Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Photo A Day January

It sleeted. It snowed. It then decided to be 70º outside. And then a tornado watch came. January, you were full of surprises and you went by super fast!

Some key January moments in effect were as follows. Football has slowly come to an end and on the other end of the spectrum, The Bachelor has returned! Oh and we got a new car! Jeremy's car of ten years went kaput and we traded it in for a new ride. As every day came and went, I snapped a picture that followed the guidelines. I'm almost up to 365 days of photos!

1. today. The first day of the year brought a little rain but any day that lets me wear my rain-boots is a good day.
2. something new. I was excited to change my desktop calendar to something new. Cute, right?
3. heart. An oldie, but a goodie, this is one of my favorite drawings that Jeremy has done of us. It also features the simplest of hearts.
4. the view from here. Every morning, on the way to work, I pass over these railroad tracks. Luckily I was able to capture the moment with a steady hand as the vanpool driver likes to speed across them.
5. movement. Geese flying high in the sky at dusk.
6. mine. My thoughts. My words. My journal.
7. street. Homeward bound. The streets of I-85 South.
8. something beginning with 'T'. Turtle!!!!!! Oh how I love turtles. There's just something about them.
9. paper. We kept up with the 2012 Carolina Panthers Schedule throughout the entire season. We had some highs and lows, but ended the season with a streak of W's.
10. one o'clock. Gym time. Grateful for the outdoor track at the Salisbury YMCA. Although it's boring to run in circles, it gives me a break from being inside all day. I love getting my 2-3 mile run in at lunchtime.
11. water. Raindrops on my windshield.
12. surprise. It was one of those lovely 70º days so Jeremy and I decided to surprise Apollo with a car ride to our local greenway. Needless to say, he loved it.
13. circle. It's circles within a circle within a circle.
14. something yellow. Yellow. My favorite color. Why was this prompt so hard for me?!
15. an ordinary moment. Pizza for dinner. It's a food staple in the Singleton household.
16. two things. A pair of my favorite earrings.
17. ready. It's rare for Jeremy and I to eat fast food on a Thursday but when you're sharing a car for the week and it's pouring down rain, eating out on a Thursday is certainly allowed. I was more than ready to start eating the BBQ in front of me.
18. shadow. The sun was setting which made for tall, stilt-like shadows.
19. delicious. The entire day was spent car shopping and this homemade turkey burger was seriously the bomb diggity.
20. something you saw. Jeremy voluntarily washed my car. He's a keeper!
21. what you do. I write in this blog so that I am able to share our memories with family, friends and for the day that I may not remember myself.
22. corner. Charlotte is on every corner!
23. electric. It's electric, boogy woogy woogy!
24. stripes. We have decided to keep a Mason Jar full of good things that happen throughout the year. I decorated it with polka dot and striped washi tape!
25. landscape. After a day of sleet and snow, I was more than ready to go back to Cozumel's lovely view.
26. together. It's amazing how these eggs are perfectly together.
27. sun. Watching the sun set after a fun day with family.
28. through. (Patiently) waiting for the train to go through.
29. grow. One of my favorite pictures of a flower about to bloom.
30. down. Looking down at Mr. KeeWee.
31. yourself. You can't go wrong with a Bayside Tiger's (Saved by the Bell) T-shirt. Go Bayside!

Feel like playing along this month? Grab February's list and get to steppin! (more details here) The month of love's list looks like fun!

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