Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bachelorette: All in the Family.

Welcome back to our weekly live blog of the most riveting, educational program on television - The Bachelorette!

I have to admit, this has been pretty fun. It's nice making the show more enjoyable for myself by blogging. What's also nice is seeing how many people are actually reading and giving me feedback! I love the feedback too. Who knew it would be so fun discussing the Bachelorette of all shows. Some of you have given me your predictions for the finale as well - all smart guesses pretty much involving the same bachelors. So please, keep sharing and discussing.

I'm actually in front of the TV on time this week. Feels good to catch the show from the start.

8:00 PM- Showtime! We got hometown dates this week! I always like the hometown dates.

Hey, we're back in Charlotte!!  Hm, she walked up to her house and the door was apparently unlocked. Yeah, I'm sure that's safe for Ricki.

8:05 PM- I get the feeling Ricki is up past her bed time.

8:06 PM- Flashbacks showing Mr. Ostrich. I must admit, he's played the game pretty well... I just don't like him. And, he is a TURRIBLE (said in Charles Barkley voice) dancer.

And now we're on to Jef. I like Jef... but I don't think he wins. Seems to be more interested in being the "cool dad" more than being a father. Just think it takes time.
P.S.- I know I'm going to be an AWESOME dad... just in case you were wondering.

8:09 PM- BOOM, Emily just said it... it's way past Ricki's bedtime! I KNEW it!

Arie time. He had the early lead and was probably the favorite for the majority of the show, however, the other 3 remaining definitely caught up.

And last but certainly not least, big Sean. Didn't know he was the first out of the limo. Bet that was a good start for Emily, haha.

Commercial breeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....

8:12 PM- We're back and in the Windy City with Mr. Ostrich. Let's see what he has "planned" in Chicago.

Mr. Ostrich just revealed that he's Polish. Anyway, they're now alone in a little... bar, rehashing the last rose ceremony and Mr. Ostrich interrupting everything.

8:15 PM- Man, he looks like he has on a ton of make-up right now. Like... it makes him look kind of... gay. Also, I never realized how much of a top lip he doesn't have.

Man, it sounds like I'm just hatin' now.

8:16 PM- They didn't eat ANY of their food. I'm tired of all this food going to waste on these dates. Don't they know there are starving folks in Charlotte, NC that would absolutely love to have that food?!

Commercial break: Apparently they have an app to let you know areas with high crime rates to keep you safe. There's an app for everything...

8:22 PM- We're back and Mr. Ostrich's folks have a nice crib. Seems like everyone on this show is at least upper middle class/rich.

Haha, that was somewhat of an awkward toast... probably due to the accent.
His sisters seem very... excited.

8:25 PM- One-on-one chat with Mr. Ostrich's dad... who doesn't look like an ostrich by the way.
Is Mr. Ostrich ready to be a dad - I'm not sure if his dad reeeeeally answered the question. Said he liked kids and has family support... and that's about it.

8:26 PM- Just realized Mr. Ostrich is the only son. Kind of explains some of his actions in previous episodes. (very emotional, talking too much, somewhat of a fake tough guy...)

8:27 PM- One-on-one talk with the blonde sister. She seems to be the one who brings the tough questions and be skeptical.

Time out - Ostrich's dad said Emily told him she's falling in love with him... that part didn't make the final edit so I don't know if I believe him.

Man, we really didn't get much from the one-on-one talks with the family members. I'm a bit disappointed. No drama... didn't even have much happy talking.

8:29 PM- Ostrich just told Emily he's fallen in love with her. And now there's a big Polish party! He's MUCH better at Polish dancing than... any other type of dancing. Although, it looks like you're basically hopping up and down as you move in a circle, but still, he was better at it.

Ostrich's brunette sister got ZERO camera time. She must've been super boring. Her one-on-one talk didn't even make the show. I'm just going to assume she's the black sheep...

Commercial break: Ad for Katy Perry's movie/pepsi. Is  anyone I know actually willing to pay money to see her movie? Just asking cuz I would rather see it on VH1.

8:36 PM- We're back and now in Utah with Jef. Emily pulled up in the black Suburban and uh.. it looks like they're in the middle of nowhere.

Oh, ok - they're on a ranch. Oh wait... is this HIS ranch? Daaaaaaang, I see you, playa!

Jef is way countrier than I expected. My man is shootin' like a pro. Emily hit the clay shoots as well. I wonder how much editing was involved during that portion.

8:41 PM- Shootin' is done. He definitely represented for the skinny jeans-wearing dudes out there.

Hey, Jef just said his parents are in South Carolina doing charity work. Last time he didn't even say that much so I guess it's cool we got a lil' more info this time.

Hey, they just pulled up to the picnic area to meet Jef's family. The first thing I noticed was how great that grass looks. I'm impressed. Anyway, I think Emily was a little overwhelmed by all of the people there with Jef. We'll see how this day goes.

Commercial break... I don't have anything to say about these commercials, haha.

8:48 PM- We back and it's time to eat at the picnic table. Didn't seem to take long to get to the one-on-one talk with Jef's older brother. He seemed to have very legit questions and concerns and seemed very... realistic about this whole process.

During these talks, I always wonder how much "interview" talk is happening. I get the feeling everyone just says what they think they should say.

Uh oh, now Emily is in the hot seat with the sisters. By the way, all of Jef's sisters seemed to get more camera time than Ostrich's. Point - Jef.

They're asking way more questions (shown) than Ostrich's family. Also seemed like some good convo.

8:53 PM- Didn't seem to be any real doubts from anyone.

8:54 PM- Uh oh, Jef is pulling a Ryan and pulling out the multi-page letter expressing feelings for Emily. This one, however, is 10x better than anything Ryan probably has ever written. He definitely won points with that one... but... I just don't think anyone can have THOSE deep feelings of love for someone on this show. I just... don't believe it, haha.

Going into commercial break... I can't wait to see Arie's mom speak some other language haha. And what does Sean have to reveal? The anticipation is killing me!

I must confess, I'm really tired tonight, guys. I hope this blog doesn't suck due to my fatigue. If it does, I apologize and I'll be sure to really bring it next week.

Do you guys follow Asha and I on twitter? @MrJSingleton and @LittleAsha_S. I bring that up because I shared a pic of some deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious shrimp tacos I made tonight for dinner. I was very proud of myself for that one.

9:01 PM- We're back and now in Arizona at a race track to meet Arie. It kind of amazes me how different NASCAR and Indy Car racing is.

Emily is now riding with Arie. I wonder how fast they're going... I imagine that being similar to riding a roller coaster... but a lot faster.

9:04 PM- Emily seems a lil'... over-dressed for this date. Her tight black dress ain't exactly appropriate attire for this little picnic they're on.

Arie is nervous about Emily meeting his parents. Apparently they're very European. What exactly does he mean? Guess we'll find out.

9:06 PM- So... as Arie and Emily kiss on the blanket, that big... fountain thing just randomly shot out water like 100 ft. in the air. I'm just gonna leave those jokes alone. I'm sure y'all know what direction I was headed in with that.

Commercial break: anyone going to see Neighborhood watch? I'm sure it's funny, the cast is too good for it to not be funny - but I don't really know if I want to see it. Someone convince me.

9:12 PM- Yay, Arie's family. Hey, he has brothers... that are twins. Haha, they love her southern accent. Gets on my nerves sometimes, haha.

Wow, they're talking about going to Charlotte. His mom's first time in the United States was in Charlotte, NC. That's... funny.

Oooooook... now they're speaking Dutch. Guess that's what he meant by "very European". SUPER awkward for Emily. One-on-one chat with mom now. I hope she speaks Dutch the entire time, haha.

Mom had a legit question - What happened after the show?

Word of the day: fundamental. Emily has dropped that a couple times now when talking about the final 4. Anyway, this one-on-one talk with mom is actually going pretty smoothly. A lot of head nodding from mom, but they have a real connection being ladies within the racing industry.

9:18 PM- Now we're at the father-son talk. Dad is much better at English than mom.

Didn't get much camera time from Arie's siblings. Guess the talk with mom took up most of the time... or they were boring.

Commercial break: man, this episode feels like a marathon. I'm ready for the rose ceremony.

9:24 PM- Now we have Sean's day and look, he has dogs! Glad someone has dogs.

I wonder if Emily is tired of going on picnics since everyone (except Mr. Ostrich) had a picnic with her.

Uh oh... slow kissin' between Sean and Emily. And boom... there's the tongue. Scandalous.

9:30 PM- Wow, it sure sounded like Sean's niece was calling him "daddy"

WHOOOOAAAA... Sean's niece (Kensington) has a life-size... play house. Like... a REAL house. Everything IS bigger in Texas, my goodness.

WHOOOOAAAA... another bomb... haha, Sean still lives with his parents. Hahahahahahahaha... this has to be a joke. Sean is... apparently a gigantic momma's boy.

Ahh, Sean's a big jokester. I wish that was all true though. See, it wouldn't have been TOO bad if he was living there cuz, he may have had something come up in his life. Plus... that's a nice house and there's a mini house in the backyard!

9:35 PM- Quick father-son talk. His dad seems like a nice guy. He talks with his hands a lot. Seems very genuine though because nothing he's saying seems fake.

Haha, he just... haha, he's... emotional.

9:37 PM- This seemed like the easiest time spent with family. I'm sure it gets a liiiiitle bit easier the more times you do it, but still, seemed very comfortable.

Do you see their house? How does everyone have a huge house? This neighborhood looks nice.

Oh Lord... he wanted another kiss so this fool ran after the car. Too much, man. It's a good thing you're in shape. First you run around Prague (or wherever they were) looking for her, now chasing cars like dogs.

Commercial break: Any of you ladies seen 'Magic Mike' yet? I wish I could remember the tweet I saw, but basically it attributed the next baby boom to Magic Mike and Fifty Shades of Grey. I laughed.

9:44 PM- Now in Beverly Hills and we're creeping up on rose ceremony time. A little one-on-one chat with Chris (host).  How much you think Chris makes from hosting this show? I'm sure he's doing very well for himself, but I wonder where he ranks among reality tv show hosts. Is he catching up with the guy that hosts Survivor?  I'm all kinds of off track now.

9:48 PM- You guys remember on the Bachelor when one of those girls' family basically ruined her shot with Ben on their hometown date? I was hoping for a train wreck on this as well but alas, I can't get everything I want.

9:49 PM- I have no clue who she's going to let go. Let's ask Asha and see what she thinks.

Asha thinks Mr. Ostrich is going home. I told her not to get my hopes up.

Commercial break...haha, that butt-chin guy (Kalon I think) is gonna be on the Bachelor Pad. Not surprised. I'm ready for this ceremony.

9:54 PM- It's go time. Hey, everyone put on their Men In Black suit for tonight. They look good, however, Sean... you could've put on a tie for the occasion, bro.

Boom - Arie gets the first rose. To me that says he's still in the lead.

Next rose goes to... Jef! Asha just said the same thing I was thinking - can't help but think Emily is going in order of who she likes.

The final rose. Haha, "at least he's not bobbling" - That's what Asha said about Mr. Ostrich. She makes me laugh.

The final rose goes to Sean. Asha was right and really... you could kind of see this coming. Ah man.. there are going to be some tears in this limo ride...

Mr. Ostrich is getting defensive. He wants an explanation. I knew this was coming. He's upset. He told her he loved her!! Does that not count for anything?! (No, cuz just about everyone said that.)

He thought she loved him back. And she didn't. At least not like how he loved her.

Yo... I am SHOCKED this guy isn't breaking down and crying his eyeballs out. Like... c'mon, man. How'd this happen?! Give me my meltdown, man!

Haha, he said he's 10x the man the other guys are. Yeah... no.

Ok, I can confess now - this episode was kiiiiind of boring. Felt like the longest episode ever too. Oh well, it's over now.

Previews for next week's episode made me realize how close to the end we really are. Looks like a lot of tears and kissing for next week (nothing new). Not surprised by the final 3, but I'm clueless on who goes home next week. Any guesses?

Ok, another good episode. See you guys next week!


  1. So I haven't watched since the first episode, but Sean's my favorite. Seems like a really genuine, nice guy. I may need to see some other episodes to get a better feel for the guys, but two hours on a Monday night is a big commitment. ;)

    P.S. Jef's parents are not doing charity work, they're on a Mormon mission in South Carolina as Mormon presidents. He said so in an interview with reporters at some point and you can clearly tell they dubbed in "charity work" in the voice over. Awkward! If she's as strong in her faith as a Christian as she says and he's Mormon, I don't see that working out very well.

  2. Thanks for the scoop Katy! And yes, two hours on a Monday night is waaaay too long but it's too late...I'm sucked in.

  3. See... I forgot he was Mormon and that's a little crazy they felt the need to go that far to slide that "charity work" in there. I wonder how strong he is in his Mormon faith also.

    Sean does seem to be very genuine. You could probably guess and assume how he's acted this season and I'm sure you wouldn't be too far off. And yes, 2 hours every Monday is quite the commitment, but I started this and now I must finish. It all evens out in the fall though (Monday Night Football!!)