hang out with them or anything, but yeah, nice guys. I just... don't want to watch them on TV.

[Commercial Break]

8:25 PM - It's back on and these suckas apparently got caught in the rain. They had a nice dinner and bon fire planned on the beach and the rain kinda ruined that. Uhh... didn't they check the weather? I know somebody there has an iPhone and can check the weather.

8:26 PM - Oh snap, thanks to the rain, my man Hilfiger got into the Fantasy Suite early! That is a W-I-N. Ha, and he has no shame about staying there over night either.

You guys, please excuse me if there are some gaps in this post. This talking on the couch is just boring. So I've been on Facebook seeing how other people cook like me. Just guess. Add more cheese... you can never go wrong with adding more cheese!

8:30 PM - hahahaha... so Asha and I can't decide if there was a bug on Hilfiger's shirt, or if it was just a fold in his shirt. We'll let you guys decide.

[Commercial Break]

8:35 PM - Now it's Brooks' turn. He seems so... unsure. Of everything.

Man... we have to watch this dude go all the way to Idaho to talk to his sister? This could've easily been a phone call.

He's having doubts about proposing... like the majority of men. Nothing wrong with really sitting down and thinking about marrying this person you've only known for a couple months.

I honestly haven't listened to half of this segment. Oops. But yeah, looks like Brooks is going to walk away now? Maybe? I really only caught bits and pieces sooooo I might be wrong.

Asha doesn't like Mr. Turner's teeth. Just thought you should know.

[Commercial Break]

8:47 PM -

I'm totally going to audition for that gig too.

That tweet had fantastic timing because they totally opened with some acoustic guitar.

Anyway, it's Chris' turn. This rocky beach area looks nice. This place is so gosh darn scenic. I'd like this choppa ride.

Is this the first helicopter ride of the season?

8:50 PM - Boring beach picnic.

Ok, I have a confession to make. Making out and whatnot on the beach... I don't really get it. Don't get me wrong, I'll totally make out (with Asha) on the beach. But I don't really understand why it's soooooooooooo romantic. Is it more of a girl thing? Is it a white people thing? Or is it just not my thing? Honest question too.

[Commercial Break]

8:55 PM - Dinner time.

Chris and Dez are talking about the possible future. Sound like he just recently got a job in Seattle and he's wondering about her moving to Seattle. Honest and legit question.

After talking in circles and saying a whole lot of nothin, Dez finally says she'd be open to moving to Seattle. Only took forever for her to just say that.

9:00 PM - Blah, blah blah - time for the fantasy suite.

Really Chris? You want the fantasy suite so you can sit and watch the stars? Yeah, ok.

"Watch the stars"... is that the new code on the streets now?

Oh look, another poem from Chris.

I should stop being a hater on his poems. Gotta do whatcha gotta do, bro. I shall not hate the player, but instead, hate the game.

Ugh, what is this song playing in the background?! Turn that crap down!!

[Commercial Break]

9:08 PM - Ok, time to get to what we've been building up to. First of all, Dez has totally walked right into this. For the past couple weeks she's clearly put this guy in 1st place... and now he doesn't want to be with her. Ha, Dez has some bad luck. Getting her heart broken twice on TV?! So tough.

9:10 PM - Ok, Mr. Turner is now talking with Chris Harrison. I think I'm just going to watch this part...


I wonder how much Chris is charging for this session...

...I think Chris was trying to talk him off the ledge...

Oh snap, Chris got Mr. Turner on the psychiatrist's couch now. Got him talking about his past and how his parents were divorced...

9:17 PM - It's only been going on for 7 minutes but it's felt like 30...

Man, he should've waited until after the fantasy suite to say all this. Haha... jk.

I would like a commercial break or something right about now.

9:19 PM - thank God...
[Commercial Break]

9:25 PM - Aww, Dez is so happy to see Brooks and... it's just going to go downhill... and she doesn't see it coming at all. #BrickWall

I feel so evil right now. She's all happy, Brooks is not happy... and I'm trying to hard to not smile and giggle.

You can see the concern in Dez's eyes. Ok, now I guess I'm feeling bad for her. She totally sees it now. She's holding back tears.

5 minutes later, she can't hold back the tears anymore.

This is like a real break up.

Hey, we can hear someone's heart beating (fast) from one of the microphones. I wonder who's it is.

Haha, she told him she loved him and was like, "WHAT?! WHY YOU TELL ME THAT NOW?!?!" (ok, well he didn't say it exactly like that... but yeah, that's what he said.

They cried SO much, it was ridiculous.

Well, that's done.

[Commercial Break]

9:39 PM - Home stretch time. Dez and Mr. Turner are just sitting silently.

This is... interesting. Brooks is basically saying it's gonna take him longer than 2 months to fall madly in love with someone.

I'm ready for this to be over now...

[Commercial Break]

9:50 PM - Ok, last 10 minutes... and of course we open up with them still sitting and crying on the bench. At least they're finally getting up and leaving now.

Ok... how pissed would you be if you were Drew or Chris watching this season back and hearing Dez saying all this?! I mean, it's sounding like she just never wanted to be with any of them other dudes... ever.

"Sorry, I'll shut up." - Brooks.

That was hilarious. Best line of the night.

Do you think Brooks will be the next Bachelor? Will ABC try to help him find love?

9:55 PM - man, I think I'ms tarting to feel wet with all this dang crying... Chill with all the waterworks, people!

Ok, it's 9:58 PM and they're still doing all this crying... this BETTER go off at 10.

Ok, cool it's going off now, haha.

Previews for next week's episode has... you guessed it... more crying!

Haha, man Drew and Chis have no clue about all this. Couldn't imagine being them and watching this right now either.

Ok, that's a wrap. That was by far the most crying I've ever seen on an episode of anything. I'm sure there are funerals that don't have that much crying.

Haha, I can't wait to talk to Keri about this episode.

Anyway, hope everyone got enough of the tears. See you all next week for the FINAAAALE! (I said that all fancy-like and I expect you to say it the same way.)