Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Festivities

There has been a request that Jeremy and I write in separate colors.  Sairy, your wish has been granted.  Asha will write in purple and Jeremy will write in blue. When we both write, it will be in black.  Now onto our weekend.

Saturday started out bright and early with the Freedom 5k held at Freedom Park.  Jeremy opted to sit out on this one so we were able to bring Apollo along.  The weather was absolutely PERFECT.  It definitely felt like Fall was on it's way.  There was no humidity which was the best part.  It was a great day to just be outside and not feel all gross from the heat.  Sairy and her boyfriend, Julius, and his dog Milly were there to enjoy the morning with us.  Sairy joined Asha in the race while the guys took care of the dogs and the pictures.   The course was awesome. It was all throughout the park which was shady and not too hilly.  Sairy finished first with a time of 26:54.  About a minute behind, Asha came in at 28:20.  No awards for this race.   Maybe next time.  Since it was so nice out, we all decided to walk around the lake before heading home.  Milly got a chance to jump in the lake and swim after ducks.  Apollo wasn't having any of that.  He hates the water...just like a black person, haha.

We were surprised at how well the dogs posed for this!
Saturday was also the start for Appalachian football!  Woohoo!  Jeremy picked up some BBQ from his current favorite BBQ restaurant, Jim 'N Nick's (the mac n cheese was sooooooo good!).  We headed over to CJ's to watch what ended up to be a nail-biting game. [Ok, so Saturday was also the start of college football for many schools across the country. MAN it was a good day! First, the App game seriously increased my blood-pressure. Basically, the entire first half we played with zero energy, couldn't break a tackle, and bit harder than (insert some animal with strong jaws for biting here) on play-action plays. Every big play, the receiver was wide open! Luckily, there are two halves to every game and Appalachian State is a championship program. It was a completely different team coming out in the second half. The offense finally looked crisp and made the plays we've grown accustomed to seeing from our Mountaineers. Chatty (Chattanooga) had no idea how to finish that game.  Anyway, we won a nerve wracking game with the final score 42-41. GO APP! (BTW, this was the first season opener that we hadn't been to in quite some time. We've been to the first game for the past 4 years, biggest one being the thriller in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This year we started with a conference game instead of a big road game, and App broke out the alternate jerseys. I'm not a HUGE fan of them, but they still look nice. I won't turn into a Sportscenter segment here, but the Jacksonville State-Ole Miss game was awesome - Jacksonville State won in 2OT - and the LSU-UNC game had a great 4th quarter. Of course I wanted to see my Heels pull out a victory with all of the suspensions and what not looming, but we just couldn't quite finish it. Ok, now that I've successfully made Asha angry will my blue interjection, I'm done now.] UGH! I can't believe he did that! I go downstairs for one minute, I come back and all I see is BLUE!  RUDE.

On Sunday we made a quick trip to Boone to visit Reuben for a bit.  Last time we were up there we didn't get to walk around campus much so we decided to stroll through and reminisce. So much has changed in the past 2 years!  New dining hall, new mall area, and no more amphitheater beside the Student Union.  We also ran into Erica, one of Jeremy's former co-worker and friend.  Her son is a freshman at App so we were able to give him some good college advice and tricks of the trade for surviving the first year.  Two more weeks and we're back up for the NC Central vs. App game!

And we're finally to Monday.  Happy Labor Day!  We spent the day with The Normans and went to The Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC.  It was a really nice zoo.  We were able to get through everything within 2 hours.  Our favorite animals to see were the lions but our favorite experience was feeding the Lorikeets.  We were given little cups of nectar and the birds would fly to you and eat!  They flocked to Jeremy and went after his silly bandz and hair.  One almost peed on him but it got a little girl instead.  It was a great experience and we highly recommend it!  This zoo is much better than the Asheboro zoo.  It wasn't as spread out and it had better exhibits.  Sorry North Carolina.

We hope everyone had a great and relaxing Labor Day as well!

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