Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Bachelorette: The Final Rose (and it's about time) Part I

We've reached the end of this rose-filled, emotional marathon of a season and I think I speak for many, many people when I say - it's about time.

Before we get into the awesome way-too-long-just-to-show-her-pick-one-guy-while-the-other-looks-like-a-dummy-getting-rejected-on-national-tv-and-both-proposing-with-rings-they-didn't-buy episode, let's answer some questions from the previous blog!

1. "Who will win the final rose?" - Well, obviously we'll have to wait until the final episode plays out to really know, but I've heard rumors. It's been interesting hearing the guesses of others. From what I've heard, it's pretty split between Arie and Jef. I honestly don't know who I'd like Emily to choose. I just don't think this is the best process to find a father for Ricki. Hopefully they'll do this the right way and make this last. I'm rooting for them.

2. "What kind of rings will they pick out to propose with?" - Really, really nice ones. I don't need to see the final episode to know the answer to this one.

3. "How will the guys be in front of Emily's family?" - This could be fairly interesting. I see Jef being a little more entertaining because he's good with saying the right stuff. Not sure if Arie can win over Emily's family with his hair-grabbing, deep tongue, lip-locking technique. But again, we won't get answers until we see it.

4. "Will this reunion be totally lame or deliciously awesome?" - Not gonna lie folks, there was no way I could watch that entire thing. I just couldn't do it. I didn't see the whole thing, but from what I got, it was definitely closer to "totally lame" than "deliciously awesome". I was expecting male divas, but instead I just got a buncha dudes. I never watch reunion episodes though because they're usually disappointing. I don't really learn anything or see anything that was much different than what was shown. MTV's Real World reunion shows just air clips with lots of "beeps" and some blurred out people parts when the roommates run around naked in the house. I just described their reunion show AND the actual season.

"This is totally lame."
"Definitely thought everyone liked my swag.
I don't think they even liked my beard."

5. "Will Mr. Ostrich have a bit of a breakdown at the reunion?" - Again, couldn't watch the entire thing. Someone let me know if he did, but it seemed like a fairly mellow night (for him). They should've showed clips from the date where they wore kilts and had to do the highland games stuff. Ostrich looked like a doofus. Hahaha, I'm by myself and laughed out loud as I reminisced bout how Ostrich shot with the bow and arrow. Should've made him defend himself in front of everyone for that.

He ain't living this down... ever.
6. "Over/Under 2.5 guys crying at some point during the reunion?" - Eh, I didn't see any waterworks. Were there any? Again, another disappointment from the reunion show.

7. "Will Ricki ever get to read/see that letter from Sean?" - Haha, nope. Sean got cut *insert me cutting air-paper with my finger-scissors* Well, Emily could one day let her read it and Ricki react with, "Mom, you should've picked this guy." I wonder how I would react if one day my mom gave me a letter from some random guy. Probably a big difference in reading the letter at age 6 verses at age 27. (Dang, I'm already 27?!? Where did 26 go?!)

Ok, this turned out to be a lot longer than I anticipated, sorry about all of that. Anyway, I hope it was a good prep course for the finale. Oh yeah, I learned that the actual finale is 2 hours long, then immediately following is the "after the rose" show. I can't guarantee I'll continue blogging through that, but we'll see what happens.

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