Meet the Singletons

Asha and Jeremy met in the late summer of 2004 right before heading up the North Carolina mountains to start a new school year at Appalachian State University. They were encircled in the same group of friends but didn't know that the future would soon bring them together. Their summers were spent working together at the YMCA and soon enough, sparks began to fly. Their love for one another could not be hidden any longer and they soon became "facebook official" and started dating.

On June 4, 2011, Asha and Jeremy tied the knot and became Mr. and Mrs. Singleton. They are enjoying newlywed life as they discover new adventures together.

Asha is a 2008 Appalachian State University Alumnae. She is a Graphic Artist for Food Lion by day and Creative Director for Charlotte STYLE Magazine by night. She enjoys cooking and baking when time allows and she loves a good bargain sale as shopping is her weakness!

Jeremy is a 2007 Appalachian State University Alumnus. He is the Electronic Marketing Coordinator for the Morrison YMCA. He enjoys editing video, coaching young athletes and drawing in his spare time. He loves all sports, but basketball and football will always be at the top of his list.

And then there is Apollo. Apollo was adopted by Asha and Jeremy from the Humane Society of Charlotte in August of 2008. They thought they were coming home with a boxer/lab mutt but during Apollo's first vet visit, the doctors were ecstatic to see a mastiff puppy. Not knowing what a mastiff was, Asha and Jeremy were in for a big surprise. After doing some research, they believe Apollo is a Cane Corso aka Italian mastiff. Although he drools uncontrollably and beats you with his strong tail out of happiness, they could not have asked for a better, fun-loving dog. He is simply the best and they love their beast with all their heart.

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