Sunday, February 24, 2013

What We're Loving Lately

We meant to post this on Valentines Day but the 14th has passed and we missed Cupid's arrow.  We had so much fun posting about five things we were loving at the moment last year, that we decided to give it a whirl again!

(in no particular order)
  1. Afterglow. Afterglow is a photo app that I am absolutely in love with. There are a lot of filters to choose from and I love how you can adjust them to your liking. It's easy to use and your photos end up looking great! I then use instagram to share my photos, of course :)
  2. The Lone Bellow. This Brooklyn-roots trio has a little bit of country in them and I like it. Their album has been on repeat and I just can't stop listening. Their upbeat songs will get you grooving and you can really hear in their voices that they love music. And yes, I admit, maybe I like just a little bit of country music after all.
  3. Polka Dots. Put polk dots on any type of clothing and I'm pretty sure I will swoon over it. I don't know what it is but I absolutely love them. I may have a problem but I just can't help it.
  4. The Mindy Project. I am seriously laughing for an hour straight on Tuesday nights. After the show New Girl, The Mindy Project comes on and it keeps me laughing for another 30 minutes. I love both shows so much, I had a dream that I was BFF with Jess from New Girl and Mindy from the Mindy Project. I could totally see us three being the best of friends. I wouldn't have even watched the show if Jeremy hadn't decided to add it to the DVR list. I owe him big time for introducing me to my new fave show.
  5. Pick Your Plum. Every weekday I look forward to opening my email and finding the daily deal from Pick Your Plum. I've bought tons of washi tape, craft tags and more, all at discounted prices. You also can't beat that they throw in a couple pieces of Laffy Taffy with their delivery!
(Asha made me do this)
  1. CrossFit. So this month I decided to switch up my exercise routine. I was bored with my usual strength work and was really looking for something to keep me interested in exercise. Well, our CrossFit program at the Y has been growing for the past 3 years and I've seen it first hand. It looks hard. Those people are crazy. They lift a lot of weight. It's quite intimidating. Sounded PERFECT! I'm not really sure why I actually signed up for it, but I'm glad I did. It's been great and I am seeing (and feeling) results already. It's not meant to get you ripped like the models you see in commercials for the perfect pushup. Instead, it builds strength. Full body strength. And so far, I'm diggin' it.
  2. Guitar. I don't know how many of you knew this, but I'm "right-brained." I consider myself to be creative. I can also draw pretty well and I pick up instruments fairly quickly. I can play trumpet, trombone, euphonium (baritone), lil' snare and drums. Next on the list was the one instrument I've always wanted to play - guitar. It's the toughest instrument I've ever tried to play. With some help though, I'm getting it. Hopefully I'll be able to serenade you all at some point.
  3. Jeep. I finally got a new car. I have to admit, I'm going to miss my lil 'sports car, but it was definitely time to upgrade. When my car broke down (again), I decided to weigh my options. After some calculating, I decided it was time to part ways with my lil' 2003 Dodge Stratus... so I went and got me a Jeep Liberty! This is my first ever 4-door vehicle. It's just really... big (that's what she said). I'm loving it though. 
  4. The Bachelor. This ridiculous, over-emotional "reality" show has taken - no STOLEN- 2 hours of my Monday nights for the past... 3 seasons! What started as the easiest way I could get through the drama, turned into a weekly recurring post. I'd like to personally thank each of you who actually read my real-time Bachelor thoughts. Trust me, those posts wouldn't be there without you.
  5. Pizza. I'm really loving pizza. (Ok, you figured it out... I couldn't think of 5 things so I ended with pizza. It's not totally a lie though because I DO love pizza... the end.)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Bachelor: All In The Family

Alright... it's family week! Always potential for the family to screw it all up for the girl or guy (see Kacey B. on Ben's season).

Anyway, let's get this show started!

8:02 PM: The show starts with my least favorite person left - Ashlee. I don't NOT like her... I just like her the least.

Again, I like Sean's jacket. Have to get me one of those.

They're having a picnic in some field... some field that someone needs to do some maintenance on.

My allergies are going crazy just looking at this.

They're both preacher kids. I am too. Now we all have something in common.

8:04 PM: They're still on their lil' picnic, but I'm barely listening. We haven't had dinner yet and there's some ravioli in the oven and right now it's smelling SO good right now. It's all I can think about at the moment.

*stomach is growling*

Oh snap, just heard the oven beep! That means only 1 minute remaining!

[Commercial break]

Time to get my food!

8:10 PM: Ok, time to meet Ashlee's parents. They look a bit uncomfortable with how she's talking about how much she loves him and trusts him and blah, blah.... I wonder how Sean really feels about all this. Like... Ashlee is saying some pretty... deep, serious stuff. And she keeps bringing up this sense of abandonment. I get it, but for real, I really wonder if Sean is like... really ready for this.

"You better not break her heart!" - Ashlee's mom. Yeah... how can you honestly answer that as a guy dating 4 women?

8:14 PM: Sean is now talking to Ashlee's dad and... whoa... he flipped the script. He's suddenly asking the tough questions to dad! That's not how this works, buddy!

Family time. Dad is sharing his feelings about the first day they brought Ashlee home. He's getting very emotional. Like... bringing tears to everyone at the table.

8:18 PM: This sucks. I have my food and I really want to eat it, but I have to type. I don't want to pause and make this last any longer than it needs to. Y'all better read this...

Oh, snap! Upcoming previews - Desiree has some guy come back. This could be:
  1. The best/worst hometown visit in Bachelor history.
  2. All set up by Desiree. A prank to get Sean back from the art gallery prank. (Asha called this... and I'm leaning toward this scenario.)
[Commercial break]

8:22 PM: Now we're in Seattle for Catherine's family. I wonder how long in between visits this was. Like... did he just fly out the next day?

Ok, Sean and Catherine now stop at one of the fish market things where they toss the fish around. I have to admit, I kinda wanna do this. Anyway, Sean managed to catch every fish thrown his way. Good for him.

Catherine's turn and right on cue, she drops the first fish. But then... she went Jerry Rice on us and caught the next fish with one hand. Baller.

SNAG! Caught fish sticks with ONE HAND! She's a keeper.

Ewwww... that wall was COVERED with gum. Ha, Asha was NOT feelin' that. (She doesn't like "sticky stuff")

That's nasty.

8:27 PM: Sean getting some tips on meeting the family. Glad Catherine is giving him some tips on some Filipino tradition. They're still gonna know she told him to do it... but yeah, still nice of her.

[Commercial break]

8:31 PM: We're back, and it's time to meet the family!

Man... house full of females.

Haha, Sean is definitely a... team player. Put on the apron, hung out with Grandma... I'm sure they're all at least having fun.

If you're not careful, females will have you looking silly in no time!

8:33 PM: Haha, Catherine is going on and on about Sean and being all giddy... and then the sisters bring it all down.

Leave it to the older sibling to bring the reality check. It's kind of our job.

I can't tell if the oldest sister is... being truthful... or just hating.
Haha, the talk with Catherine's mom was... short and sweet. I do like the fact that mom kept her answers and responses simple.

But she DIDN'T give that blessing for marriage.

8:38 PM: Interesting hometown visit. Seemed to have pretty high, highs... and pretty low, lows.

Gonna go ahead and ask now - who ya think is going home? This is gonna be tough.

[Commercial break]

Apollo farted. Insert stink face.

8:44 PM: Time to meet Lindsay's family aka her Army General father.

Well... Lindsay's date has been kind of boring. So far Catherine is winning for "Most Fun" hometown date.

Sean is nervous about what to call Lindsay's father. Not gonna lie, I'd be a lil' worried about that too. I mean... I'd probably want to go with "General ________," but I'd probably land on "Mister ___________."

8:49 PM: Lindsay is making Sean get "army ready." I'm glad I'm not a big, strong-looking guy because apparently, females just want to make you do push ups. Hey, newsflash, females - push ups are tiring!

See what I mean?! I'm sure his triceps are burning! They didn't make Ben do pushups like this... just sayin'.

She smacked his butt a lot. I just smacked Asha's butt. Felt like the right thing to do.

[Commercial break]

8:54 PM: Back on and I'm already ready for this date to be over. I'm just not feelin' it.

We finally meet the family.

Lindsay has told the family about the first night when she came out in the wedding dress. Mom loves it. Laughing her head off. Dad, on the other hand... yeah, he's an army general. He no laugh.

8:58 PM: Lindsay's mom seems... easy to please. I guess you have to be the "good cop" when the "bad cop" is the 2-star general.

So far talk with dad isn't too bad, but now Sean is basically asking for dad's blessing. Dad ain't exactly saying yes... but he isn't saying no yet either.

"You gotta have the authority to make the decision." - straight from the general's mouth. He gave his blessing (after a bit of a speech).

Awwwww, Lindsay's dad gave Sean some dog tags. Now he's gotta keep her. I remember I used to really want some dog tags. But not enough to join the military... I just thought they were cool accessories.

Oh snap, we get a special Sean Tells All episode... tomorrow. Yeah, y'all ain't getting a blog for that. Sorry.

[Commercial break]

9:08 PM: Finally back and it's time for Desiree's hometown visit.

I pretty much zoned out until Sean got to Desiree's place.

9:11 PM: Ok, so random guy has shown up. Haha... this is... suddenly... kind of... corny. I think you can kinda tell she may be acting.

"This could be my big break as an actor!"

"So wait... I'm confused. Is this your brother?"

"Ok, explain this again... he was acting?"

Well, Sean can't, haha.

{Commercial break]

9:16 PM: "Gotchaaaaaa!" Desiree got him.

Do you think Desiree actually set that up herself? Or do you think she had a lil' help from ABC?

Ok, I don't mean to be rude but... Desiree's family uh... don't look like they produced Desiree. Let's just say, Desiree is the best looking one in the family.

9:20 PM: Time to talk with the brother. Ha, and we thought Catherine's sisters were skeptical...

Ugh... too many commercials, man!

[Commercial break]

9:26 PM: Desiree's brother looks like he enjoys getting drunk and practicing his UFC moves.

Brother is grillin' Sean. Haha, her brother is annoying. This goes back to me saying, "I wish somebody would act like this when I visit," because that's an easy way to say some fightin' words and then NOT pick Desiree.

"I want my drugs."
(JK, I don't know if he wants hi drugs or not.)

Ha, and now the dinner is all kinds of awkward.

Oh, yeah it's pretty clear he wants his drugs.

Hey, there's another a random glass at the table where no one is sitting. Maybe that was for the cameraman.

Ok - who's that extra glass of water for? Did that actor guy have dinner with them too?
Is it for Desiree's brother's imaginary friend?

Anyway, that date went downhill FAST. Her brother may have ruined Desiree's chances. And he won't let it go either, haha. Bit of a jerk, but that was entertaining.

[Commercial break]

Asha and I agree, we don't want Catherine to go home tonight. However, it kinda feels like it's gonna be down to her and Desiree. If you're on Team Catherine, like us, then you're delighted with that one-on-one talk between Sean and Desiree's brother. But Desiree has been a strong contender the entire season.

9:37 PM: Sean has no clarity for this rose ceremony and, apparently it IS down to Catherine and Desiree.

Well, I have to admit Sean seems to have valid reasons for trying to decide between Catherine and Desiree.

Ok, seems pretty clear Ashlee and Lindsay are moving on. Ugh... I just want Catherine to move on because she was my preseason favorite.

And just before Sean is going to give out the first rose, Desiree had to interrupt and talk to Sean along real quick and apologize for her lame brother. That'll make the decision harder for Sean.

9:44 PM: As predicted, Ashlee and Lindsay each get the first 2 roses. It's now time for the final rose!

And it goes to...

This is intense!

Ohh snap... Sean put the rose back down. He wasn't ready. Obviously the conversation with Desiree had a lil' influence on this.

[Commercial break]

I need to go back and look at one of my power rankings. I remember having a section with girls that could definitely hang around and then all of a sudden they're in the finals. Was Ashlee or Lindsay in that group?

I just checked, I was fairly accurate. Had Catherine and Desiree locked in for a Hometown date. And Lindsay was in the "Jef with 1 F" category - just all of a sudden in the finals. (Haha... didn't even have Ashlee ranked. She's just... boring.)

9:52 PM: OK, we're back. Sean is still thinking. He just doesnt' know if he can send Desiree home...

Ohhh, looks like he CAN! Catherine gets the final rose!!!

"Yeeessss!" - Asha and Jeremy.

I guess I'm a lil' sad for Desiree. I mean... she had to drink goat milk like... straight from the utter. And now, she has to deal with her brother saying, "I told you!" and that's gonna suck.

So, do you think Desiree's brother caused Sean to not pick her? Will Desiree suddenly show up on the next season of the Bachelor?

Sean and Desiree are having a really long hug... and he's shh-ing her, haha. Honestly, he is making a mistake. He should've kept Desiree and SENT ASHLEE HOME! She's so boring... they don't ever laugh. She's always so serious - ugh, get her outta there!

Oh well.

Who's going to watch Sean tell all? I'll probably have to watch.

Ok, another week done. Now that we're nearing the end of the season, the entertainment is going down and the intensity is going up. And with that said, I'm losing interest, haha. But alas, only a couple episodes remaining. I can do it! I must finish!

See ya next week!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It Never Snows in Charlotte

It never snows in Charlotte but big white flakes fell from the sky and I squealed with giddiness as it was our first official snow together in our home. It has been two long years since the Queen City has been blanketed with snow but I'm pretty sure everyone welcomed the short-lived flakes as it finally started to stick. We only got a few inches but that's all Charlotte ever wants. It's enough to satisfy us as we tend to freak out at the sight of slush and ice on the road. Oh, and naturally, we stayed inside with our stocked up milk and bread, not leaving the house the entire day.

Even Apollo was excited to play in the snow!

Keegan's first snow!

Apollo enjoyed eating the fluffy stuff and we heard Keegan had a great first snow experience! Hopefully next time we won't have to wait two years to see snow again!

P.S. I can't help but sing this Philmont song when talking about snow in Charlotte :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Alllllllrighty, the marathon continues another week. I can't believe I watch this show as religiously as I watch Monday Night Football. We can all thank/blame Asha for that. All this Bachelor watching I'm doing, that's real love right there, folks.

Anyway, let's start the show!

8:00 PM: Tonight on the Bachelor...

Yay, previews! A nice reminder that we're traveling to a tropical place.

Oooo, looks like a lot of tears tonight. Awesome.

8:02 PM: There he goes again... Sean breaking rules and flying WITH all the girls to St. Croix. He's interrupting potential drama by doing all this stuff with all the girls. Doesn't he know what the viewers are really looking for? C'mon, man!

8:03 PM: Tierra doesn't want to be with girls that "like her boyfriend." So... she decides to move the pull out bed to her own little space. Nice.

And much to Tierra's disappointment, Ashlee gets the first date card.

"The cougar's back in town," Tierra sings, randomly.

That. Was. Great. And it officially started this drama. Making fun of the fact that Ashlee is older than everyone and calling her a cougar.

Hey, Sean announces there is no rose up for grabs on this date. He's got to let go of 2 ladies by the end of this episode. Place your bets now, folks!

8:07 PM: The ladies are getting their tan on... while talking about Tierra. They all hope Ashlee tells Sean about Tierra... and of course we cut back to Sean asking if the drama is done...

I'm guessing producers made him ask, but yeah, Ashlee was straight up honest about the entire Tierra situation. Glad she didn't beat around the bush with that like the girls were doing before.

Ok, heading into the first commercial break and we get some sneak peeks - apparently there's something Ashlee HASN'T told Sean yet! Cuz... I mean, you can obviously learn everything about a person when you see them twice a week for 2 months. Clearly, Ashlee dropped the ball on this one.

[Commercial break]

8:13 PM: Ok, we're back and it's time to see who's on this next date card. Tierra is feeling pretty confident that Sean's got something special for her.

Oh... and she DID get the card.

Man... and she's the ONLY person that would complain about getting the dang card. She doesn't want to go in the town of St. Croix and be all sweaty and have bugs on her and have her make up running. Hilarious.

Haha, I like Lesley.

8:16 PM: Alright, time to get this news from Ashlee that she hasn't told him yet. She doesn't want to talk about it, but apparently it's something important he needs to know before a hometown date.

I bet it's like... her parents are black.

Haha, jk.

Ok, spit it out Ashlee... I've had time to say a joke and your'e still blabbering about nothing. Just SAY it already...

8:17 PM: She still hasn't said it.

Ok, she's finally started the story.

*Bomb dropped*

So Ashlee was married at 17. They got married her junior year of high school. Where they do that at? Hmm... if my parents and I were fighting while I was in high school, yeah... marriage wouldn't be my next move.

Ok, now Ashlee is going on and on about how Sean was nice about her marriage story. What... did you expect him to say while on TV? "Oh... you're a divorcee? Deal breaker, you can go home now." Of course he won't say that. That's just mean to say that to someone on TV.

Was he THINKING that? I don't know...

8:21 PM: Ashlee's got them screaming out to nobody. Then she screams out that she loves Sean. Yeah, only about 4-6 people heard that sooooo, really not that brilliant of a move. It was corny.

Man, what's got my panties in a wad? Seems like I'm a bit catty tonight.

[Commercial break]

Quick score check - Bobcats are down 48-42 to the Celtics in the 3rd quarter. I really need the Bobcats to start winning. I miss going to games, but I just can't go and watch them lose. The "experience" just isn't that great for me to spend my money to watch them lose and the list of other, non-Bobcats players I'll pay to see isn't really that long. But alas, I have faith that they WILL turn it around, with or without a new/old team name (that's a topic for another blog).

8:25 PM: We're back with a little monologue from Sean talking about who Tierra really is. Ya know, it means a lil' somethin' when EVERYONE is saying the same thing about someone. Not saying it's ALL true, but there's a lil' truth to it.

Shopping in St. Croix... this makes me want to go on a cruise. Who wants to cruise with Asha and I?

8:27 PM: Hey, a random parade. And they're... "dancing" with the folks in the parade. Anyway, Tierra is putting on a great act about being the bubbly, fun-loving girl Sean sees. I do think Tierra maybe sorta actually likes Sean, and she actually DOES like to have fun when out with Sean... but this is still an act. It is possible that her antics in the house are an act. Probable? Yeah, I dunno. But certainly possible.


I need someone I know to go on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I have so many questions. I think my first question would be, "Do you really, truly, honestly think you will find love and want to marry this person? Like... REALLY? Without ever going on a date of any kind NOT planned and paid for by a television network. For real, you want to marry this person?" That would be my question, haha.

8:33 PM: Ok, we're back and it's dinner time.

Eh... they talked. Nothing to really talk about.

Ok, next date card comes and we find out Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay are all on the group date meaning Lesley gets that one-on-one. Ballin'.

8:36 PM: Back to the date. Tierra has decided it's time to step up her game and not let any of these girls ruin it for her.

And now Tierra has also said she's falling in love with Sean. Is it just coincidence this "love week" is on the same week as Valentines day?

Ok, I had other things to say, but they just showed a clip of what's to come and... honestly, this is all I remember:

"I CAN'T CONTROL MY EYE BROW!" - Tierra. yeah, that's gonna be a fun lil' argument to watch.

[Commercial break]

Oh snap, Bobcats up 66-64 in the 3rd quarter. They're catching Boston after they just went through a triple overtime game last night. If there was ever a time to win against the Boston Celtics, tonight is the night!

8:42 PM: And we're back. Sean is sneaking into the ladies' hotel rooms.

Did they not get enough beds? Desiree and Lindsay were definitely sleeping together.

8:44 PM: Anyway, they went to the furthest eastern point of the island to watch the sun rise.

So today's date they're on a road trip going from one side of the island to the other. I'm a big fan of road trips. I always think they're fun... when taken with the right people.

Seems like they're spending a lot of time driving... fun date.

8:47 PM: Oh snap, they've made it to quite possibly the coolest tree house ever. The kids in that AT&T commercial would give this tree house 2 thumbs up because you can put a flat screen TV AND have a disco in that sucker!

Back at the house and Lesley gets her date card. Desiree seems to be the only person able to call 'shotgun' quicker than everyone else. They need to step their game up.

They just took a group picture which got me thinking - I don't remember what it's like taking a picture and NOT being able to immediately see the picture.

[Commercial break]

8:54 PM: Back on the beach. I DO kind of wonder what it's like having all these people tell you they love you.

"I didn't know if I should keep the girl in the wedding dress..." - Yeah, the answer was no.

8:57 PM: One-on-one time with Catherine. She's easily my favorite girl left on this show. Anyway, she's sharing another personal story. Hmm... yeah, this was probably something Sean should know before going on a hometown date.

Another reason I like Catherine, she spit that story out MUCH better and quicker than Ashlee. By the way, Catherine has... seen a lot in her life. Seeing a girl die in front of you by having a tree fall on her... and also seeing your father attempt suicide... all before she was like 18. That's a lot.

Back at the house, Tierra can hear the other girls talking about her. That was a nice lil' appetizer to the main event when the argument starts.

9:00 PM: One-on-one time with Desiree and... she's crying. This is happy time, save those tears for another hour of the show.

OK, time to find out who's going to get this rose!

Blah, blah, blah... the rose goes to...

OK, still blah, blah, blah-ing...

Lindsay gets the rose! I guessed Catherine because that's who I wanted to get the rose. But whatevs.

They keep teasing me with this argument between Ashlee and Tierra. I hope they're not hyping this up and then it's a big let down.

[Commercial break]

9:07 PM: Ok, back on and it's date time with Lesley.

Quick question for all the readers - if you had to bring someone for a "hometown date" in Charlotte, where would you take them/what would you do? I'm not sure what I'd do... gotta think about this.

Anyway, they're having a low key date today. Some might say boring, but yeah... seems nice.

This is kind of funny - Lesley wants to share with Sean that she's falling in love with him... and I'm sure Sean was expecting that... but she couldn't do it. She TOTALLY looked/acted like a guy in that situation. She is the queen of some awkward moments on this season. Like Sean said, it's kinda cute, but it's getting a lil' old.

[Commercial break]

Ahh, Bobcats in a tight one. Up 85-84 with 3:50 left in the game!! Bobcats tend to play the Celtics close. I cant' believe I'm missing it due to the Bachelor.

9:18 PM: Ok, we're back on aaaaaand Sean's sister is here to visit! Word, free trip to St. Croix!

FINALLY, we get Tierra and Ashlee talking which will lead into this argument.

Tierra says Ashlee is "sabotaging" her relationship with Sean.

Haha, she dropped the line again, "men love me!" Love it.

I'm loving the editing job of going back and forth between conversations.

Ahhh, the argument has moved into the bedroom so Catherine and Lesley can watch. This is great.

(I'm currently just watching this argument so... sorry for the lack of text.)

"Ashlee, that's my face! I can't control that!" - Tierra.


That was fun. I think that entire argument will go down as one of the classic moments in the Bachelor history. We were all witnesses.

[Commercial break]

Aahhhh, Bobcats up 94-91 with 14.8 seconds left! C'mon, boys, you gotta pull this out!

9:31 PM: "GO TO YOUR COT! GO TO YOUR COT!" The argument just wrapped up. Sean's just walked in as Tierra is crying by herself.

"Once again, it's the Tierra show," says Lindsay. Right on point.

Man, she ain't even crying. There are zero tears.

Tierra has now thrown Ashlee under the bus. Ahh, this is ridiculous.

Sean's sister gave him 1 bit of advice before he went on the show. Don't pick the girl that everyone hates. It's really that simple.

[Commercial break]

BOBCATS WIN! 94-91!!

9:39 PM: We're back. ABC does a great job of getting ya hooked at the end of the episode.

OK, Sean's back and talking with Tierra. Sean's breaking it down, told her he brought his sister out there to meet her. Blah, blah, blah and then...


I think I just heard tons of female cheers outside with this news happening. Anyway, I'm glad he maned up and did this. It was clearly the right thing to do, however, there goes our entertainment! Oh well, a lesson for everyone - don't be that over emotional, drama-filled, annoying person that blames everything on everyone else.

Ha, I completely forgot his sister was waiting on him to return. How long was she waiting there?

Tierra won't be our next Bachelorette... will she?

[Commercial break]

9:49 PM: And we're back and I'm ready for this rose ceremony. Didn't realize the other girls didn't know Tierra was gone.

Sean has entered and let the ladies know Tierra was gone. They all want to smile and cheer so badly.

Dang, Sean is on a roll. No cocktail party tonight, just straight to the rose ceremony. Keep the drinks cold, we'll drink those later!

Ashlee is all kinds of nervous now after this talk. She's defending herself and her actions. She's feelin' the heat.

9:53 PM: Hey, it's Chris Harrison! Haven't seen much of him tonight. Anyway, it's rose time. One of these girls is goin' home.

First rose goes to... Desiree! She gets to take him home!

Ahh, this is killin' me.

Second rose goes to... Catherine (yeeessss!)

Ahhhhhh, moment of truth... the final rose goes to...

Long pause... and the final rose goes to...

ASHLEE! Oooo... man, I like Lesley. I wanted her to stay. Her and Catherine seemed like friends. Which... I guess is why Catherine is crying.

OH SNAP!! I can't WAIT to see this hometown date with Desiree. Her brother was trippin', trying to call out Sean saying he was a playa. And then apparently says some fightin' words.

...I wish someone try to fight me on a hometown date. By the way, however you read that, I need you to go back and read it like "a black person" so you really understand what I'm saying. It would just be the craziest thing to encounter. I'd probably just stand there with a "are you serious" look on my face.

Ok, I need to wrap this up, it's time to go to bed. The second half of this episode definitely turned it up a notch. Enjoyable episode. Hope you all enjoyed Tierra's classic quotes.

See ya next week!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Bachelor: Double Dippin' - Part II

Ok, this special 2-night special continues now! I hope I don't crash in the middle of this. Putting in double duty, I need to get rewarded or something for the double duty. Anyway, let's start the show...

9:00 PM: Sucks this started at 9... and it's STILL 2 hours long. ABC, y'all are killin' me.

Previews for this episode do look entertaining though!

Oh snap, we're in Canada now! Another scenic place. I tell ya, there are some beautiful places on this earth. Seeing this scenery really makes me want to travel.

9:02 PM: The ladies have arrived and of course, Chris Harrison is there to greet them with his usual rundown of the week.

Oh snap, this Chateau they're at has an AWESOME view. I might have to visit this place!

9:04 PM: Oh snap, the date card has now entered the room. Woohoo, Catherine (my favorite) gets the first one-on-one date.

Uhh... they just cut to some terrible... ice storm looking area. Catherine looks kinda dumb just standing out there by herself, haha.

That's a whole lotta nothin'.

Oh... and this uh... HUGE snow bus comes rollin' up. Sean is taking advantage of his transportation opportunities. I'm wondering if he made special requests to drive everything.

9:07 PM: They arrive at Jasper National Park which, at the moment, looks like the worst national park in the world. Not only is it in the mountains, but there's nothing there. Like... nothing. No trails, (and if there are trails, they're currently covered by snow), no camping area, no benches or picnic tables - nothin'!

Yeeahhh, look at all the fun stuff to do!

He... looks like an idiot.

But hey, they're having fun sledding and playing in the snow.

This looks so stupid. It's windy, snow is flying everywhere, oh... and it's cold as crap... and they decide to sit and eat OUTSIDE. C'mon, now...


9:11 PM: We're back and it's now the second half of the one-on-one date.

They're going on a carriage ride. Has Disney made that like... every girl's fantasy? - Horse-drawn carriage ride. Chocolate and horses - haven't met a girl who doesn't like one of those yet.

Oh snap, they went in a big ice castle aka an igloo.

This looks like a castle Bowser from Mario would live in.

9:14 PM: Back at the hotel, date card #2 has arrived and... poor Daniella still doesn't get the one-on-one date. Stuck on the group date which seems to be like the "friend zone" haha.

Ok, back to the date and Catherine is sharing a traumatic experience from when she was younger.


Wow. That WAS a traumatic experience. Basically, she said she saw a tree literally fall on a girl that was right in front of her and kill her. That's like... cartoon/movie stuff. Could you imagine actually witnessing that?

9:16 PM: Catherine gets the rose. That didn't take long. Sean says he's "crazy about [Catherine]" and Asha points out that he seems to be "crazy" about everyone there. But... minus Tierra, I can't blame him.

Got some more previews for what's coming up in this episode. I can't wait for this dramatic scene with Tierra. Every time they show her trembling, I HAVE to also imitate and tremble along with her.

Exact replica. 


So I had my first day of CrossFit today. My quads are getting nice and sore. We did a lot of squats... I'm gonna have buns of STEEL soon.

9:21 PM: Alright, it's group date time! Let's see what crazy antics Sean puts them through this time!

Uh oh, another canoe ride. Lesley, being the smart girl that she is, immediately notices the number of canoes vs. number of people and claims "shotgun" with Sean. Power move.

"Have you ever canoed?" asked Jeremy
"Duh, I was a girl scout," replied Asha... with the most serious facial expression ever. (Sorry I asked.)

9:25 PM: Ok, this stupid canoe stuff is done. Now Sean wants to "embrace" Canada a little more with this polar plunge.

Two things:
1. Why do (white) people find jumping into super cold water fun? The EMT is currently   going over a laundry list of the dangers.
2. Is it a requirement to be able to swim? Do they assume everyone can swim or is that part of the waiver form?

Well, Selma isn't my favorite of the ladies left, but she just got a couple cool points with me for NOT jumping into this water. You can call me a princess too, I really don't care. I wouldn't do it either. I witnessed 4 "polar plunge" events while at Appalachian State University and guess how many I participated in... that's right... zero.

1 is the loneliest number.


9:30 PM: Ok, we're back. Ashlee is contemplating if she should do this or not.

Haha, Selma said she's from Bagdad... and apparently the people of Bagdad are like black people - they don't do these cold weather activities either.

9:33 PM: The girls are trying to prep themselves/stay warm.

Oh lord... Ashlee is all wishy-washy, but decides to do it anyway making her "emotionally vulnerable." Yeah whatever.

These fools went and actually did it. I don't get it but... whatever.




They're all acting like this is the best thing ever. I... really don't get it. I mean, it's not like this is THAT difficult of a task. It's just not smart.

9:36 PM: And so it begins... Tierra is breaking down. She can't stand up... acting unresponsive... exactly how you would expect her to act at this moment.

She jumped in just like everyone else, but I guess Tierra jumped in an even colder part.


And she has to be carried off.

Haha, Sean is FREEZING.

Ok, they're carrying Tierra away. ABC... you continue to restore my faith in video editing because that entire sequence wasn't nearly as dramatic as it seemed in the previews.


9:42 PM: Ok, we're back and Catherine and Desiree now see someone is all covered up and being attended to by the EMT crew. Honestly, they should be able to guess who that is.

Anyway, this entire episode with Tierra reminds me of the "Tyson Zone" I talked about in the previous post.

I have no words.

9:44 PM: Hahaha, Catherine talks about wondering how the other girls are doing... and cut to them celebrating and being happy as they return. That was funny.

I think Lindsay has now also entered Tierra into the Tyson Zone. Except, the opposite... she DOESN'T believe anything Tierra does. All of the girls remaining are over her antics now. This is like deja vu with Kourtney on Ben's season.


Dodge's commercial about getting your car funded is genius. I wish that was around/I thought of that when I was younger. I probably would've worked harder for that than scholarships.

9:51 PM: OK, part 2 of the group date without Tierra. I know the ladies are liking this.

I like how the girls prep for their one-on-one time. Seems very strategic.

"I love, love" - one of my favorite cheesy lines. (Lesley said this by the way)

9:53 PM: Ok, alone time with Sarah and she's sharing pictures of her childhood with Sean. Has she had these the entire time? Also, does it surprise anyone that she's still around? I definitely didn't view her as that strong of a participant but... she's stickin' around.

9:56 PM: How much does it mean that Desiree is getting a second one-on-one date... before Daniella even got one?

Oh lord... Tierra decides to go crash the group date. This should be fun.

Hahahahaha... the girls are all sitting around making fun of Tierra. Haha... Lindsay was the class clown. That was funny.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha... and in the middle of them talking about her, of course that's when Tierra shows up. The other girls are finally realizing Tierra's (aka the "Tierra-ist", coined by Lesley) evil genius. This girl is literally an evil mastermind.

These are the stunned faces of women who thought they wouldn't see anymore of Tierra that night.

10:00 PM: Man... it's 10:00 PM... this show is supposed to be going OFF now... nope, still got another hour.

Anyway, Lesley gets the rose. Tierra is not pleased. Of course Tierra thinks she deserves the rose...


10:04 PM: Ok, we're back on and Sean is thinking over his next decision - sending someone home because he's not feeling it.

Poor Sarah... she does NOT see this coming. I guess in hindsight, showing the pictures wasn't a good idea? Seems like it's maybe freaked Sean out a lil' bit. But yeah, I feel bad for Sarah. She's holding back the tears... ugh, I feel bad for her.

I wouldn't want to go back into the room and say goodbye to everyone right now... and he's making her go back in there and do it. Kinda funny that I mentioned her still being around and... well now she's going home.

Do you think she'll be the next Bachelorette? Eh... I don't know, they usually go with whatever girl comes in second place.

Ooohhhhh snap, got a preview and looks like Selma is gonna break all the rules and kiss Sean on national TV!!! Now her mom is going to think she's a whore. And, let's go ahead and put this out here - if she wants to stay/win, she's got to kiss the guy. You can't be a tease the entire season and expect to win.


Man, this second episode of the Bachelor is causing me to miss 'New Girl' and 'the Mindy Project'. Jerks.

10:15 PM: Ok, we're back and Desiree is prepping for her date with Sean.

Oh look, another date where they have to climb up/down some mountain... this is getting old, Sean.

They've started their decent. This... isn't even fun to watch.

10:20 PM: They finally reached the picnic area. Desiree is clearly eating the food because... she's talking with her mouth full. Jeeze, learn some manners.

That segment was kind of boring.


10:27 PM: Yo, they're like... deep in the woods for the rest of this date. Like... a legit teepee. Chief Sitting Bull is impressed.

What is Sean wearing right now? It looks like a... Native American Bill Cosby sweater.

Peep my sweet sweater, Des. Yeah, I know you like it.
Dang, Desiree and her family lived in a tent at one time. All jokes aside, I really hope during that time period, it was summer.

Desiree seems very genuine on this date. And, she got that rose. #Winning


10:37 PM: We're back and it's rose ceremony time.

I have to say, the ladies are lookin' good for this ceremony. Anyway, the girls are seriously tired of Tierra being there. I have to say, I think Tierra is in the "bottom 2 or 3" right now. Not sure who's going home.

Ok, so Selma gets some one-on-one time. And oh snap... it looks like Selma is going to do it - and by "it" i mean... kiss Sean!

Now, this WAS a big move for her, so... I won't joke about it... haha.

10:41 PM: Alone time with Lindsay and she has promised not to kiss Sean at all during this time. She's very... goofy. She seems fun to be around but, it doesn't seem like there's really much there with her. Just, not very... deep.

Ok, one-on-one time with Ashlee. She's talking about relinquishing control sooo... she gives him a scarf to blindfold her so she can trust him. This is dumb. I get it, you have some control/trust issues but... this just seems kind of dumb. Nothing to cry over. He CARRIED you most of the way. I don't understand ladies sometimes (join the club, Jeremy).

Chris Harrison has come to break up this party. Time to decide who's going home. I really don't know who's leaving. We didn't see any one-on-one time with Tierra or Daniella. Has it come down to those 2? Would he let Daniella go without even 1 one-on-one date? This decision is big.


10:50 PM: We're back on and it's time to wrap this episode up!

As the numbers are dwindling, the ladies are feeling the pressure.

OH SNAP! Only 3 roses to give out tonight meaning TWO ladies are going home. Intensity level just skyrocketed!

Blah, blah, blah... Sean's talking... hurry up, man! People are ready to go to bed!

10:52 PM: First rose goes to... (ahh the suspense!!)... Lindsay! Not surprised, he likes kissing her.

Ok, Rose number 2 - Ashlee. Again, not surprised.

Ok, NOW here comes to the good stuff!! The final rose... who's it gonna be...

The final rose goes to...


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahh, is this really a surprise though? Aww, these 2 ladies feel SO stupid right now. Selma took her big step and kissed the man on TV like she wasn't supposed to do and got sent home. AND Daniella didn't even get a one-on-one date.

I wish one of them would make a scene as they left. Just knock over some stuff... kick something. Give me a show!

Ya know, there are tons of people out there that don't believe in love and marriage and this show is NOT helping. In reality, love (and marriage) isn't a game or competition.

Anyway, we FINALLY get to go to a tropical destination. And once again, we get some Tierra drama. Previews look pretty good, but they get us every time with the previews.

11:00 PM: Ok, the marathon is finally over. 2 nights, back to back... that was quite a journey. As promised though, we've got NEW POWER RANKINGS!

Only 6 girls remaining which calls for some straight up, top to bottom rankings!

1. The number 1 spot goes to Desiree. I think she's the only girl that Sean has just straight up told they don't have to worry about anything. That should make her feel pretty confident she's not going anywhere for a while.

2. Tierra. I know many won't agree with this, but man, she's got Sean wrapped around her finger. He knows there's some drama with her, but seems to refuse to believe the amount of drama that's actually there. Tierra is the equivalent of a team that continues to just barely win. Never blowing out or dominating anyone, but always pulling out the win. This evil woman continues to pull something out to focus everything on her and keep herself on Sean's mind... which gets her a rose every week.

3. Ok, I have a tie here - Catherine and Lesley. I feel like they're both just... equal right now. Sean hasn't said anything bad or negative while with them. He always has fun with them, and neither of them have wavered on how they feel or where they stand with him. The only reason they're both at the 3 spot is because neither of them are at the forefront. I think they're my 2 favorites though.

4. Lindsay. Sean clearly likes her - but I think that's where it stops. All they do is kiss and they never have real conversation. That's always fun for a while but, it gets old. At some point Sean HAS to want more than that. But, I know for a fact that seriously getting to that point, for us guys, can be... difficult.

5. Ashlee rounds out the rankings. She's in the last spot which doesn't necessarily mean she's "in the bottom" or anything. I just think she's the most serious of the ladies left. I think she's the oldest and just seems to be very... serious all the time. I know it's all edited for our entertaining pleasure, but it's like she never really has any fun. I can only go off of what I see.

OK, there you go. The latest POWER RANKINGS. It was tough with these rankings because they're all pretty even at this point. Anyway, let me know if you agree or disagree! I like to hear your opinions. Hope you all enjoyed, see ya next week!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Bachelor: Double Dippin' - Part I

So the Bachelor is on twice this week. Does anyone know why? I wonder if there's something premiering the day/week after this show ends, forcing them to end their season a week earlier.

Anyway, time to get comfortable because this is going to be a long ride.

8:00 PM: This week on the Bachelor...

Ha... almost missed the entire intro thanks to Asha's inability to work the remote.

Thanks to those previews, I'm actually excited about tomorrow's episode.

Chris opens up the show with the breakdown of the week.
1. We get the dreaded 2-on-1 date.
2. Congratulations, ladies, you've made it to the traveling portion of the show! Your first stop... Montana? Really... is that where we're actually going? Montana? Well, ok then... Montana it is.

8:03 PM: I will say, Montana is a very scenic place. Seems very relaxing. Looks like they're in a very remote section of Montana too.

8:04 PM: Selma finds the date card. Time to announce the first date! And it goes to... Lindsay! Immediately, the girls seem happy for her, but then the camera starts showing some individuals and uh, they weren't too thrilled.

The disgust is so evident on their faces. That was awesome.

8:06 PM: Is it part of the official Bachelor rule book that the girls must step outside and be amazed whenever Sean leaves in a {insert form of transportation here}?

"ooooo, that's SO amazing!"

8:07 PM: So... they're having a picnic outside in the cold. That doesn't seem like much fun to me.

And another thing, I don't know why I continue to let this bother me: why do these ladies (and guys on the Bachelorette) act like they've actually been dating this person for months and think there's such a connection? I've let everything else go and just accept the show for what it is... but that still bothers me for some reason.


8:10 PM: We're back in Whitefish, Montana. Time to get romantic.

How old is Lindsay? (I can check that later) She said when she was "an adolescent, the war started." Which one? I'm guessing the Gulf/Cold War.

Oh, they moved on quickly to the making out.

8:12 PM: Back in the house, the ladies are waiting in anticipation for the list of group date participants. Everyone's name is called except for Tierra and Jackie. So they get the 2 on 1 date. Can't wait for that awkwardness!

8:14 PM: Back on the date and Lindsay gets a rose. We didn't really see much of this date.

haha, Sean keeps saying they get along so well... and everytime he says it, they conveniently show them making out. Pretty easy to get along with a pretty girl when she's kissin' ya.

Oh, one more surprise - free concert! Does anyone know who this woman/band is? I don't know any of Sean's people.

That date was kind of boring...


Ravens won the Super Bowl (one of the few things I picked correctly), Joe Flacco gets the MVP and he's GOIN' TO DISNEY WORLD! I kinda like that they still do that commercial, and I hope those players actually go to Disney World. I went to that place for the first time back in 2010 and I absolutely loved it.

Ugh, I keep missing the show "The Taste"!

Question - do any of you guys use Google+?

8:22 PM: Ok, we're back on with more scenic shots of Montana. I just realized something - we haven't seen Sean shirtless yet! WTF, ABC?!

So the group date has begun and --

Ok... they show some goats and one of these ladies asked, "are those dogs?"


Anyway, we've got a bit of a relay race for the group date. This should be interesting! Ha, and someone has to drink goat milk. Mmmmm. Is goat milk good? Never had it.

Ahh man... the red team looks a lil'... weak.

hahaha... Selma just made a... suggestive motion with her hand. That was... funny.

Ok, so the competition has begun and Selma and Robyn had a TERRIBLE start. They end up taking their canoe straight into the grass.

"We're totally crushing them!"

"They are totally crushing us."

So they had a huge lead and then they can't handle the hay bails. Red team has caught up and... oh snap, they're taking the lead!

"Pick it up, Des! I'm working with 1 arm here and moving better than you!"

Haha, they had to milk that goat and I guess the goat didn't like where their hands were because she kicked over their jar.

Dang, Desiree downed that milk like a champ.

Wow, the red team pulls out the comeback and wins! (Remember in a previous post when I said that in these color matchups, red seems to always win even though blue is the better color? Well... perfect example. If you want to see what I said, go almost half way down to the volleyball section.)

8:30 PM: That group date was actually entertaining. I found myself just... watching. That doesn't happen very often with this show.


8:34 PM: Back in Whitefish. I like Sean's jacket.

So Sean feels bad for sending the ladies home. So of COURSE, he breaks some more rules! He sends Chris back to invite the ladies back out for the second half of the date.

Did he tell the red team he was doing this? Cuz I'm pretty sure if I were on the red team I'd be so mad he invited the losers!

Oh... he's telling them now. Ha, they all thought he was joking... and now they're all mad. Haha, and Desiree had to chug that milk for nothin'.

Ha, Robyn is clearly pissed. All I know is somebody from the red team BETTER get this rose.

8:39 PM: We finally get some quality Tierra confessional time. Took long enough to get this episode centered around her.

And she's plotting to go find Sean cuz she needs to talk to him.

8:40 PM: These girls need to tell Sean how they really feel. It really doesn't matter if you're upset if Sean doesn't know.

Also, Sean is clearly enjoying being the Bachelor.

8:41 PM: Oh my God... Tierra is crazy. This fool put on one of the blue team's shirts and she's walking to the group date! Hahaha... she's so crazy. I love it.

Ha... and she comes in while he's doing his confessional. Man, Sean is missing all of these clear clues and signs that Tierra is 100% certified crazy. Seriously man, you can't ignore these signs.

This looks like the classic scenario when someone must make a decision and they have an angel on 1 shoulder and a devil on the other.
Except he has Crazy Tierra on 1 shoulder, and lots and lots of alcohol on the other.


8:46 PM: Ok, we're back on with Tierra interrupting the confessional. He's happy to see her.. but uh... c'mon man. This season is just full of habitual rule breakers.

Still has no idea. She's a sneaky lil' thing.

Got 'em.

I HOPE these other girls see this conversation happening. You know... just to add some fuel to the fire.

Ha, she's so evil. Plotting and planning to make sure Jackie goes home.

8:48 PM: Sean seems to have maybe sorta kinda caught a hint that Tierra is crazy.

8:49 PM: Dang... Desiree basically got to say 1 sentence and then got interrupted by Ashlee... who was on the BLUE team... aka the LOSERS. I feel like I'm picking sides and right now, I'm on the red team's side. This isn't fair... at all. I'd be SO mad if I were on the red team. I Think I'm actually kind of mad right now.

8:52 PM: Daniella's turn to get some one-on-one time with Sean and... she sucks at this, haha. She didn't go interrupt like they all do and instead, she turns around, goes back inside and cries.

And now her one-on-one time with him is just full of tears. Every guy is a sucker for a girl crying. We're powerless to it.

8:55 PM: Ok, time to hand out this rose. Sean, don't be stupid. You KNOW you need to pick someone from the red team for this one...

He was stupid... he gave it to Daniella... who was on the freakin' blue team! Ugh, I just got mad again.

Oh, and Robyn is mad too. I wonder if she'll say anything to Sean.


9:00 PM: Ok, we're back and the ladies are preparing for the 2-on-1 date. Let's all be honest here, we ALL know Jackie is going home. Ok, maybe we don't know for sure, but the chances of Tierra being sent home are pretty low.

It's also pretty clear that Sean at least THINKS there's a little to be suspicious/cautious about with Tierra. But that won't stop him!

9:02 PM: Jackie has already started as the third wheel. Not looking good for her.

Classic tricycle situation. (Third wheel.)

"Hey guys, wait up!"
Ok, Jackie has her one-on-one time with Sean first. She's doing a terrible job of being subtle telling Sean about Tierra. As bad as you want to tell him, and as important as it may be, it's rarely good to be the girl who's just talking about another girl the entire time. We'll see how it works out for Jackie.


I'm getting tired. These 2 hour episodes are ridiculous. Why do they have to be 2 hours long? Like... really, why? There's so much that could be cut. Plus, it'd be nice to not have to stay up for this every Monday. It's becoming harder and harder.

9:09 PM: Ok, we're back on and it's dinner time and WHOA, Tierra is actually eating the food!

Crazy people gotta eat too.

Ok, everyone is drinking wine and I guess their throats are all mic'd up because uh... all we hear are their gulps.

This portion of the date, Sean suggested they do a waterfall.
9:11 PM: Ok, one-on-one time with Tierra and Sean. And she suddenly has a serious story about some junky ex-boyfriend. Tugging at Sean's heart... it was so random and... unprovoked. It's hard to believe anything Tierra says now.

Ok, I think now is the perfect time to introduce you all to the "Tyson Zone". This was created by one of my favorite writers (Bill Simmons, he writes for ESPN and Grantland) and it started with Mike Tyson in the early 90s. He was hands down the best boxer on the planet. He was also one of the craziest and scariest human beings on the planet. He reached a point in his life where, if you hear ANYTHING about him or something crazy he did, you'd most likely just believe it, no questions asked, thus creating the "Tyson Zone". Any time a person's reputation gets so outlandish, you'd honestly believe anything you heard about them without second guessing, they've reached the "Tyson Zone". (Examples: Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, the Manti T'eo story, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears circa 2007-2008) I say all of that because our favorite contestant, Tierra, is nearing the "Tyson Zone". She'll clearly create just about any type of drama just to gain and edge and stay on the show. I mean, let's be honest here - if I come up to you to tell you about the next episode and I said,

"Yeah, on the next episode, Tierra purposely jumps into freezing water and stays in, under water about 8 seconds too long to the point where someone literally has to come in, pull her out of the water, administer CPR and save her life. Then, once she sneaks out of the hospital and gets back to the hotel with everyone else, she pretends to have amnesia and acts like she doesn't know any of the girls in the house but she thinks Sean is her actual husband."

If I told you that, don't lie, you'd at least be at a 60/40 split - 60% you believe it, 40% you're not sure. Tierra has done enough to where you really won't put much past her.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's all welcome Tierra to the "Tyson Zone". She's gonna be there a while too.

9:14 PM: Ok, it's rose time. Sean is saying his intros and it's time to send a girl home.

And the rose goes to... Tierra... big surprise there.

So yeah, it's no shocker that Jackie is going home, but I guess I still feel a little bad for Jackie. She never really seemed like she was going to win anyway. She should honestly be happy she made it to the traveling portion of the show. But one thing that annoyed me - she kept beating around the bush playing this passive aggressive game of not telling Sean how she and other really feel about Tierra. By that point, you're not staying so... just spill the beans.

I feel like this sequence of pictures describes Tierra perfectly.
1. Ooo, I got a rose.
2. See, Sean, I'm nice and normal.

Ahh, Tierra cracks me up. Unfortunately, we continue to put people like her on TV and then they get "famous" for nothing. Kind of annoying.


I need to watch 'Scandal'. That seems like a good, intense show.

9:22 PM: Ok, we're back on and it's rose ceremony time!

This will be an interesting rose ceremony. Not sure who's going home. He seems to genuinely like all of the ladies remaining. I would've picked Daniella to be going home at this point, but the dummy went and gave her a rose so yeah, no clue now.

Haven't had ANY shots of any Sean + Robyn time so there's a potential upset.

Desiree gets the first bit of one-on-one time. She definitely doesn't need to worry very much, but I can understand her confusion during this.

9:26 PM: Haha, the girls are all just sitting around and... sitting, haha. Someone mentions Jackie was probably the sweetest girl there and she had to leave and... CUE TIERRA'S DRAMA! She gets up and storms off.

9:28 PM: Uh oh, Robyn said she's going to go talk to Tierra. She's clearly um... not liking Tierra. Oh.. and Lesley came too. Robyn got some back up, haha.

There's a part of me that just want them to fight. Literally fight. Not words, just walk up to Tierra and just start swinging.

Oh... and Catherine joined too! Dang, it's like Tierra was about to get jumped.

Ahhh, Tierra was actually OK with her entire stance during this whole... "talk", until she starts talking about being able to just go get engaged by any guy. That might come back to bite her.


9:33 PM: Yes, we're back on! I was waiting in anticipation, haha.

Ah, yes! And Sean just waltzes by just as Tierra is mad and "talking" with Robyn. This just got really interesting. So Sean pulls Tierra aside to talk to her. I really hope he talks to others to get the entire story.

Sean is fighting SO hard to not be the super naive Bachelor.

9:37 PM: Sean wants some answers, and he wants the truth... so the next person to talk to, the girl that works on capitol hill - Lesley. We all know she'll give it to ya straight. And she did.

I feel so lame because I'm actually interested in this rose ceremony. Who's going home? Will he break another rule and just keep everyone? Ohh, the possibilities.


9:43 PM: We're back to the most anticipated rose ceremony of the season.

Oooo, we get the rose ceremony interview with Chris Harrison. Now you know it's a serious ceremony. This little interview is showing that Sean isn't completely naive.

Ya know, I think I would like to host this show. I think I could totally do it. It'd be hard to not say certain things, but yeah, I could definitely do it.

Oh snap, he's not very confident that his wife is still on this show. That's a big line that wasn't played up during previews.


Haha, that Subaru commercial with the dogs was great. That was better than most of the Super Bowl commercials I saw.

9:51 PM: Ok, we back and it's FINALLY time to hand out some roses.

Everyone looks so concerned. This is exciting, haha.

Ok, the first rose goes to... Selma.

Still have a bad feeling about Robyn...

Catherine, Lesley and Ashlee are next.

The tension is crazy...

Sarah gets her rose... and we're down to Desiree and Robyn for the final rose.

The last rose goes to... Desiree. Awww, I wanted Robyn to stay longer, but I definitely felt that one coming. Robyn stayed pretty classy at the end of this because many of you probably agree, Robyn could've/should've went over and just punched Tierra in the face. Maybe if this was Flavor of Love... but not on network television.

9:58 PM: We're getting some good previews for the next episode/rest of the season. Tierra's got some good stuff coming up.

These previews are always nice, except I don't always like knowing who's staying later on. Oh well, the drama is still entertaining.  That was a good episode, but now I have to get some rest so I'm good to go for yet another 2-hour episode tomorrow... *fist pump* yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss.