Sunday, February 16, 2014


As we all know, if there's a chance of snowfall in the south, go ahead and shut down everything. Because we don't have much snow, nor do we have many tools and plans to deal with the snow (see Atlanta, Ga.), it's just better we cancel and close everything and enjoy the white stuff.

And ya know what, I'm A-OK with that. Snow days give us a mini "stay-cation" and force many of us to just be. Day after day, week after week we're all so concentrated on doing things - work, school, errands - but when everything in the city is shut down, that to-do list suddenly becomes super short. Thanks to this blizzard, I've seen and talked to more neighbors today than I have in at least 6 months.

So with that said, I tried my hardest to enjoy the blizzard of 2014. Once work (and everything else) had been cancelled, it was time to relax.

After watching some daytime TV and discovering my spirit animal, I was done relaxing. It didn't take long for that to just get boring.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Komondor/the Jeremy.
Asha and I decided to venture out into the snow for a quick walk around the neighborhood. This was when I found out how much of a baby Apollo is. We were playing in the snow all happy-go-lucky, Apollo and I semi wrestling. Good times. Then, while playing, I toss some snow in Apollo's face. If Apollo could talk, I swear he would've said,

"I don't wanna play no more."

That punk dog started to cry. The same 140 lb dog that was eating the snow moments earlier, got some snow thrown in his face and began to cry. Like... for real cry. Asha and I thought he was physically hurt, but no... just his feelings.

We laughed and made fun of him for the rest of the day.

This is when he started crying. Big baby.

The next day is when things got REAL.

The day started the same way the previous one ended - laughing at Apollo. He was so unsure of everything once he stepped outside and realized it was ice and not the same snow as the day before. He was so confused.  He didn't know where to pee. 20 minutes later, he ended up peeing in the street.

Asha and I went for another walk, this time to check out a little more of the area. As we guessed... everything was white and covered with snow. We also witnessed a huge branch breaking and falling from a tree. Luckily no one's car was under it.

Once we returned home, I wasn't ready to go inside and let boredom set in, so I decided to build a snowman. There was plenty of snow to make a legit snowman, so I went for it.

Somewhere between building a base and realizing I didn't feel like building a snowman anymore, I decided to build an ice cave/igloo type thing. Not sure why... but I did. And I was so determined to finish it. Anyway, I was proud of my work. I wish I built it bigger, but I got tired and I probably looked silly out there building it by myself. I had a couple of admirers though so... mission complete.

The blizzard of 2014 was fun. It's always nice to take some time and just enjoy everything. Thankfully, our power never went out and we still had food (minus bread and milk though...). Hope you all enjoyed the snow and filled everyone's Facebook and Instagram timelines with pictures of snow!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Bachelor: Motion in the Ocean

We're back for another week! Time for the ladies to explore the romantic land of... Vietnam.

Hmm... ok, we'll see how this goes.

8:00 PM - Watching the preview of tonight's episode. Looks like it's all about Clare tonight.

Man... he's riding on a boat and... that has to be the dirtiest water I've ever seen. But other than that, Vietnam is nice and scenic.

Ha, Kat with the "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego" reference! 2 points for you! #90sKid

Renee finally gets her 1 on 1 date. Needless to say... she is happy about it.

Wow, this first segment really didn't have much going on. We're at commercial already. Whatevs, I need to check some scores anyway.

[Commercial Break]

8:09 PM - Back on and it's 1 on 1 date time. Renee really wants that kiss.

Ya know... the more and more I watch JP, the more and more I think he maybe doesn't reeeeeeeeeeeeally want to settle down. He seems to like and enjoy the bachelor life.

Switching gears... it's apparently really hot over there in Vietnam. Renee is commenting on her sweat. However, the sweat is evident on JP's  shirt. Light colored shirts ain't exactly the best thing to wear while sweating.

[Commercial Break... ugh, Valentine's Day commercials...]

8:19 PM - Evening portion of the 1 on 1 date. Renee got her custom made dress. It actually does look pretty nice.

JP seems to honestly think he can see a future with every girl he dates. I... guess that's a good thing. Maybe?

8:22 PM - Finally back at the house and it's group date announcement time! Poor Andi is stuck on yet another group date. Andi is one of my favorites so I guess I'm sad for her, haha.

Anyway, back on the date and they talk about having a kid... again. After not eating food, Renee gets her rose! However, she still hasn't gotten that kiss. He's made some rule about not kissing her due to her having a son. It's killin' her, haha.

[Commercial Break]

8:31 PM - Group date time! They're gonna go in some little Vietnamese boats. They're circle shaped which seems like it'd be hard to steer.

Ha... Clare doesn't have any friends so when it was time to partner up, absolutely no one picked her. However, she got to go with JP so in that moment, having zero friends worked out well.

Ha... they're all just there watching Clare on a date with JP. Nice.

8:35 PM - So he randomly stops and asks some random guy if they have any food for them to eat. Except it obviously wasn't random and it was planned... but the girls thought it was totally random and that he will just always talk to random folks in other countries and ask for food.

I take that back... only this 1 girl seemed to really think this. She seems... kinda... dumb. And she's a teacher.

This little meal they're having that they basically farmed for does seem pretty nice. But Clare, of course, is barely eating anything. She's really pretty... but my goodness she's just... ugh.

[Commercial Break]

8:45 PM - So the girl with the dog... I had my doubts about her in the beginning but I'm glad she's there, she's funny. I was wrong about her.

Oh snap... not only did JP take Clare FIRST for some alone time, but he done took her back to his suite! And got in the pool with her.

But... he came back all dried off and clean. Like... he doesn't look like he was even NEAR a pool. I'm impressed.

8:52 PM - Andi finally gets her solo time with JP and it doesn't take long before they're suckin' face on the beach.

Haha, no surprise - Clare gets the rose on the group date. Clearly, no one else likes this decision. I wish Clare was more... evil. This show needs some actual drama.

[Commercial Break]

8:58 PM - Back at their... house/hotel thing. Everyone has come back all tired and exhausted... but not Clare! she's all giddy from getting her rose and now she sneaks off to JP's suite (she's already been there so she knew the way) for a night cap make out session in the ocean. Seemed like they had some fun out there in that giant fish toilet we call the ocean. Can't quite tell if they did the naughty or not.

Side note - she said she's never swam in the ocean. She's from California. She's not doing something right.

[Commercial Break]

9:05 PM - Nikki's turn for her 1 on 1 date. She's all happy, little does she know she's about to get freaked out having to repel down into a cave. Muhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Ha, the name of the cave is "Hell." Nikki is NOT feelin' this. I don't think repelling is nearly as bad as bungee jumping.

My goodness... they had to take a make out break. Oh, and she's all calm now. How convenient.

Anyway, they made it to the bottom but it's kinda creepy down there. It was definitely set up for someone to jump out and scare them. But that wouldn't have been cool.

At all.

[Commercial Break]

9:15 PM - Evening portion of the date. All I can tell ya about this portion of the date is that Nikki wore a really short dress. Like really short. My brother called me so I missed most of whatever happened. From what I saw, looked like Nikki just did a ton of talking. But whatever she said impressed him cuz she got the rose.

[Commercial Break]

9:28 PM - Man... I totally thought it was time for the rose ceremony/end of this episode. Wrong. It's only 9:30.

Ha, JP has announced that 3 (of the remaining 11) ladies are going home. That is a nice chunk which puts us just a liiiiil' bit closer to the end of this. Anyway, once he announced it, everyone got all quiet. The awkward silence was in full effect.

Hahaha - he's currently giving us a run down of the girls and how much harder it's getting. Funny though, each time he began speaking about one of them, he started with how pretty they were. They're all pretty, sir. Gotta get a lil' deeper.

9:34 PM - Renee finally got her kiss. She definitely waited long enough. I think I'm honestly happy for her, haha.

Haha... JP and Clare are talking and he's letting her know it was probably a bad idea for them to do the nasty in the nasty ocean. I get it... and I actually understand her reasoning... but yeah, you basically just did the nasty on TV in front of roughly half of America. Anyway, she cried. He tried to make her stop crying. And after the commercial I'm sure there will be a lil' more drama.

[Commercial Break]

9:42 PM - Back on and Clare basically did a walk of shame back to the rest of the group. It's clearly awkward and everyone is pretending to act normal.

Clare has walked off to do more crying. JP is trying pretty hard, but his Latin charm isn't really working very well at the moment.

Ha... Clare is really trying to tell everyone her allergies are messed up. Don't nobody believe you. (Haha, Andi made a hilarious face after she said that. That's probably what I like most about her, she makes funny faces.)

Chris Harrison just walked in and everyone was probably saying to themselves, "thank GOD he just walked in to end this awkwardness." And I know JP probably said, "Gracias a dios - I can finally get outta here!"

[Commercial Break]

9:51 PM - Alright! Finally , it's ACTUALLY 9:51 now which means we're actually in the home stretch.

Blah, blah, blah from Chris Harrison. Let's hand out some roses, shall we. Now, I know who my bottom 3 are, but let's see how this goes.

First rose goes to Sharlene.

Cassandra, Chelsea (she was in my bottom 3) and Kat (oh snap!) get the next 3 roses and just like that, there's only 1 rose left!! Man... I think I guessed this pretty wrong.

The final rose goes to.... Andi. Ok, that wasn't a surprise. Sucks for the girl with the dog, mixed girl, and... the... other girl. None of them ever got a 1 on 1 date... but at least they got 2 travel spots!

Oooo, and speaking of travel, the next stop is New Zealand! I wanna go there! If you didn't know, I've got some sort of... passion for Australia. (New Zealand is close enough so I like it too.) I think in another life, I lived there. And I loved it. I need to go there. Someone help me make this happen!

Ok, show's over. That was fun. Not gonna lie, kids, it's going to be hard to muster up enough to do this again next week. I'll try... but just know there's a chance it won't happen!

Peace out!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Bachelor: dancing, singing and tasty octopus, oh my!

Another week, another 2 hour block of time devoted to the televised search for love. I must admit, I'm on the verge of boredom with this crop of ladies. We need a "villain" ASAP. I need something/someone to look forward to each week. Is it bad for me to say that I want some folks to go fist to cuffs at a rose ceremony? Any of you ever watch "Flavor of Love"? Yeah... I need some of that.

Anyway, let's get this party started!

8:00 PM - Starting right on time. And guess what ladies, you've made it to the TRAVELING PORTION OF THE SEASON! WOOP, WOOOOOP!

*insert screaming ladies!*

This is exciting but c'mon, ladies... you knew you'd be traveling somewhere! Oh who am I kidding, I'd probably be jumping up and down and screaming like a little school girl too.

8:05 PM - They're doing all this dang screaming in the airport. Everyone else is looking at them like, "get these white girls outta here...ugh!" ...but in Korean.

Ooo, that is a nice hotel they're in though. #GangnumStyleBallin'

8:08 PM - Haha, Nikki is CLEARLY upset she's on this group date. Like... the disgust is written all over her face. That was hilarious.

[First commercial break! I feel like I should do something to celebrate that. Maybe next blog.]

Haha, did you notice the Bachelor themed border on the TV during the commercials? You know, in case you forgot you were watching the Bachelor. Oh, still at commercial break, by the way...

8:11 PM - Back in Korea, y'all and it's time for some "K-Pop" which is Korean Pop music for us Americans that had no idea.

Haha... man, Nikki hates these girls/this group date. I hope she is forever on group dates until the end.

The ladies get to dance with the popular Korean group "2NE1" and biggest surprise... this girl sounds VERY American. Her American English is spot on.

Uh oh... rough soultrain line going on right now and everyone is solo dancing. Lemme tell ya... if you can't breakdance or don't have any sweet movies, solo dancing is really, really hard.

8:15 PM  - So Kat is super confident about this dancing thing. She's now teaching others the moves. I'm surprised there isn't more put on umm... what's her face... the former NBA dancer. Although... Kat isn't letting us  NOT think about her during this dancing stuff.

Anyway, they just found out they'll be dancing at a concert, as if we didn't see that coming. Nikki is, on cue, freakin' out. This performance could be interesting.

[Commercial break: Side note - I wanna see 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2'. I really liked that book as a kid and I enjoyed the movie. I need to see the 2nd one now. The end.]

8:22 PM - Haha... the girls are getting dressed for the performance and man... they look SO... Asian pop, haha. Like... #Anime.

This 2ne1 group is like... 4 female Beibers for Korea.

Haha... I can't type everything I'm laughing about fast enough!

Well... they're dancing now. Nikki isn't terrible. But she ain't that good either. Kat,on the other hand... yeah, she definitely thought this was her concert.

Oh... and Nikki is, of course, hating on Kat.

Oh, I really hope Kat doesn't get the rose on this group date. I don't know who should, but I hope she doesn't get it just because I know she'll be pissed.

[Commercial break: another side note - whatcha doing for Super Bowl Sunday? Got any good prop bets? Who ya picking to win?]

8:30 PM - Evening portion of the date. Time for some sake! (I know that's Japanese, but I felt the need to use it)

Kat is on her solo time with JP (Juan Pablo's new nickname) and Nikki just opens up about her judgement (aka hate) of Kat. Hopefully one of them will be the villain I've so longed for.

In other news, everyone keeps asking JP what his biggest fear is. Jeez, ladies... get some new interview questions.

8:35 PM - Uh oh... Nikki's plan may be backfiring. The other girls aren't feelin' her cattiness and negativity. Will Nikki make the classic move of complaining to JP about someone else and, in turn, getting herself kicked off? Things are looking good for that possibility.

8:38 PM - Things are getting boring... back at the house, Sharleene gets the next solo date. Will she awkwardly kiss him on the date? *shakes magic 8 ball* "Signs point to yes!"

Oooo, nice! Nikki got the rose! Not only did the hater get the rose, but now she's the hated since this is like her second time getting a rose on a group date. She's ballin' on them right now.

Oh, and Kat was, in fact, pissed.

[Commercial break]

8:45 PM - Really... we open up with a pic of JP in the shower? Not necessary. Ha... Sharleene had her hair in some big curlers... she was lookin' real Asian.

They're in some market. I bet it... smells. I remember China Town up in New York. All I remember is it smelled. Notice I didn't say it smelled bad... it just smelled. There were just lots of things happening. Anyway, they tasted lots of things at the market. They're brave cuz... I don't know 'bout that, bro.

Back at the house, the ladies are discussing how they can't picture things with Sharleene and JP. Kinda funny since he, himself, said Sharleene was his favorite.

8:50 PM - JP doesn't know a lot of phrases and words. It's kinda funny because it's just a little reminder that he is not white.

Haha, evening date time and JP wants her to sing for him. And of course she's shy about it. The professional opera singer was shy about singing. Silly.

They kissed. I have no further comment on that.

[Commercial break]

8:56 PM - We're back and Sharleene is a happy camper at the moment.

Hey, Sharleene asked some good questions (instead of "what's your biggest fear?" - I said that in a dumb voice by the way). We're finding out how/when JP came to the States. This is something I wanted to know, so thanks, Sharleene.

Haha, superb editing by the ABC crew while the ladies at the hotel talk about Sharleene.

9:00 PM - Sharleene and JP are having a very honest conversation right now. I commend her for being very honest about this. And to be honest, I have to commend JP for at least appearing to be deeper and more than just his looks.

Hey, side note - now that they're in Korea, who's taking care of that girl's dog?

[Commercial break]

9:07 PM - 2nd group date time! They're getting "Krazy in Korea". They walked up to some building with a bunch  of lil' Koreans being weird in the window. This is place is build like a lil' doll house as well... also kinda weird. And then they did some karaoke. And then they went on some paddle boats. And then they went and got a fish pedicure? Is that what it's called? Whatever, the fish were eating the dead skin off their feet. #Nasty.

Oh.. and now they're eating octopus. I've actually had octopus before thanks to Rachel Kafsky. Theirs looks fried though... mine was not. It was very chewy.

Ohh man... line of the night from Kelly, the girl with the dog, talking about Clare eating octopus,

"Her piece was like this big and I know you've swallowed bigger things in your life than that." - #Burn Great line, she just earned some points with me. I wonder how Clare feels watching that back.

[Commercial break]

9:17 PM - We're back and girls are talking about kissing JP. Umm... if you haven't kissed him yet... you're late. Step up your game, ladies.

Renee, aka House mom, looks familiar to me for some reason. She has a very friendly face. That's a good thing to have.

9:23 PM - Welp... this portion of the group date is now boring. They're just talking bout kissing JP. Blah, blah, blah...

9:24 PM - Oooo, we just took a nice, dramatic left turn! The girl who is a music composer and I constantly forget she's even on the show... she just asked for a kiss (cuz that's how the cool kids do it... just ask) and basically got rejected. He said he didn't want his daughter seeing him kiss a bunch of ladies and that's all well and good except... we all know and saw you kissing a bunch of other ladies already. Now, he actually hasn't kissed a bunch of them, only like 6 of 'em... so I guess I'll give him that. But yeah, I can see why she'd be upset about that.

[Commercial break]

9:30 PM - Yeeesss... music girl is crying.

Man... that drama ended way too soon for my liking. Ugh...

Ahhh... thank you, Kelly the dog lover. She's now hatin' on Clare. Ooo, and now Andi is too. Hehe... now they're making fun of Clare and her whole scene with eating octopus. Ha... that was funny.

9:33 PM - Ha... JP didn't last very long with his "no kissing night." Music girl is going to HATE finding this out! Hope we catch that on camera.

Sweet, Andi got the rose. She's one of my favorites.

Ok... I'm ready for this episode to wrap up. It's felt like a long one.

[Commercial break]

9:39 PM - Back on and it's rose ceremony time. Noticing a lot of these ladies haven't seemed to get much camera time so we'll see who lasts. Also, seems like more and more of the ladies aren't liking Nikki. Ha... and Nikki thinks it's all on Clare... who... right on cue... comes over and sits with Nikki and Kelly. Haha... and Kelly just went right ahead and put that awkwardness out there. Ha... I'm starting to like Kelly.

And now the 2 are "talking" ...not arguing... just talking... aggressively. And Kelly is just sitting in the middle of it. I hope she stays around for at least 1 more week.

[Commercial break]

9:52 PM - Home stretch and it' time for the first rose ceremony outside of the US!

Ooo, this week's dramatic rose ceremony music is all drums. I like it!

Renee, Chelsie, Kelly (wahoo), Danielle and Cassandra are the first 5 to get a rose. Lil' surprised with the Danielle pick but she has yet to get a one on one date so... guess we'll keep her around.

Allison and Clare are next. Oh... and just like that... it's time for the final rose. And the final rose goes to...

Ooo, this is dramatic...

...longest pause ever...

Kat gets the final rose! I actually guessed correctly. Music girl goes home... that honestly wasn't a big surprise. Elise, however, talked a lot this season about being ready for this and how other girls there aren't ready... and now she has to take the long flight home.

9:58 PM - Time to end the show and JP is talking up their next destination and it's... Vietnam. No disrespect to Vietnam but... didn't see that coming as their next exotic and romantic destination.

10:00 PM - And that's a wrap! Hope you had fun. Next week looks like there may be some good drama.