Sunday, September 15, 2013


There's one thing Jeremy is obsessed with right now and that's football. I, on the other hand, am obsessed with many things at the moment. Some obsessions have been developed over the summer. Some last spring. And some just yesterday. Here are my top five in no particular order.

  1. The Mindy Project. My love for Mindy flourished during the second half of season 1. That show makes me laugh out loud any and every time I watch...even if I've seen the episode!  I'm pretty sure she's destined to be my best friend. (Kidding...kind of). Only two more days until season 2! I CANNOT WAIT.

  2. Hold On, We're Going Home. I've never been a huge fan of Drake but there's just something about this song that I love. I can't stop listening to it. Hopefully the radio doesn't overplay it and make me hate it later. I'm pretty sure Jeremy is sick of it already. Oh well. That's what he get's for this
  4. Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken Salad. Not only am I obsessed with this salad; Jeremy is too. So much that I call it the "Man Salad". It's not the healthiest in the world (at all), but it's gotten Jeremy to like and eat spinach so that's a plus, right? Recipe here if you'd like to take a look.
  5. Save Rock & Roll. Rewind to 2005 and you'll find a punk rock loving Asha. I couldn't resist purchasing Fall Out Boy's latest album and I quickly fell in love with each and every song. Not to mention, it's the BEST album to work out to. I never have to skip a song because each one pumps me up and get's me going! Fall Out Boy is also creating a video for each song on the album. Each video tells a piece of a story and they are releasing each one at about a month at a time. The videos are a little weird and some violent but they've got me hooked wondering what happens next.
  6. Scandal. One rainy weekend, BET was playing a Scandal marathon. I wondered what all the hype was about so I decided to watch not thinking I would get sucked in so quickly. I was only one episode in and I couldn't stop watching. Jeremy was quickly glued to the tv and before we knew it, we had spent 4 hours on the couch. We pretty much watched season 2 in a weeks time. We're just now watching season 1 and putting all of the pieces together. Can't wait until October 3rd when season 3 starts up!

Football has officially taken over our tv which means I'll probably have some extra time to find some new obsessions. I should probably invest that time into painting our master bedroom, bathrooms, etc, but who am I kidding...that probably won't happen. Happy Sunday everyone! Here's to hoping for a great week!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Goodbye, Summer

Jeremy and I said goodbye to summer in pure southern tradition with fried food, good music, humidity, and sweat. Our little town of Matthews throws a big festival, Matthews Alive, during Labor Day weekend that features four days of music, food, and local vendors. With it only being a short distance away from home, we visited three out of those four days. We enjoyed listening in on the music, visiting with friends, fried food (deep fried Reeses, anyone?), and buying local art. We decided to skip out on the rides this year (is this a sign that we're getting older?) but enjoyed ourselves, nonetheless.

Fair food!
A heart attack in the palm of your hand.
Had to post this. Too cool for school.

In the middle of the week, I officially said goodbye to summer under the night sky of Charlotte with the sweet sounds of Phillip Phillips and John Mayer. I was in good company with my good friends Elyse and Rachel as we found the perfect spot on the lawn to watch the show.

Elyse and I ready for John Mayer and Phillip Phillips!
The whole gang :)
I had seen John Mayer once before in 2010, and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't have high expectations from that last performance. The last time I saw him, it was right before his little hiatus of horrible publicity in the public eye (the whole Jessica Simpson thing, racist thing, etc.) I walked away from that show being very disappointed and honestly not wanting to see him live ever again.

I gave him a second chance. A cheap groupon was offered and I decided to give it a go. Plus Phillip Phillips was opening. How bad could it be?

Phillip Phillips started off the show with a laid back, "I'm happy to be here", vibe. He didn't seem much different than how we all saw him on American Idol. And of course, he played the few radio hits that have made him successful the past year.

Phillip Phillips!
John Mayer then came to the stage, right on time. There's just something I love about an artist saying hello to my city. He welcomed Charlotte and the crowd went crazy. He started out with all new songs off of his latest album singing Queen of California, Wildfire, and Paper Doll. I was quickly mesmerized by the scenic backdrop of the westward desert and canyons that changed little by little throughout each song. We were able to see seasons change, sunny skies, campfires, and the night sky. All with what seemed to be a happier, more grateful, John Mayer. This time around he was much more engaging with the audience, talking to us often and playing those old songs of his we all know and love. His voice sounded strong and his guitar playing skills often left me speechless (even when he makes those crazy "I'm feeling this guitar" faces).

One of my favorites from the night.

I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the Summer of 2013. A trip to Miami, a new position at Food Lion, and lots of time spent with my husband has made me one happy girl. I'm looking forward to Fall and it's layering of scarves, boots, and football but I have to say I'm a little sad to see summer go. I'll try to hang on to my Rainbow flip flops as long as I can.