Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Life of Eli: Month 5

This month we found a dirty diaper in Elijah's clothes hamper. (Mom says it was Dad. Dad says it was Mom.)

If that doesn't give you an indication of how crazy this month was, I don't know what would.

Month 5 was fun! We went through a lot of change as I started back to work but we took the first two weeks to really soak up family time. Our little nugget weighs in at 13.5 lbs, wears 0-3 month clothing and still fits comfortably in size 1 diapers. He loves to climb up our bodies while we're sitting down, lay upside down after nursing and loves touching everything in site. He thinks it's hilarious when he sneezes and although uncomfortable for Mom and Dad, loves pulling on our lips and sticking his fingers up our nose. He has been a bundle of joy this past month!

And now for the photo reel that I can never seem to condense. Highlights for this month included:

Matching with Dad.

Spending as much time as possible with Mom before she heads back to work.

Naps on naps on naps.

Meeting my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Herman while watching everyone eat good food around me.

I LOVE being in the kitchen watching Mom and Dad cook. Future chef?

My First Sunday at Church! I HAD to look good.

My first 4th of July!


Spending time with Grammie and Grampie.

Pool time!

Lunch with my Tía.

Lunch with Uncle Reuben.

Mommy's first day of work.

Quality Daddy Time while Mom is at work.

I'm already a selfie pro.

Bath time.

Car rides.

Being my cute self.

Having a dog visit for the weekend.

Found my thumb!

Playing upside down.

Fingers taste good.

Spending some quality time with my Uncle Jim, Aunt Sheneda and Uncle Roland.

Lips! What are those?!

Shark Week!! Will Michael Phelps beat the shark?! My bets are on the shark.

See ya at 6 months, party peeps!