Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Life of Eli: Month 12

Ladies and gents, we've made it 12 whole months and everyone is still alive and (mostly) sane! It was literally the fastest 12 months ever. When you have your first child, veteran parents willingly share their advice on parenting - and one of the top 5 things said by 98% of those parents,

"It goes by so fast."

Well... they ain't lying.

It seemed like just a few short weeks ago we were perfecting our swaddling techniques and now we're eating "big people" food and hanging crafts on the fridge.

Between a first pair of nikes, to smiling on command for pictures, to deciphering this unknown language he's created (it's a mix of German and Japanese), it's been a very memorable and very fun year.

This past month we had not one, not two, but FOUR teeth come in on the top row. We also got to participate in the Carolina Panthers first ever Baby Crawl! Elijah wanted nothing to do with the race and literally watched all of the other babies crawl to the finish line. Not too soon after the crawl, Elijah learned to walk! He's a bit wobbly at times but it's so much fun to see him use his legs with excitement. He now gives the best hugs as a runs up to grab our legs. It's the cutest thing.

Our mornings, afternoons and nights are spent waving hello and bye bye while playing peek-a-boo around the clock. He sure is a joy to be around (when he's not cranky) and we can't get enough of our now toddler!