Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012: Dark Kent & Mochahontas

Happy Halloween, everyone!  To celebrate, Jeremy and I threw together some last minute costumes this past weekend. Thanks to some findings at Goodwill, I was able to put a Pocahontas look together that in the end, suited me pretty well. Jeremy, on the other hand, went back and forth but after many ideas thrown around, he finally settled on becoming Clark...or as he puts it, Dark Kent.

We happily celebrated with The Normans as we got to explore their new home and enjoy seeing the little ones dressed in their Halloween costumes. They provided s'more fixings which is always a win in my book!

Afterwards, we headed over to a pumpkin carving party with many of Jeremy's co-workers. I was hesitant to walk into the house as it was decked out with spine-chilling music, thick fog, and kids just itching to scare us as we entered their home. Of course I got spooked not once, but TWICE! Sad, I know. All of the yummy food made up for it in the end : )

It was awesome meeting all of Jeremy's co-workers and friends. Now I can finally put faces to names! Since this was a pumpkin carving party, we had brought our pumpkins with the intention to carve, but not to win. Let me tell ya, that was a rookie mistake. Next year, we plan to bring it....AND WIN! A big thanks to the Kafsky's for hosting a great party!

Lastly, I leave you with our awesome (at times) beast of a dog, Apollo. He wanted to participate in Halloween too! I meeeeean c'mon. How cute is he in these aviators?!

Monday, October 29, 2012


For whatever reason, it's taken me eight years to get off my butt and vote. However, this past weekend, I proudly voted EARLY and it felt oh so good. It was easy and stress-free...nothing like I anticipated. Don't be a slacker like me and go vote for the 2012 Presidential Election! Jeremy rewarded me with a delicious Bojangles breakfast. Maybe he'll do the same for you. You never know!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Amazing Maize Maze

The Amazing Maize Maze

One hour, fifty-three minutes, and fourteen point eight seconds.

That's how long Aimee, Chelsea, Heather and I were walking around (at times, aimlessly) in pitch dark trying to find our way out of The Rural Hill Amazing Maize Maze. This was my first time in a corn field and my first time to be a part in solving a corn maze. Aside from being horrified twice by random people toying with my emotions of being scared in this gigantic field of darkness, I had a great time! I was more than ready to be out of that maze by the time we finished, but time was well spent with some of my closest friends. The staff at The Amazing Maize Maze played quite the playlist while we were on the hunt and I think that helped ease our sanity. Aimee and Chelsea did a great job leading our small group to the finish line while Heather and I took the easy job of carrying our flag and acting as the paparazzi for the evening.

And we begin.
Our first find! Mailbox #11!
Box #1 (we didn't find them in order)
Box #5 even though it looks like 10....
Find #6
We kind of cheated and cut through the maze to get to Clue #2. 
We got #4!
I was the only one who thought it was cool that we were surrounded by CORN.
#8. We're almost there!
Annnnd we found clue #3
#7, HA!
Heather breakin' it down and bustin' a move to one of her favorite songs!
#12 has been found!
#10. Only one more clue to go!
Our last find, #9! The finish line was just around the corner!
The completed map!
The Amazing Maize Maze is DONE!!!!!!

After our victory of completing the corn maze, we delightfully stuffed our faces with hotdogs, hamburgers, french fries and boiled peanuts. Can we say YUM?! We worked up quite the appetite from all that walking.

We ended the night with a quick chat by the bonfire and a hayride under the stars. We were beyond exhausted but the trip out to the country was well worth it!

These girls are simply the best.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Festivals and 5K's

I left work on Friday afternoon with the intention of having our normal date night that consists of dinner at one of our favorite spots leading to who knows what after. However, on my way home, a friend of ours invited us to the Pineville Fall Festival that we couldn't turn down. Jeremy and I decided to trade in our date night and head to the annual Fall Festival with our good friends Heather and Chelsea.

As we approached the fair, the smell of funnel cakes, BBQ, french fries and homemade soda filled the air making me want to eat right then and there. I had to fight the urge and hold back my hunger as Heather and I decided to ride a few of the attractions before loading our stomachs on the deliciousness waiting for us.

It's starting to be a running theme for me to be the oldest person in line without a kid. We anxiously boarded the Hog Drop which had us laughing and screaming our heads off for what felt like 5 minutes straight. This little burst of excitement and laughter was much needed after the long week of work I had. We then ventured over to what was called the Paratrooper and enjoyed the cool nights breeze as we whizzed by in never-ending circles.  It's a good thing we decided to eat after because I seriously wanted to throw up after riding the Paratrooper. Even with that said, I would do it all over again if I had the choice :)

The only disappointment about the Pineville Fall Fest was that they had a booth advertising fried pickles but to my dismay, they weren't selling any that night. I was bummed. Super bummed. But, in the long run it was probably best that I didn't eat fried pickles the night before a race. I had a 5K to run the next morning and we all know what happend the last time I ate fried pickles the night before. If you're having trouble remembering, feel free to jog your memory and look here.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. It was hard waking up, but I had quite the enjoyable race in the end.

I almost missed the start of The Big South 5k but I made it to the race with just a few minutes to spare. Along the run, I realized that this was my first race of 2012. How did I go from running one race a month for an entire year to my first race of 2012 being in October? Better late than never, right?

I fell in LOVE this race and plan on running it next year as well. It was nice and flat, the running temperature was perfect, and it was centered around one of my favorite areas to shop, Blakeney Shopping Center.  As always, I loved having Jeremy and Sairy at the race! Jeremy was only there to watch (of crouse) and cheer me on as Sairy was waaaaaay ahead of me the entire time, finishing in 23 minutes! That girl is FAST! My goal was to run in under 30 minutes since I only get in two workouts a week. I was satisfied when I crossed the finish line with a final time of 28:57. Not my best, but I'll take it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Empire State of Mind

About a month ago, I announced that Jeremy and I were headed to NYC this coming December. I made this announcement but left out a few minor details. My nerd status is about to go through the roof so just bare with me as I tell my story :)

By now you should know that I love Jason Mraz. I have been a devoted fan since 2003 and enjoy going to any live show around the Carolinas. His most recent tour, Tour Is A Four Letter Word, just wrapped up BUT the Jason Mraz Team (@theRKOP), who I follow on twitter, made an announcement that they were adding a finale show at Madison Square Garden in December.


I really wanted to go.

I jokingly asked Jeremy if we could go and to my surprise, he never said no. At first I thought he was kidding but we had such a good time last time we made a trip to New York, he didn't oppose going back for another visit! I was giddy just thinking about it.

Well you guys, the story gets better.

As I was awaiting the fan presale for Madison Sqaure Garden, the Jason Mraz Team (@theRKOP) tweeted out asking who was coming to the show. I tweeted back saying that we were making the trip from NC and to my surprise, they replied back saying that they had seats held in the first few rows for the superfans. All I had to do was email the number of tickets I wanted and they would reserve them for me. I didn't even have to worry about the pre-sale. They simply stated that it was a Thank You for Jason's supporters.

I seriously felt like I was dreaming. The Jason Mraz Team is legit and I knew that this wasn't a scam. I emailed them and heard back within a few minutes. And yes, Jeremy will be surrounded by Mraz superfans within the first five rows at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. Holy moly. It still feels unreal!

So yes, this is very nerdy of me but it will be an experience of a lifetime. We will of course take some time to explore New York and do things that we weren't able to do last time we took a visit to The Big Apple. I am BEYOND excited to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, see another Broadway musical, and treat Jeremy to his first-ever plane ride. Happy early Merry Christmas to me!

I think it's safe to say that I am an official Jason Mraz super fan :) (don't hate!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ren Fest 2012

It had been 8 years since I set foot on the grounds of Charlotte's Renaissance Festival. An elephant ride and juicy turkey legs were lodged in my brain since those were my only memories from the one time I had gone. I was excited to spend the day with some of my closest friends as we stepped back in time and enjoyed the sunshine, food, and comedy acts that the Renaissance Festival had to offer.

The Ren Fest sure is another experience. I couldn't help but think of the movie "Role Model's" while I was there. It was fun to see people in their element and enjoy dressing up from this era. Not really my thing, but you could tell that this was something people of all sorts look forward to every year. You can't help but smile and just be in the moment.

The day was packed with shows from the Tortuga Twins, the Barley Balanced Acrobats, a hypnotist, and a grand finale of a joust to the death. Oh, and my favorite part of the day...riding a camel :)

We started out the afternoon with a show about Little Red Riding Hood from the unpredictable and comical Tortuga Twins. I had no idea that it was an audience participation show so I sat in my seat, holding my breath, hoping that they wouldn't pick me to go on stage. Thankfully I was invisible to them and enjoyed the show as an audience member only :)

Next we stumbled upon the Barley Balanced Acrobats. This was my favorite show, by far, as this group of three completed some tough balancing stunts all while making it look effortless and cracking jokes at the same time. My goal in life is to get abs like the girl in the group.

We finally came across what I had been anticipating all day. CAMEL RIDES! We may have been the oldest ones in line but I'm not gonna lie...I was pretty excited. The wait (and smell) was worth it.

I'm pretty sure we were also the oldest without children in the petting zoo. What can I say...goats and sheep are my weakness. Actually, any animal is my weakness.  I couldn't help myself.

The Hypnotist caught our attention as he had at least ten people mesmerized on stage. He had a man give birth, a guy thinking he was Elvis, and he had each and every one of them blaming each other for farting. It was pretty hilarious.

We then stopped for a snack and waited for the finale of the evening, the Joust to the Death! Again, my thoughts went to a movie, A Knights Tale, and all I could think about was Prince William :) This joust was theatrical and entertaining, nonetheless, as they battled with jousting, swords, fire, and a lot of fake blood.

If you've never been to the Renn Fest, I suggest you go at least once! Great food, camel rides and good laughs...who wouldn't want to go?!