Friday, January 27, 2017

New Year. New Baby. New Goals.

It's 2017. A new year means new goals and with a baby quickly approaching his due date, a lot of changes are coming my (and our) way. I'm keeping my goals minimal so I can actually attempt to reach them.
1. Have baby. Pretty self explanatory. We are praying for a safe, "easy-as-possible" delivery.
2. Don't freak out while having baby. This is a major one for me. To calm me down in the process of giving birth, I was told opening up my hips and exercising will help. I ordered a workout dvd that has exercises for each month. I totally missed 7 of the 9 months, but I aim to do this 45 minute workout at least 4 days a week to help prepare my body for childbirth.
3. Pay off student loan. This is a carry over from last year. Unfortunately, I didn't meet the goal but hopefully this year I can! I'm so close!
4. Frames. You all know by now that I love me some photos. Framing them and putting them on display, however, is the issue. I've got one more custom frame to get done and then my picture-loving heart will be at peace.
5. Publish book(s). Every year I publish all of our blog posts. I would love to have 2016 printed by June. Jeremy has also written a children's book. I may be bias, but I absolutely love it and think it has great potential. I would love to have his book published by the end of the year so we can share it with Elijah each night.
Alright 2017, I'm excited for you but don't be too hard on me.