Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summah, Summah, Summah Time

With all of the talk about our San Francisco trip, we haven't been able to blog about the rest of our summer. (Sorry, not sorry). The solution to that? A quick blog about our Singleton summer. Let's get this party started.

Holy moly. We came back from San Francisco and our petite little garden was all of a sudden a jungle! We have had tomatoes and cucumbers out the yazoo while patiently waiting for zucchini, squash and bell peppers to slowly catch up.

I've Had the Time of My Life.
Dirty Dancing on Broadway? Sign me up! When I heard of the news that Baby, Johnny and the crew were coming to Charlotte, I knew my sister and I needed to make a girls day out of it and take our mom. It is her favorite movie of all time and we enjoyed the music and dancing that brought us back to the familiarity of the movie.

Baby Sawyer.
You guys. One of my best friends, Elyse, had a baby and he is the SWEETEST. Her and Josh are going to be a great set of parents!

Father's Day.
What's Father's Day without good food and cookouts? We had a nice dinner out with the Singletons and a cookout with the Littles.

Baby You're a Firework.
We decided to change the 4th of July game up this year and stay a little closer to home. We headed towards downtown Monroe for live music, food and you guessed it, fireworks.

Fire Up the Grill.
There's nothing better tasting than a char grilled burger. It's not summer without grilling!  We plan to grill even more once we get our fence up!

Home Sweet Home.
The best news of the summer....MY BEST FRIEND SAIRY MOVED BACK TO CHARLOTTE!!! All is right in the world.

Apollo Anton Ohno Creed Singleton.
Sleep. Drool. Sleep. Get drool on Asha. Sleep. Fart. Get drool on the walls. Sleep. Get drool on Jeremy. I HAVE A FRIEND, MILLY, COME STAY WITH ME FOR A WEEK! Sleep. Drool. Sleep. Fart.

It was like Christmas in July. The VTG CLT Summer Market opened and Asha went nuts.

We both said goodbye to our jobs on the exact same day. There is something new lined up and we can't wait to start a new chapter in August. Don't worry...we've got a few blogs coming your way to explain.

Monday, July 13, 2015

We Left Our Hearts in San Francisco

Within a blink of an eye, it was our last full day in San Francisco. We had been there for seven days but there were still a few more sites to check off our list.

We had seen the famous cable cars steer up and down the streets our entire stay but we hadn't boarded one ourselves. It was our turn to ride San Francisco's iconic form of transportation and we were pretty pumped. It was intriguing to watch the world's last manually operated cable car system. There was so much force and power used between the two operators while they would turn the car around, break and release the car while gilding through the steep streets of the city. Although we were packed onto the Powell-Hyde car like sardines, the ride was thrilling as we rode to our destination, the famous, Lombard Street.

Once we stepped off the cable car, we zig-zagged down the 8-turn crooked street as we watched cars and segways winding their way down also. Lombard Street was actually quite beautiful, decorated with colorful flowers throughout. It was a fun experience we're glad we got to see.

Our sweet tooth was starting to kick in so we decided to make our way towards Ghirardelli Square. We enjoyed visiting the small boutiques where we purchased various prints of the city we fell in love with. We couldn't leave without getting chocolate from the famous Ghirardelli factory that once produced the first of the luscious chocolate we know and love today.

We continued our walk towards the Fisherman's Wharf looking to find those barking sea lions at Pier 39. We watched as they pushed their way onto the floating docks, annoying one another, scratching themselves and pooping wherever they pleased. It was quite comical....and smelly.

We enjoyed a seafood lunch of fish and chips for Jeremy and a house-made corn and crab chowder for Asha. We had to take advantage of the fresh seafood along the wharf!

We were so sad to leave such an amazing city. It was an adventure we will never forget. We had the time of our lives exploring the diverse area of San Francisco. We loved everything. From those windy and cold moments at the Golden Gate bridge, spotting our first sea lions at Monterey Bay, to tasting California wine straight from the vineyard, being blown away by Yosemite's natural beauty and walking among thousand-year-old giant redwoods. "I left my heart in San Francisco" has a whole new meaning to us. Thanks for the memories, San Fran. We had the time of our lives.