Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Bachelorette: Back by popular demand!

The people have spoken and the Bachelor(ette) blog returns.

I debated on whether or not this blog topic had run it's course. Whether or not people still wanted to read my random thoughts on this stupid show. Whether or not I had the energy to sit through another season and commit 2 hours EVERY Monday night.

(Starting to rethink this...)

Anyway, it seems like some of you are still interested. Plus, this show helps me pull my weight around here on this blog (in case you didn't know, for some reason, Asha does most of the heavy lifting here. I'm just the pretty face).

So yes, I'm back for another season. And by the way, I'd like to add that there is some terrible timing with this show. Don't they know the NBA playoffs are on?! And it's in the conference finals! I was doing so well holding on to my man-card. (I even made the leap and got it laminated!) And now I have to split sports time with this show... again. The Spurs have the chance to sweep the Grizzles tonight! The old players from San Antonio are BALLIN' right now. The series is being shown on an ABC network (ESPN). It's like ABC doesn't even care about the fringe man-card members out there.

Anyway, I just turned in my man-card (again). Time to get comfortable. Let's start the show...

8:00 PM: Oh yeah... Dez is the bachelorette. Is it 'Dez' or 'Des'? We need to decide this now because I'm going to be using that a lot.

Man... I fall for these dramatic promo cuts every time! Curse you, ABC editors! (I think that job is secretly on my "dream jobs" list.)

8:02 PM: Ya know... I feel a little better about myself and my man-card situation while watching the Bachelorette because these dudes do a ton of stuff I'd just... never do. There are really only 2 women I would cry over in non-death related scenarios - my wife and my mom. NOT the random girl I "fall in love" with within a couple months.

8:04 PM: Dez (I went with the 'Z') needs a new car. She's THE BACHELORETTE now, time to step your game up, playa.

Anyway, they just cut to when Dez was on the show as a contestant... and when she was uh... let go. I wonder if Sean and Catherine are watching this season... I wonder if Emily and Jef are watching this season...

8:07 PM: Word, my man Chris Harrison gave her a new car. Well... "gave" her a car. Oh dang... that's a Bentley. #Bawlin'

So Malibu looks fun. Anyone I know ever been? Is it as awesome as it looks right now on this show?

Ok, commercial time. Gotta get ready for all the cheesy stuff the guys bring.

Whoa... did I just see a dude doing the Harlem Shake? This could get interesting.

Oh, 1 more thing - over/under on 2.5 black dudes in this first 25? (There better not be 1 mixed guy up here)


8:14 PM: We're back. Asha said she tried on the same top Dez is wearing.

Interview time with Chris Harrison. To sum it up - Chris wants to see some action. Bring on the first date kissing!

8:19 PM: I can't believe I'm watching the Bachelorette to end my Memorial Day. I didn't thank the troops for THIS opportunity. (Actually, I did. Having the freedom to watch all the mindless television I want is about as American as it gets. Thanks, troops!)

8:20 PM: Dez comes out... still in silver. STILL in second place. When are you gonna learn, Dez?! #AlwaysABridesmaid

Commercial coming. Oooo, there's a magician! I've already placed him in the top 5. Oh snap, and there's a black guy... who could potentially be mixed! I should've done a preseason ranking for this.


8:24 PM: Ok, we're back, getting the schpeal from Chris Harrison - like we don't already know how the show works.

Hey, first guy is a vet. How fitting.

Uh oh... black guy. He seemed... OK until he did the "I LOVE THIS WOMAN" thing. C'mon, black guy. We (black guys) NEVER go far on this show. We need you to represent, man! Don't go on this show acting all dumb.

Hey, another guy from Chicago. Chicago, you have a lot of single men.  Ohh, he's the magician. Yeeeessss!!

8:27 PM: Yo, some of these dudes make me wanna do some crunches. Mainly this... naked guy...

Haha, the next guy has some big lips. Like... didn't see that coming. WHOA, nor did I see that his dog only has 1 eye.

8:29 PM: Man.. this next guy, his ENTIRE family is British. You're an attractive guy and with an accent, there'd be no reason for you to be on the Bachelorette. Your dumb self went and lost the accent. Idiot! You know how many of us want a non-American accent?! (other than a Southern accent, of course) I'd like an Australian accent. If I had it, best believe I ain't losing it. He's messed up already.

We have another guy who had family problems as a child. Did Dez ask for these types to be on the show? Makes me thankful for my family and childhood.


8:36 PM: We're back... and this is taking forever to get to the guys actually getting there to meet Dez.

Ok, the first limo has arrived! Welcome to the party, chumps!

First out is Drew. He's a digital marketing analyst. That's... kinda the same job I have, except he looks like he may get paid a lil' more than I do. So with that said, I like Drew.

Next out, Brookes. Uh... Brookes? Ok, whatever. I'm not feelin' it from you anyway.

Ok, Brad comes strolling out. He brought a wishbone, first cheesy gift of the season! Congrats, Brad!

And next - Bryden, military guy. No cheesy gifts from him.

Michael... I like his suit. I've been wanting a nice, grey suit. That's all I have to say about him...

Casey came out and... it looks like he was wearing sneakers. He works in social media... and now he's saying hashtags for Dez. That was lamer than me using hashtags in this blog! #lame

Will aka black guy aka lightskin comes out next. Nicknames her "Athena"... cheesy.

Oh snap, why didn't anybody tell me we had a dude from Hickory, NC on the show?! Haha, he brought the fantasy suite key out for the INTRO! My man is brave. It uh... definitely bombed. Good try though.

Shirtless guy steps out. He has PLENTY of reason

James comes out a lil' too serious for me. Busting out the loyalty speech... too much.

Larry comes out. I think it said he's a doctor. And now he's teaching her dance moves... HAHAHAHA, annnnddd it screwed up her dress. Nice.

Ahh yeeessss... the magician. I missed his name, so I will call him Hudini! If I knew magic, I would do it ALL THE TIME. Which reminds me, I want to see that movie "Now you see it"... or is it "Now you see me"? Whatever, you know what I'm talking about.

Oh lord... Diogo comes out in a FULL, emphasis on FULL, suit of armor. The way he was walking around in that, I can't believe people FOUGHT in that.

8:48 PM: On the first night, I think we can always count on the at least one of the ladies just drinking too much. But with the guys, I think we're guaranteed plain stupidity.


8:53 PM: We're back and Chris comes out... drops to 1 knee like he's proposing annnddd... ties his shoe. Funnier if we didn't all see it coming. But hey, it made Dez laugh and that's what counts right now.

Man, these dudes are just poppin' out of limos like crazy. I can't keep up.

I can, however, keep up with Juan Pablo. Yup, gonna talk like that for the rest of the night.

Brandon rode up on the chopper. Too cool for school.

Jesus, how many guys are left?! I'm getting tired.

Whoa... Micah came out uh... I guess it's funny, but that's a terrible suit he designed himself. But hey, do you, playa.

Next guy came out, I don't know his name. He wrote a poem. I think every guy knows that when it's time to be cheesy and all lovey, dovey with your girl, you do that in private. Yes, you can do some romantic public displays of your love, but on TV... it just looks cheesy.

Dang, the lil' kid just stepped out and even HE has a pimpin' grey suit. I'm jealous. Bold move bringing your kid to the intro. Is he going to stay for drinks? Oh, no... dad said he's gotta go back to grandma. Peace out, kid.

OK, we FINALLY have all 25 bachelors in the mansion. Now the party can really begin!


9:03 PM: Annnnnnd we're back! See what Sean started with his handing out roses all willy nilly? Chris just gave Dez persmission to hand out roses as she pleases.

Uh... social media guy is yet again saying hashtags... C'mon, son?!

Haha, Magic Mike (that's what I'm calling the magician guy Nick) steps up and... haha, got 'em. Everybody thought he was doing a magic trick (I really wanted him to) and he tricked everybody. Good move.

Aight, and the claws have come out (do guys have claws? Let's replace that with swords!)

And the swords have come out! (yeah, much better) Already interrupting the one-on-one time. Let the games begin!

9:09 PM: Ok... these one-on-ones are... kiiinda boring.

Ok, so Ben gets the first rose. Good work, Ben. I think if I were the bachelor, I would carry all of the roses with me, so I wouldn't have to walk across the entire mansion to go pick up 1. Plus, it'd make everyone all anxious seeing the plate of roses right in front of them.

Haha, all the guys are now punching Ben in the face in their head.


9:16 PM: The talk is spreading - Ben has a rose.

Uh... whoa... and... there it is. Dude was just... going to town doing the Harlem Shake for Dez. Looked silly with no music.

Shirtless guy... I'mma need for him to put a shirt on. And of course, he took his pants off and jumped in the pool. Goodbye, shirtless guy. It was fun while it lasted.

Aww, Dez gave him a rose for jumping in the pool. How nice of her. Let's see if he packed any shirts and has one on next week.

Moving on... Captain America aka Bryden aka military guy gets a rose. Good stuff.

Oh yes... time for some Juan Pablo! How stereotypical - Juan Pablo plays soccer. I bet Will, the black guy, plays basketball. (Actually he does that super sweaty yoga... very not black male of him to do.)

Oh, now everybody is playing soccer. This would be fun, I excel at team sports!


9:28 PM: We're back annnnnd everyone is just waiting around... wanting a rose.

Oh, just got confirmation - Catherine (from last season of the Bachelor) is, indeed, watching the show right now. Glad we got that cleared up.

Haha, dancing doctor is reflecting and apologizing for that terrible moment of attempted dancing. And now he's getting awkward during his one-on-one time.

So, let's talk about how disappointing our boy from Hickory is. Hahahaha, he said he's going to try and kiss Desiree on the mouth. Does he like... really think this "fantasy suite" thing is working? Ugh... why does he have to be from NC? How can I put this delicately... he's umm... kind of... a... hmmm... gotta remember my audience here...

He comes off as a really big... donkey. Yeah... donkey.

He's currently talking about his "love tank"... I... don't know what he's talking about. Oh lord, my man came BACK for another round.

Haha, YES... he said fantasy suite AGAIN! He STILL doesn't get it! Ha, big surprise - she just went ahead and sent him back to Hickory. Big dummy.

(side note: I'm definitely, already super tired and done with social media guy. It's people like him (that basically take social media a little too far) that make other people look down on people who work with social media (and are good at it). Did that make sense? Basically, you don't have to end all of your sentences with an audible hashtag just because you work with Twitter. I work with social media and if I met anyone who talked like that, I'd look down at them too (not really, but maybe a little bit. you know what I'm sayin'...)

I missed a lot of the show thanks to the previous paragraph. Anyway, Chris came in, time for Dez to hand out some roses.


9:42 PM: We're back... Chris breakin' down for the fellas.

Rose = you stay, no rose = peace out. Simple math.

I've predicted that the black will stay for at least 1 more week. Let's see how this ceremony goes...

Actually, I'm not really going to say anything during this ceremony unless
1. black guy gets a rose or,
2. something/someone does something stupid
3. Juan Pablo gets a rose.

... blah, blah, blah...

Yeeessss, black guy gets a rose!

... blah, blah, blah...

Boom. Juan Pablo gets a rose. Yay, diversity!

Some of these dudes are lookin' super nervous...

Hold up... has Houdini gotten a rose yet?! No, he hasn't! C'mon, Dez!

They keep showing the guy who came in the armor like he's going to stay. Please...

DEZ?!! You forgot to give Houdini a rose!! Not surprised most of those other suckers are leaving, but man... you gotta keep Magic Mike for at least 1 more week!

"I shouldn't have done that... I shouldn't have done that... no..." - suit of armor guy. Guess hindsight is still 20/20, bro. What he should've done was tighten up that tie knot. Sloppy, sloppy.


9:56 PM: Time for more previews of the season. So far, looks like every other season. You remember that Bachelorette season with umm... Ashley? On that season she made the guys do some Muay Thai fighting and 1 dude got a concussion. I want that to happen on this season.

Well, episode 1 is complete. Saw a lot of men crying in those previews.


They end the show with a bunch of magic tricks from Magic Mike. This is what we're now going to miss out on, Dez!! By the way, that guy is incredibly wrong about magic - it's awesome and he WISHES he could do it. (However, just like anything else, if you're kinda lame doing it, then it's kinda lame)

Ok, we're off to a good start. Let's hope the boys remain entertaining throughout the season. See ya next week.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day (Weekend)!

Jeremy and I both worked today but we did do a little celebrating of the holiday over the weekend. We packed up the Jeep and headed to one of our favorite spots in Charlotte, the Whitewater Center. I don't think I will ever tire of that place. Not only is it beautiful, it will always remind me of the celebration of our wedding that we had with our friends and family almost two years ago.

That girl totally photo bombed our picture
The entire place was buzzing with the constant movement of people. We did some walking around the river and noticed some improvements done just within the past few months while listening to some great live music, including Marc Broussard (one of those bands that no one knows of, haha). We then cooled off with some delicious smoothies that was much needed after our walk.

Taking in the view at one of my favorite spots!
Marc Broussard on stage
Wish I could say that were me. Maybe one day.
Apollo had some issues sitting on this hill. Jeremy's got his back.
Apollo conveniently using me as a pillow...and sitting on each of Jeremy and my hands.

We went with the intention of staying for fireworks but we were dealing with one tired beast who was a little agitated with sitting on a hill all day and once the sun went down, it got cold very quickly. We decided to ditch the fireworks and beat the traffic that would probably be a very long wait. I think we made a wise decision that ended in a quick stop for some grub on the way home.

We hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day and give big thanks to those who serve and have served our country! Who's ready for The Bachelorette?! Luckily with some convincing and votes from you guys, Jeremy will be back to his weekly blogging of America's guilty pleasure!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wedding Season

We had a 5K race and a wedding all in the same day. One event called for running shoes and the other, some heels. Luckily there was some down-time in the middle of the day for a nap.

The day started with a very early 5:30AM wake up call but I awoke with happy spirits as Elyse was joining Sairy and I for her very first 5K. We were also a part of a Corporate Team representing Lockers Unlimited made up of the awesome Norman family. The start of the Run! Ballantyne race began and I stuck to the outside of the road successfully avoiding the mob of people running the 3 and 6 mile race. I saw a few friends along the way giving Sairy a high five when I saw her loop around and waving at Elyse rocking it at the halfway point. It was an uphill battle to the finish line but I walked away with a personal best of 25:50 and 4th in my age group! I guess all that running lately is paying off :). Sairy happily got 3rd in our age group earning a sweet medal, engraved and everything!

Running with my besties!

Lockers Unlimited Team!

3rd place medal!
Later that evening it was time for a suit and tie (can you tell I'm excited to see Justin Timberlake)  as we got ready for the wedding of our good friends Caitlin and Parker (Andrew). This wedding was absolutely adorable and we couldn't be more excited for the happy couple! They had the cutest personal touches to their special day throughout the ceremony and reception.  Minus the fact that I totally fell down the stairs while approaching the dance floor (pretty sure the only witnesses were Jeremy and the mother of the bride), it's always nice catching up with old friends you haven't seen in a while. Congrats, Caitlin and Parker! Welcome to married life. It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

My handsome date!
Yay! Married.
Such a cute cake topper! The bride is a Tar Heel and the groom is a Clemson Tiger.
With Chelsea. I miss this one! 
High School reunion!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Best Day Ever of 2013

Have you ever just had a really, all-around, good day? I recently had one of those "Best Day Ever" type of days and well, I'd like to share it with ya.

Last Tuesday started out as any typical day. I did my usual routine of rushing to the vanpool stop (making it by the last minute) and work started out like any other day but 10 AM rolled around and that started the streak of greatness. Not even 24 hours earlier, I found out that Justin Timberlake added more tour dates to his current list. Raleigh, North Carolina was an added date and both Jeremy and I immediately knew we wanted to go... depending on ticket prices. I quickly signed up for the pre-sale code and made the official ticket purchase that morning. I haven't seen JT since 2000 (during the No Strings Attached tour) and needless to say, I'M EXCITED.

Three hours later I got called into my director's office.  My heart was pounding as I'm not usually one to sit in his office for a chat. This chat, however, was a good one. After a few words, I was offered the position as Brand Designer within the Creative Service department that I had applied for 2 weeks earlier. I happily accepted and had a permanent smile planted on my face for the rest of the day.  Let's just say that my drive to Salisbury will be much more worth while as this new job will bring challenge, variety, and excitement to my old week to week schedule that I could do with my eyes closed. I am SO excited and grateful to start my new position within the company and can't wait to get started!

My awesome day continued with dinner and an Imagine Dragons concert with one of my best friends, Chelsea. Rain was in the forecast (as it had been for the 7 previous days before) and we were a little weary since the concert was being held outdoors. I wore my rain boots being prepared for the worst but luckily, the show got moved to a covered venue and we were never even aware of the rain that was falling sporadically throughout the night. Rain or shine, the Imagine Dragons put on an AMAZING show. Charlotte was their first start to their U.S. tour as they had just gotten back from touring overseas.  The crowd was buzzing with energy so I'd say Charlotte welcomed them home to the U.S. quite well.  The show got off to a late start (9:30!!) but it was worth the wait as it was finally nice to listen and get to know the band after discovering them only a short year ago. They were very humble and grateful letting us know that they were regular people like us and had no idea how we had even heard of them.  Many of their shows are sold out but that doesn't surprise me because they were SO GOOD live!

Chelsea noticed a drum floating in the air before the show even began. We both assumed it would be lowered but, nope, the thing never moved. Instead, during the best part of the show while Radioactive was being played, they strapped the lead singer into a harness and up he went to start pounding the drum that was suspended 30 feet in the air over thousands of fans. All with a broken hand. It was pretty awesome to say the least.

They concluded the show with an amazing encore and I ended the best day ever by coming home to my very proud husband. A new job, the Imagine Dragons, and a Justin Timberlake concert in the future?...I'd say that's a pretty good day all wrapped up into one. I'm definitely living the dream in 2013.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

May already? That just means we're one month closer to our two (!!) year anniversary :)

Below are some snapshots from our restful but kind of busy weekend which consisted of a 5K run on Saturday morning and a free concert featuring Andrew Ripp, Parachute, and Andy Grammer on Sunday evening. Oh and the last photo is from a few weekends ago but it was so cute I couldn't resist.

Love them!

I'm the Geek in the Pink.

1st and 2nd in our age group again! Sairy walked away with a prize!

The talented Andrew Ripp!

Elyse and I enjoying the free show :)

Andy Grammer

Alongside Andrew Ripp!
How gorgeous is my sister and how cute is my nephew?!