Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Bachelorette: Who took my man card?!

I can't help it - I'm a sucker for TV. I can pretty much sit down and watch anything. I may not like it, I may find it completely irrational, but I can always appreciate some good plot moments and entertaining editing.

With that said, I'm often stuck watching "girl" shows (thanks to the wife) which creates an off and on relationship between myself and my "man card". I can totally see why females can get into shows like "Vampire Diaries", "Glee", "Say Yes to the Dress", and "Gossip Girl". (FUN FACT: In college I actually created a show nearly 100% identical to Gossip Girl (before the show came out) except my show was located in Florida and centered around Vanessa Hudgens who was the main character. I know entertainment... I was robbed.)

With my acceptance of the "girly" shows, and general couch-potatoness, of COURSE I'm going to blog while watching the Bachelorette. Let the games begin!

8:02 PM - man, that was quite an intro. If all that is happening in this hour, it's gonna be a long episode.

10 seconds later... - Just checked to see how long this episode was and OF COURSE it's 2 hours long. Really hope my internet stays strong so I can watch the game online and keep a little of my manhood with me.

8:03 PM - that guy, Chris, just got the date card. Not a huge fan of his. I feel like he's one of those guys that thinks he's much cooler than he really is.

8:04 PM - Emily just dropped the bomb on Chris that he has to scale the building to get to his dinner. I remember hearing about this when it happened a couple months ago.

Wait... did he just compliment how she looked in a harness? That was lame.

8:05 PM - Asha just asked what I was thinking in my head... they ain't climbing that. they're kind of... just going up. In other news though, that lightening looked really cool.

8:06 PM - haha, the crowd gathering had looks of, "uh... what are they doing?"

8:07 PM - I think Asha and I just figured out how their rope contraption worked. Haha, he just said he felt like an idiot just standing there and high-fiving her. And he should... cuz that was kind of corny.

8:08 PM - First commercial break. Man... this is a bit of a hectic pace. Pretty sure I won't keep this up for the entire episode, but I'm gonna try. #keepontruckin'

Is anyone gonna watch this Glass House show?

8:11 PM - And we're back. It's windy out there. Terrible conditions to eat outside.
"If I saw you across the bar, I would not talk to you," proclaimed Emily. Classic.

haha, Emily's reaction to Chris being 25 years old was funny. Total deal breaker, but don't worry, Chris - Age ain't nuthin' but a number!

8:13 PM - Group date participants announced! Pretty sure he just named everyone in the house except himself.

I'm digging these skyline shots of uptown.

8:14 PM - Chris tells Emily that he left home to go off to school at age 17. I think LOTS of people do that (including myself). I think some people call it "college".

8:15 PM - Chris gets his rose. Good for him. And now it's concert time. Seriously though, I didn't hear about this announcement.

"Girl, you make my speakers go boom boom..." and I thought rap music had some terrible lyrics...

8:16 PM - He asked to kiss her at the end of the song... *blank stare*

8:17 PM - Everyone just joined Emily and Chris in the street to dance (even 2 black girls!). There was a lot of off-beat dancing going on at the Trade and Tryon intersection.

8:18 PM - Oh yes, classic grilling from the best friends. I can't wait for that! Also in that teaser, the guy with the 5 year old son is crying. Aren't we tired of seeing people cry on tv?

8:22 PM - And were back! We open in a park... don't know if I've been to this park.

Oh snap... Emily's got a gun. Just rifled that football a good... 10 yards...

Haha, Emily just dipped out on them to go get her Mob Squad.

Haha, the newspaper had a nice upward butt shot of Emily and Chris scaling that building. Nice.

8:25 PM - the Mob Squad seems very excited about grilling the guys.

8:26 PM - Asha recognizes a voice over editing moment. I'm so proud right now.

Dang, a commercial already. That was a quick segment.

Heidi Klum in some hair commercial. I'm not really into models/model type - but that Heidi...

8:30 PM - And we're back. Asha just pointed out which was the prettiest friend. I have to agree.

Lots of dad questions. Honestly, what do you think these guys are gonna say? Haha... the blonde friend seems to have no mercy... but it didn't really seem that bad.

8:32 PM - Oh lord... they got these dudes dancing... and OF COURSE Jersey guy has to bust out his moves. (P.S. - glad they commented on weird guy carrying the egg.)

8:33 PM - Blonde friend, Wendy, is just flirting now. Dude took his shirt off and doing push ups... her inner cougar was about to come roaring out.

8:34 PM - Emily blows a whistle and a bunch of screaming white kids come running out of cars. Time to play with strangers! But seriously, I'd be pretty awesome at this. Mainly cuz I'd just wanna play.

8:35 PM - Ok, Ryan is a little annoying. He's trying too hard. Someone needs to point out that he ISN'T WATCHING THE KIDS at the playground! While you're chatting up the ladies, top predator-guy is offering poor Ricki some tasty candy in his unmarked, all white window-less van. Terrible dad.
Also, he told her not to get fat. Trust me, I know what you mean man, but you don't say that now. Kind of crashed and burned on that one.

8:37 PM - Doug, Sean, and Ryan were the top 3 picked by the Mob Squad. I can't figure out which guy is which...

8:38 PM - going to commercial and we get a tease clip... guy that comes off as a rich, polo wearing helicopter riding jerk just snapped at Emily for interrupting him. Cuz you know... that's what you do to a woman you're trying to impress.

I apologize to any of my rich, polo-wearing, helicopter riding friends out there. Don't take it personally, it's just the best way to describe that guy.

8:42 PM - We come back and they're rollin' into Butter. I've been in there, it's snazzy.

I just made a super feminine comment that I won't share. But hey, I'm confident in my manliness.

8:44 PM - just realized that I don't know any of these dudes' names... at ALL.

Wow... umm... Doug... yeah, anyway, he just shared the saddest story. Definite tear-jerker.

8:47 PM - "Who's that?!" I've uttered this question quite a few times. I forgot there were guys NOT on this group date. Anyway, I need a nickname for "rich polo wearing helicopter riding jerk" guy cuz that's too much to type. But I'm ready for him to explode or throw some sort of tantrum.

8:48 PM - Tony tearing up talking about missing his son. I'm pretty sure he's falling into the "friend zone" with Emily. Crying in front of her and her calling him "cute" for crying while missing his son. I dunno, just kind of seems she's too sympathetic and he's gonna be in the friend zone.

Commercial. I needed that. This live blog is testing my concentration.

8:51 PM - I just screamed cuz I realized I didn't have the game going online. #stupid

8:52 PM - We're good now.

8:53 PM - Back to the Bachelorette. So... I keep seeing previews of Emily smashing that stupid ostrich egg on the ground. I really want to see this.

8:54 PM - Tony needs to just go home. He's crying too much. Outside against the wall sulking... man, just go home and find a woman in whatever city you live in. Doug just gave some good advice but... Tony needs to just go home. I'm tired of his story already.

8:56 PM - Tony talking to his son on the phone. I do get it, he misses his son. Just wondering how long has he been away at this point.  He's acting like he's been gone 3 months now. Cut the umbilical cord, bro!

8:58 PM - Emily talking with Tony. Again, she's relating to him too much. She just used him in a past tense reference. She's gonna send him home...

... and boom goes the dynamite...

Tony seems happy Emily is gracefully sending him home. It's like he just wanted someone else to tell him to go home. He wasn't cut out for this show. Bye, Tony!

9:00 PM - first hour down. Thought I was catching a cramp but I toughed it out. Only warriors up in this blog.

9:02 PM - Sean gets the group date rose. Not gonna lie... he's in my top 5.

Commercial! Let's see what's happening with this game...
End of the first quarter, Miami is up 21-11. Haven't seen much of the game, but judging by Boston's ability to barely crack double digits, I'm going to assume they're off to a slow start.

9:07 PM - We're back and Arie is finally getting some camera time.
Ya'know, sometimes it seems like these guys have never seen this show before. They all think they have the best and strongest relationship with Emily. It makes me chuckle.

9:09 PM - Dollywood. Definitely something different for Arie.
Haha... "I don't do roller coasters." I was really hoping for a major freakout from Emily, but I was highly disappointed.

9:11 PM - Emily's hero, Dolly Parton, appears on stage. I think Emily just peed on herself a little bit.
Snap, Dolly's got some serious nails/claws. How old is this woman? And how much surgery has she had? She can still sing though.

And now some life lessons from Dolly Parton. Kind of messed up though... just kicked Arie out. Where's he supposed to go in an empty Dollywood?

9:14 PM - Arie's back! I wonder what he was doing.

Asha just asked, "Is she (Dolly) really singing this?" And ya'know... I'm not sure. Did I give Dolly too much props earlier? I came to the conclusion she was actually singing only because I don't think she's that good at faking it.

I need to do some crunches...

Just scrolled up... this is a long blog. It's not my fault this show just HAS to be 2 hours long.

9:20 PM - And we're back. Emily seems to like Arie, but I haven't really seen it. Also, the date card said something about a "wild ride" and uh... nothing wild about this date... or the ride over there.

Interesting background story from Arie. Lil' deeper than I expected.

9:22 PM - Arie and Emily actually seem to be having a real, honest conversation over dinner. Arie, you've moved into the top 5. (right now, the top 5 only consists of Arie and Sean).

Haha, Emily got 'em. Pretty sure Arie was ready to cry over heartbreak.

9:25 PM - Arie goes in for the kiss while on the carosel. Hope Chris was watching and taking notes.
Oh snap, slow motion kiss... pretty sure I saw some tongue in there.

9:30 PM - we come back with Ricki helping mom get ready for the night. I forgot she's just staying home at night.

Ryan likes to... talk. He's borderline really annoying.
Wow... she picked Kalen (rich polo wearing helicopter riding jerk) first. He's... hahaha and there it is. He just snapped at her annnnnd you can see it on Emily's face. She's done with him at the moment. And he seems to be oblivious to it.

9:34 PM - Ah man... THIS is how they get rid of the egg? How disappointing. I was hoping she was just mad at him and killed his baby egg. See... the power of good editing.
Ah man... they could've at least cooked up "Shelly" (ostrich egg).

9:35 PM - guy with an accent... hasn't had much camera time. This should be interesting...
He's very... red/orange. Like... it looks unhealthy.
He also doesn't sound very... confident in his answers. Ahh... and he's talking about compromising with him becoming a dad. Haha... and he's standing strong with this compromise thing. I'm just gonna go ahead and tell Emily that this guy isn't for her.

9:39 PM - I think Asha might be one of the most oblivious tv viewers EVER. She's gonna sit there and watch that preview for that Abraham Lincoln movie where he's killing vampires (yeah, not sure about that one) and act like we didn't just talk about it last night! AND it was the first time seeing that commercial. You'd think with as much live tv as I watch (people still watch live tv?) she would've seen that commercial at least 5 times by now (because I've probably seen it 10 times).

9:42 PM - we come back and uh... Emily is sending Alessandro home not now, but RIGHT now. But there clearly wasn't a match. Also... uh, what kind of shoes was she wearing? Looked like she had on some combat boots.

Arie being there to make Emily feel better... that's my boy! OOOOO, AND he got the kiss in! Right in the hallway where they can see them! GANG-STAR! That was a power move. And that power move just jumped him into the top 3 (by himself, haha).

9:45 PM - My man Sean said just enough to get a kiss. I really hope no one in the house is sick.
(that was a total lie, I hope something spreads!)

Another quick segment. But hey, it's almost over.

9:52 PM - We're back for the rose ceremony (and hopefully the last segment for tonight). So only 1 person is going home tonight... would it have been that way if she didn't already send 2 guys home?

I don't like Ryan's beard. But with that said, I'm so jealous cuz he can actually grow one. #babyfaceproblems

9:54 PM - this long haired guy, Michael, was probably the first "surprise" in the rose ceremony. Not sure if I've even heard that guy speak yet.

9:56 PM - down to 2 roses... oh wow... and Kalen (rich polo etc. etc.) got one. Chris (the host) just let us know we're down to the final rose tonight... in case you weren't paying attention. And Nate gets it (whoever that is) which means break dancing boy from Jersey has to go home. He said he felt like he was on the chopping block though so at least he saw it coming. Probably too much popping and locking when he was with the Mob Squad.

9:58 PM - Next week on the Bachelorette... oh snap, they're going to Bermuda. Oooo... and there's some hostility going toward a couple guys.

Ugh... Alessandro was... TOO honest. Dated his 3rd cousin? Bruh, we don't admit that here in Charlotte.

Ok, episode (and blog) now complete. Boy, that was... somewhat exhausting. Hope you enjoyed my random thoughts throughout this episode of the Bachelorette. Anyway, see ya next week! (maybe... don't count on it, I'd like to get my man card back!)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Reality TV Debut!

Watching this season of The Bachelorette has been exciting and fun. Seeing my hometown being captured on a reality TV show brings a whole new perspective to the series. Those little glimpses of Charlotte make me all giddy inside. It's even better when you come across a clip of yourself! Remember back in March when I went to an open taping of the show? I somehow managed to squeeze myself into a few scenes with my friend Elyse by my side!

If you blinked, you probably missed me. I, however, was on the lookout! I was pretty excited that all of that waiting paid off and we actually got on camera. It was an experience I'll never forget and I was glad to be a part of it! Before I forget, I have to post the pathetic picture that Jeremy took of me engrossed in the television looking for myself last Monday night. Sad, I know, but now I can say that I was on The Bachelorette!!! I've always wanted to be on a reality TV show :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving Up, Living Down

One thing I love about my wife is her love for music. But it's not the somewhat typical music lover that owns tons of records and albums and feels the need the share their vast and random knowledge of who recorded what when. I love the fact that she simply just likes what she likes. This is very similar to my own love for music because those who know me know that I have a wide variety of songs I like. Basically, good music is good music.

Anyway, every now and then Asha will introduce me to a random artist that tickles my fancy. A couple years ago she had me tag along to see Eric Hutchinson in concert. His album had recently debuted and I probably had a week or so to preview and prepare for the concert. I liked his single, "Rock & Roll" and I picked up on another song, but that was as good as it was going to get for that concert.

Well, to my surprise, he gave one of the better concerts I've been to. It was at The Visulite Theatre which is a smaller venue, allowing the audience to seem closer to the artist (literally and figuratively). His music style suits me well because he's definitely a rock/pop sort of singer, but he's got tons of soul to him and seems to be fond of music from the 60s and 70s. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun at his concert and immediately became an Eric Hutchinson fan.

Fast forward to May 2012. He's back! Asha, being the lovely wife that she is, bought tickets to the show and his new album, "Moving Up, Living Down" (in stores now). Needless to say, I was excited. The last concert set the bar pretty high, so part of me was worried that I wouldn't have my expectations met.

Ready to see Eric Hutchionson
After waiting in line for 15-20 minutes, we made it inside early enough to snag a prime spot right smack dab in the center. The best part - we had chairs. Now I didn't have to stand during the opening act (yup, I'm lazy).

Eric Hutchinson
Blah, blah, blah - Eric Hutchinson and crew finally hit the stage and it was time to groove. If you haven't listened to the album, give your ears a treat and check it out. There isn't really a track that won't have your head nodding or your feet tapping along with the beat. The crowd was bigger and more energetic this go-round, and Hutchinson seemed to feed off of the energy. He's very lively on stage and likes to get the crowd moving and dance around while playing guitar/piano.

He isn't the best dancer... but hey, he's having fun and enjoying himself. I'm not mad at him.

All in all, it was another GREAT concert. I swear Asha and I will bring one of you lucky folks with us next time because someone needs to come and enjoy this with us. I highly recommend the album and if you get the chance, see him live. It's definitely a good time. Here's one more video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Backyard Critters

Check out the visitors that came by for a sniff at my parents house during the wee hours of the morning. Their neighbors installed a security camera in their backyard and these images were captured throughout the night. Although these pictures came from their neighbors, a large wooded area surrounds their home right across the street. It looks like they were headed in that direction! If you live in the South Charlotte area, be careful on the Greenways and keep your pets inside at night!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Early Mother's Day Gift

Yesterday I came home to an early mother's day gift from my four legged son, Apollo. Keep reading for the full scoop.

For the past year (yes, year!), I have been looking for the perfect dog treat jar to have on the counter to store Apollo's treats. I have no idea why it has taken me so long decide on a silly jar for dog treats but it just has. I wanted to find the perfect one and nothing was up to my standards. I guess Jeremy noticed this and took the matter into his own hands....literally.

Since Jeremy works in the marketing department at the Morrison YMCA, he knows any and everything about all programs offered. At the time, Morrison was offering an Adult Art Clay class where you could mold a variety of dishes starting with a ball of clay and ending with a masterpiece. I guess that's where the idea spawned for him to make me a dog treat jar personalized for Apollo. I, on the other hand, had no idea he was even up to such a project. He just "stayed at work late" one night. Little did I know he was molding a gift for me!

I don't think he realized how much I would LOVE this little jar for Apollo but I can't help but smile any time I look or think about it. He even wrote the note from Apollo with his left hand so that the handwriting looked like it was from a dog. How did I get so lucky to marry such a great and thoughtful man?

One of my favorite pictures of the two together!
I hope all you mom's out there have a happy mother's day!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Signing: Charlaine Harris

My nerdy side is going to come out in this post so just bare with me.

Do any of you watch the HBO hit series, True Blood? I'm sure you know this by now, but the tv show is based off of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. I've read them all (except for the new one I just got my hands on) and I recently got to meet the author, Charlaine Harris!

When I found out that Charlaine was coming to Charlotte I instantly wanted to go! Her most recent book to the Sookie Stackhouse novels was released last Tuesday and I was itching to get a copy. My friend Chelsea, an avid reader, is on the same nerd status as I am and was just as excited to meet the author who created a fantasy world of vampires, weres, and supernatural creatures.

Chelsea and I with the newest addition to the Sookie Stackhouse Novels
It was my first ever Book Signing and I had no idea what to expect. The event was held at Barnes & Noble at the Arboretum and I was impressed at how organized everything was! The first 30 minutes Charlaine took the time to answer questions from a room full of readers and fans. She was VERY down to earth and reminded me of a southern grandma that one would call Meemaw. Haha, that's just what I picture. Southern, sweet, genuine, and wholesome. That sums up a Meemaw, just in case you were wondering!

Charlaine was nice enough to personalize her autographs, take pictures, and take a moment to chat with each person. We learned that she is very close to the cast of True Blood, plans to finish the series at book 13 (which will be available next year), and another book series of hers, the Harper Connelly Mysteries, will also be a tv show next year! She had the crowd laughing and was a lovely person overall. I had a great time at my very first book signing. Can't wait to go to more!

Chatting it up with Charlaine Harris

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dave Barnes: Show #4

I never tire of seeing Dave Barnes. He is one to make you laugh hysterically and the lyrics to his songs will make you melt. Dave recently visited Charlotte as it was the last stop of his spring tour. I kind of like that he saved Charlotte for last. Finales are always the best shows :)

We had dinner before hand and fish tacos from Rock Bottom filled my belly. Mmmm mmm...I do LOVE me some fish tacos!

Elyse and I scored some pretty awesome seats at the McGlohen Theater. We were right on the edge of the stage! I love that he had his show in a theater as it turned out to be an intimate setting. The view of the old stained glass windows weren't so bad on my eyes either.

Elyse and I at Dave Barnes
We got to enjoy the sound of Alexis Worthington (from Appalachian) and Andrew Ripp before Dave hit the stage. Wow, Andrew Ripp sure can sing. He's got some pipes, that's for sure. He also sang a cover of one of my favorite Mariah Carey songs, Always Be My Baby. (I now have this song stuck in my head)

Mr. Dave Barnes
Here are a few videos from the night. Come back soon, Dave!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo A Day April

If you don't know by now, I am a lover of Instagram, a photo App that is equivialent to a twitter-feed of photos...AKA heaven for me.

I decided to jump on board with #photoaday (created by fat mum slim) and give it a whirl. The challenge is pretty simple. All you do is take one photo a day and share your photo on Instagram using the themes for each day. Easy peasy.

Luckily, I decided to start right on the 1st! Perfect timing.  I managed to do all 30 days of April! Enjoy!

I had so much fun doing Photo A Day April that I will also be taking a photo a day for May! Anyone else out there joining in on the fun?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I present to you...

...The Spring issue of Charlotte STYLE Magazine!

I apologize if I have been anti-social for the entire month of April but I have a good excuse for becoming a hermit.

I've been busy doing my dream job of designing for a magazine and finding the extra time to do so has been quite the challenge. Working late nights and weekends have paid off and I am proud to show you the Spring issue of Charlotte STYLE magazine. Inside you will find the 25 Most Stylish of 2012 (including Cam Newton), awesome photography showcasing the latest spring fashion, music, food, and more. Be sure to let me know what you think! And don't forget to subscribe to Charlotte STYLE so you can receive the upcoming online magazine this fall!