Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bachelorette Weekend: I Pink I'm In Love

My best friend, Sairy, is getting married in 2 short weeks and I cannot be more excited for her. Of course her bridesmaids had to send her off in style by planning the best bachelorette trip ever. Sianneth, Sairy's sister and maid of honor, planned an unforgettable trip to the sweet and southern Savannah, Georgia where Sairy kissed her single life goodbye.

The destination was kept a secret from Sairy as I kidnapped and drove her down in style to our humble abode in the historic district of Savannah. We scoped out the rooms like we were the new roommates on The Real World while we discovered our personal chef preparing dinner in the kitchen. Yes, you read correctly. A personal chef! Sianneth went above and beyond and hired an amazing chef that catered to our every need, including appetizers and a three course meal.

After stuffing our faces with appetizers, a liquor store run was needed. Believe it or not, this was my first time purchasing from a liquor store so it had to be documented. Yes, I am 28 years old. How this has never happened, I don't know but Sairy's bachelorette weekend called for it and I answered.

Night one was pretty low key as we had quite the crew traveling from New York, Michigan, Georgia and yours truly, North Carolina. We had the most delicious meal from our chef and ended the night playing the ever so popular game, Cards Against Humanity. You guys…my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard as we came up with quite the crazy and absurd scenerios.  Sleep came easy that night as we rested up for an even bigger day up ahead.

Any girl loves to get pampered but Sairy loves a good competition. We surprised her with a game of laser tag…in a castle. I meeeeean it doesn't get better than that. We split into teams while we burned off our breakfast from Goose Feathers earlier that morning. It was a close game but the brides team took the win in the last few minutes of the game. I would like to mention that I was on that team :)

On our way home, Forsyth Park was calling our name so we made a pit stop and toured the park. The fountain and spanish moss that framed the sidewalks made me quickly fall in love with the city.

We continued our day freely drinking in the streets (because we could), shopping, eating and gearing up for the fun to be had that night.

Dinner reservations were made at the historic Olde Pink House, the perfect spot for Sairy's pink themed bachelorette weekend. What's a pink party without pink wigs? We all dressed up with fabulous wigs and walked the town in "I PINK I'm in Love" style. We enjoyed the divine, southern cuisine that the Olde Pink House had to offer while touring the 18th Century mansion famous for it's traditional southern flare.

Sairy danced the night away with her pink haired crew by her side. It was a night to remember, that's for sure.

The weekend ended early for some girls as we said goodbye to a few on Sunday. For the others, we headed to the beach for a relaxing afternoon at Tybee Island. We got our tan on wishing Liam Hemsworth were still filming his movie, The Last Song. Liam or no Liam, it felt good to just lie down and take it easy.

Some great memories were made in Savannah that weekend. Sairy has surrounded herself with some great women and I'm glad to call all of them friends. Only a few short weeks until we're back together and sending Sairy off to marry her man, Julius! I can't wait!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Johnny Appleseed

It's the season for apple picking and unlike last year, this year we were on top of our game. We were able to make it to Windy Hill Orchard & Cider Mill on opening weekend BEFORE they ran out of apples. I had the best time picking Stayman Winesap apples with my sweet nephew and family. Sweat sprinkled our faces as we searched for the perfect apples to take home. It was well worth the hard work as we rewarded ourselves with hard cider (regular apple cider for the little one) and apple cider donuts. Oh my gosh, the apple cider donuts. They were nothing but perfection.

Do yourselves a favor and head out to York, SC, if not for the apples, for the apple cider donuts. You're guaranteed some quality family time and fun. We'll definitely be back next year!