Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gator Chomp

This is a little embarrassing to admit but I got the idea of going on a swamp tour by watching Jersey Shore of all tv shows. I never watch the show but the one episode I did catch, they went on a swamp tour and it looked FUN. I immediately added it onto our bucket list.

With Florida being full of swamps we had to take advantage and cross that sucker off our list! After doing some hunting around, we found an awesome deal through Groupon for a 30 minute airboat ride, gator tasting, plus a photo at Black Hammock Adventures in Oviedo, Florida! We were sold :)

After driving through WAY too many toll booths, we finally arrived to our destination! We put all of our sourness aside and were excited to see some gators! We were greeted by a little gator that I was surprisingly smitten by. We each got to hold him since it was included in our Groupon. Score!

The Airboat tour was next. I was probably way more excited than the average person to wear those headphones your advised to wear.  I'm not gonna lie...I felt pretty cool :) The boat circled around Lake Jesup and at times went up to 45 mph gliding along the water. The lake is home to over 9,000 gators and we saw at least 10-15 during our 30 minute ride. It was pretty cool to see them in their natural environment. We not only saw a ton of gators, but a whooooole lotta birds nesting, feeding and swimming. I could have stayed out on that lake all day if they would have let me.

Once our tour was done, we headed over to their restaurant to try their infamous gator bites. Neither Jeremy or I have tried gator but it was included with our groupon, so why not! Rumor has it that gator tastes like chicken and it stands correct. It's a little chewier but it tastes good with some sauce! I enjoyed the bites so much that I decided to celebrate Taco Tuesday and have Gator Tacos. Nom nom nom!

Jeremy and I had a great time hanging out at Black Hammock for the day. It was one of the best Groupon's I've ever used! Money well spent! That's one thing marked off our list :)

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