Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016: Unforgettable

Thanksgiving has been a Hall family tradition on my Mom's side for the past 18 years. We've met in various parts of Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee aiming to meet in the middle for those of us traveling from the North and South. This year, Chattanooga, TN was the central location and it brought many unforgettable memories along with it.

Surprise #1 of the trip was the fact that Nickie, Micheal and Keegan were the first to arrive. You guys...this never happens and was even a shock to them! We spent the remainder of the night waiting for each family to arrive, reminiscing, eating a delicious lasagna dinner and playing games before getting some shut eye.

Thanksgiving day arrived and everyone slept in for the most part. We were, however, woken up at the crack of dawn when the rooster next door decided to crow at the morning hour. After breakfast, the kids immediately went out side to discover and play in the backyard. My cousin, Kelly, and I got to work on my first-ever sewing project, a t-shirt quilt for Jeremy.

We got a late start prepping for dinner on the big day but I did manage to sneak away from sewing and make my green bean casserole dish. 8pm rolled around and we finally sat down to eat! It was worth the wait and baby was satisfied.

Our last full day was spent zip-lining, hiking and exploring downtown Chattanooga, making finishing touches on J's t-shirt quilt and watching the first episode of the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Jam packed and full of fun.

To say we are exhausted would be an understatement. Although tired, this time of year isn't the same when it isn't spent with this crew. We can't wait to introduce our little one to this crazy family of ours next year. Until then!