Thursday, February 10, 2011


So last Thursday night Asha, Chelvis (Chelsea) and myself ventured down to Winthrop University to see Justin Willman (aka Justin Kredible) perform some pretty amazing magic. (Asha found out about this dude when she went to a Jason Mraz show a couple years ago.  He was part of the tour.) I think it was a great evening outing for each of us. We all seemed to be frustrated with something happening in our lives respectively, so this was a great chance to unwind and relax for a couple of hours. 

Before I get into the show, have you been to Winthrop before? That campus is nice! They're Student Union is very nice. It all looked new. They had a fancy little Starbucks in there, and the rooms throughout the union were all so clean. The whole building was super clean actually. Shout out to the cleaning crew for that one.

Ok, so the show starts. If you don't know who Justin Willman is, here's a lil' background: He's a magician. He also hosts the show "Cupcake Wars" on Food Network, has a recurring role on Disney Channel's "Suite Life", and I believe he's hosting another show on the new "HUB" network (on Direct TV maybe... I probably should've just looked that up before stating it... oh well). So yeah, he's a bit of a multi-tasker. 

I should also add, he is a bit of a comedian. His show was very, very humorous and entertaining. He's very witty and quick with the jokes. Needless to say, I liked him. Anyway, the show starts and man... his first trick might've been the best one. I've seen him do it on the Rachel Ray show and every time I see it, it amazes me. Basically, he had a big sketch pad, drew a bowling ball on a page, closed the sketch pad... and made an ACTUAL bowling ball fall out of the sketch pad. A 1-inch pad.... pops out a REAL BOWLING BALL. I can't describe to you how amazed I was after this trick. 

He kept the audience very engaged throughout the show. Between and during tricks he would talk to audience members and crack some jokes. But the BEST part of the night happened maybe juuuust about halfway through the show. He was looking for a male from Winthrop to go on stage (yup... you know what's coming). He's walking up the aisle looking for a dude, there are some guys sitting behind us talking to him about being picked... but little did I know Chelvis was on the end of the row pointing at me to get picked. Well... he picked me. So I make my way down to the front to participate in my very first magic show! After talking, shouting out my fiance, and trading some jokes (he liked me and said I was a quick one) it was magic time! The trick was as follows:
1. He poured some coke in two cups, 1 for me, 1 for him.
2. We each held the cup over our heads, right-side up
3. We did some special tip-toe, twirling movements (I ended up doing most of it by myself)
4. More magic movements and sounds
5. I turn the cup over while above my head and the coke was GONE!
For some reason Asha didn't record the entire thing on her iPhone.  She ran out of memory on the camera and THEN had to record the rest on her phone.  Silly Asha.

It was freaky. The entire time I held the cup above my head, I never felt the weight change or anything. I was yet again amazed, but also VERY relieved that I didn't have to pour coke all over my head. 

As I typed this I began to recalling all of his tricks. He had some REALLY cool tricks. The coke can trick, balloon dog trick, banana trick, ring trick, card trick, $20 bill trick... they were all fantastic and I'll be happy to describe them in person. Too much to type in a blog and you can't see my facial expressions when I describe these tricks. 

Overall, really great show by Mr. Justin Willman. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would recommend his show to anyone even slightly interested in magic. He's funny and an expert at his craft. Again, great show and it was awesome getting picked to participate in the show. Below is a small taste of his VERY entertaining show!

Jeremy & Asha with THE Justin Willman!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back by Popular Demand!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! It's been a while since I've tickled the "qwerty" row and let you all know what's going on in my life. I've been informed that it's been too long since I've added my two cents so I apologize to those who missed me. Anyway, on to today's topic: Marriage. Jeremy is ready to get this thing done. You wanna know why? Of course you do, that's why you're still reading. I'm ready to get married because life will be so much easier. My reasons - I'm tired of not living together, and secondly, Apollo will no longer have to think his parents are divorced (and his father being the "cool one").

Every week Asha and I have to basically schedule each other in. It's not as bad as it sounds, it's just that we aren't able to easily see each other. I figure, since I really want to marry this girl, it'd be nice to see her face a couple times during the week. Unfortunately, Asha works in Salisbury (editor's note: that's not any sort of slight against you great folks in Salisbury. Just pointing out that my lady works an hour away from me), and due to her occupation location, she doesn't really get home until 6:45-7:00 PM. Also, for those of you who didn't already know, Asha is pretty faithful to her 10:00 PM bedtime. So, that leaves us roughly 2 hours to actually DO something. We'll say I get those 2 hours every day during the work week and that means I only see her 10 hours a week! (and lemme tell ya, if it weren't for face time on iPhone, we'd probably see even less of each other)

Well, with all of that said, we are FINALLY getting close to changing ALL of that. As some of you know, Asha and I have found a beautiful home we'd like to live in. It's the perfect size for us and we're still close to our family and friends. It felt like it took forever to find "the one", but now that we've found it, it feels like as each day passes, our house is sliding further out of reach. Well, time passed, papers signed and the waiting game was played to perfection. Then FINALLY our lovely realtor calls me informing me that the bank has FINALLY done whatever they needed to do to get this short sale process going. (AND BY THE WAY... can someone explain to me why it's called a "short sale"? So far NOTHING about it has felt "short".) So now, it's time to turn power on and get the inspection done. This, along with completing the loan application, will hopefully get done sooner rather than later. Thanks to that one, 10 minute phone call, our house that felt like we'd never be able to get into it is now so close we can taste it! 

Also, in caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase you didn't know, we have registered at Crate & Barrel, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Target. At some point we're going to announce when we finally get that house and when we do, feel free to give us one of the gifts from the registry early. We'd like to have a lil' somethin' in the house before June. But don't all of you go doing it. I want to see a nice pile of presents AT the reception too.

Anyway, thanks to those that have been praying for us, keeping up with us, or just happened to be curious as to what's going on in our life. Please, continue praying - it's working! Things are looking bright for our future. Glad you're all along for the ride!