Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Alllllllrighty, the marathon continues another week. I can't believe I watch this show as religiously as I watch Monday Night Football. We can all thank/blame Asha for that. All this Bachelor watching I'm doing, that's real love right there, folks.

Anyway, let's start the show!

8:00 PM: Tonight on the Bachelor...

Yay, previews! A nice reminder that we're traveling to a tropical place.

Oooo, looks like a lot of tears tonight. Awesome.

8:02 PM: There he goes again... Sean breaking rules and flying WITH all the girls to St. Croix. He's interrupting potential drama by doing all this stuff with all the girls. Doesn't he know what the viewers are really looking for? C'mon, man!

8:03 PM: Tierra doesn't want to be with girls that "like her boyfriend." So... she decides to move the pull out bed to her own little space. Nice.

And much to Tierra's disappointment, Ashlee gets the first date card.

"The cougar's back in town," Tierra sings, randomly.

That. Was. Great. And it officially started this drama. Making fun of the fact that Ashlee is older than everyone and calling her a cougar.

Hey, Sean announces there is no rose up for grabs on this date. He's got to let go of 2 ladies by the end of this episode. Place your bets now, folks!

8:07 PM: The ladies are getting their tan on... while talking about Tierra. They all hope Ashlee tells Sean about Tierra... and of course we cut back to Sean asking if the drama is done...

I'm guessing producers made him ask, but yeah, Ashlee was straight up honest about the entire Tierra situation. Glad she didn't beat around the bush with that like the girls were doing before.

Ok, heading into the first commercial break and we get some sneak peeks - apparently there's something Ashlee HASN'T told Sean yet! Cuz... I mean, you can obviously learn everything about a person when you see them twice a week for 2 months. Clearly, Ashlee dropped the ball on this one.

[Commercial break]

8:13 PM: Ok, we're back and it's time to see who's on this next date card. Tierra is feeling pretty confident that Sean's got something special for her.

Oh... and she DID get the card.

Man... and she's the ONLY person that would complain about getting the dang card. She doesn't want to go in the town of St. Croix and be all sweaty and have bugs on her and have her make up running. Hilarious.

Haha, I like Lesley.

8:16 PM: Alright, time to get this news from Ashlee that she hasn't told him yet. She doesn't want to talk about it, but apparently it's something important he needs to know before a hometown date.

I bet it's like... her parents are black.

Haha, jk.

Ok, spit it out Ashlee... I've had time to say a joke and your'e still blabbering about nothing. Just SAY it already...

8:17 PM: She still hasn't said it.

Ok, she's finally started the story.

*Bomb dropped*

So Ashlee was married at 17. They got married her junior year of high school. Where they do that at? Hmm... if my parents and I were fighting while I was in high school, yeah... marriage wouldn't be my next move.

Ok, now Ashlee is going on and on about how Sean was nice about her marriage story. What... did you expect him to say while on TV? "Oh... you're a divorcee? Deal breaker, you can go home now." Of course he won't say that. That's just mean to say that to someone on TV.

Was he THINKING that? I don't know...

8:21 PM: Ashlee's got them screaming out to nobody. Then she screams out that she loves Sean. Yeah, only about 4-6 people heard that sooooo, really not that brilliant of a move. It was corny.

Man, what's got my panties in a wad? Seems like I'm a bit catty tonight.

[Commercial break]

Quick score check - Bobcats are down 48-42 to the Celtics in the 3rd quarter. I really need the Bobcats to start winning. I miss going to games, but I just can't go and watch them lose. The "experience" just isn't that great for me to spend my money to watch them lose and the list of other, non-Bobcats players I'll pay to see isn't really that long. But alas, I have faith that they WILL turn it around, with or without a new/old team name (that's a topic for another blog).

8:25 PM: We're back with a little monologue from Sean talking about who Tierra really is. Ya know, it means a lil' somethin' when EVERYONE is saying the same thing about someone. Not saying it's ALL true, but there's a lil' truth to it.

Shopping in St. Croix... this makes me want to go on a cruise. Who wants to cruise with Asha and I?

8:27 PM: Hey, a random parade. And they're... "dancing" with the folks in the parade. Anyway, Tierra is putting on a great act about being the bubbly, fun-loving girl Sean sees. I do think Tierra maybe sorta actually likes Sean, and she actually DOES like to have fun when out with Sean... but this is still an act. It is possible that her antics in the house are an act. Probable? Yeah, I dunno. But certainly possible.


I need someone I know to go on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I have so many questions. I think my first question would be, "Do you really, truly, honestly think you will find love and want to marry this person? Like... REALLY? Without ever going on a date of any kind NOT planned and paid for by a television network. For real, you want to marry this person?" That would be my question, haha.

8:33 PM: Ok, we're back and it's dinner time.

Eh... they talked. Nothing to really talk about.

Ok, next date card comes and we find out Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay are all on the group date meaning Lesley gets that one-on-one. Ballin'.

8:36 PM: Back to the date. Tierra has decided it's time to step up her game and not let any of these girls ruin it for her.

And now Tierra has also said she's falling in love with Sean. Is it just coincidence this "love week" is on the same week as Valentines day?

Ok, I had other things to say, but they just showed a clip of what's to come and... honestly, this is all I remember:

"I CAN'T CONTROL MY EYE BROW!" - Tierra. yeah, that's gonna be a fun lil' argument to watch.

[Commercial break]

Oh snap, Bobcats up 66-64 in the 3rd quarter. They're catching Boston after they just went through a triple overtime game last night. If there was ever a time to win against the Boston Celtics, tonight is the night!

8:42 PM: And we're back. Sean is sneaking into the ladies' hotel rooms.

Did they not get enough beds? Desiree and Lindsay were definitely sleeping together.

8:44 PM: Anyway, they went to the furthest eastern point of the island to watch the sun rise.

So today's date they're on a road trip going from one side of the island to the other. I'm a big fan of road trips. I always think they're fun... when taken with the right people.

Seems like they're spending a lot of time driving... fun date.

8:47 PM: Oh snap, they've made it to quite possibly the coolest tree house ever. The kids in that AT&T commercial would give this tree house 2 thumbs up because you can put a flat screen TV AND have a disco in that sucker!

Back at the house and Lesley gets her date card. Desiree seems to be the only person able to call 'shotgun' quicker than everyone else. They need to step their game up.

They just took a group picture which got me thinking - I don't remember what it's like taking a picture and NOT being able to immediately see the picture.

[Commercial break]

8:54 PM: Back on the beach. I DO kind of wonder what it's like having all these people tell you they love you.

"I didn't know if I should keep the girl in the wedding dress..." - Yeah, the answer was no.

8:57 PM: One-on-one time with Catherine. She's easily my favorite girl left on this show. Anyway, she's sharing another personal story. Hmm... yeah, this was probably something Sean should know before going on a hometown date.

Another reason I like Catherine, she spit that story out MUCH better and quicker than Ashlee. By the way, Catherine has... seen a lot in her life. Seeing a girl die in front of you by having a tree fall on her... and also seeing your father attempt suicide... all before she was like 18. That's a lot.

Back at the house, Tierra can hear the other girls talking about her. That was a nice lil' appetizer to the main event when the argument starts.

9:00 PM: One-on-one time with Desiree and... she's crying. This is happy time, save those tears for another hour of the show.

OK, time to find out who's going to get this rose!

Blah, blah, blah... the rose goes to...

OK, still blah, blah, blah-ing...

Lindsay gets the rose! I guessed Catherine because that's who I wanted to get the rose. But whatevs.

They keep teasing me with this argument between Ashlee and Tierra. I hope they're not hyping this up and then it's a big let down.

[Commercial break]

9:07 PM: Ok, back on and it's date time with Lesley.

Quick question for all the readers - if you had to bring someone for a "hometown date" in Charlotte, where would you take them/what would you do? I'm not sure what I'd do... gotta think about this.

Anyway, they're having a low key date today. Some might say boring, but yeah... seems nice.

This is kind of funny - Lesley wants to share with Sean that she's falling in love with him... and I'm sure Sean was expecting that... but she couldn't do it. She TOTALLY looked/acted like a guy in that situation. She is the queen of some awkward moments on this season. Like Sean said, it's kinda cute, but it's getting a lil' old.

[Commercial break]

Ahh, Bobcats in a tight one. Up 85-84 with 3:50 left in the game!! Bobcats tend to play the Celtics close. I cant' believe I'm missing it due to the Bachelor.

9:18 PM: Ok, we're back on aaaaaand Sean's sister is here to visit! Word, free trip to St. Croix!

FINALLY, we get Tierra and Ashlee talking which will lead into this argument.

Tierra says Ashlee is "sabotaging" her relationship with Sean.

Haha, she dropped the line again, "men love me!" Love it.

I'm loving the editing job of going back and forth between conversations.

Ahhh, the argument has moved into the bedroom so Catherine and Lesley can watch. This is great.

(I'm currently just watching this argument so... sorry for the lack of text.)

"Ashlee, that's my face! I can't control that!" - Tierra.


That was fun. I think that entire argument will go down as one of the classic moments in the Bachelor history. We were all witnesses.

[Commercial break]

Aahhhh, Bobcats up 94-91 with 14.8 seconds left! C'mon, boys, you gotta pull this out!

9:31 PM: "GO TO YOUR COT! GO TO YOUR COT!" The argument just wrapped up. Sean's just walked in as Tierra is crying by herself.

"Once again, it's the Tierra show," says Lindsay. Right on point.

Man, she ain't even crying. There are zero tears.

Tierra has now thrown Ashlee under the bus. Ahh, this is ridiculous.

Sean's sister gave him 1 bit of advice before he went on the show. Don't pick the girl that everyone hates. It's really that simple.

[Commercial break]

BOBCATS WIN! 94-91!!

9:39 PM: We're back. ABC does a great job of getting ya hooked at the end of the episode.

OK, Sean's back and talking with Tierra. Sean's breaking it down, told her he brought his sister out there to meet her. Blah, blah, blah and then...


I think I just heard tons of female cheers outside with this news happening. Anyway, I'm glad he maned up and did this. It was clearly the right thing to do, however, there goes our entertainment! Oh well, a lesson for everyone - don't be that over emotional, drama-filled, annoying person that blames everything on everyone else.

Ha, I completely forgot his sister was waiting on him to return. How long was she waiting there?

Tierra won't be our next Bachelorette... will she?

[Commercial break]

9:49 PM: And we're back and I'm ready for this rose ceremony. Didn't realize the other girls didn't know Tierra was gone.

Sean has entered and let the ladies know Tierra was gone. They all want to smile and cheer so badly.

Dang, Sean is on a roll. No cocktail party tonight, just straight to the rose ceremony. Keep the drinks cold, we'll drink those later!

Ashlee is all kinds of nervous now after this talk. She's defending herself and her actions. She's feelin' the heat.

9:53 PM: Hey, it's Chris Harrison! Haven't seen much of him tonight. Anyway, it's rose time. One of these girls is goin' home.

First rose goes to... Desiree! She gets to take him home!

Ahh, this is killin' me.

Second rose goes to... Catherine (yeeessss!)

Ahhhhhh, moment of truth... the final rose goes to...

Long pause... and the final rose goes to...

ASHLEE! Oooo... man, I like Lesley. I wanted her to stay. Her and Catherine seemed like friends. Which... I guess is why Catherine is crying.

OH SNAP!! I can't WAIT to see this hometown date with Desiree. Her brother was trippin', trying to call out Sean saying he was a playa. And then apparently says some fightin' words.

...I wish someone try to fight me on a hometown date. By the way, however you read that, I need you to go back and read it like "a black person" so you really understand what I'm saying. It would just be the craziest thing to encounter. I'd probably just stand there with a "are you serious" look on my face.

Ok, I need to wrap this up, it's time to go to bed. The second half of this episode definitely turned it up a notch. Enjoyable episode. Hope you all enjoyed Tierra's classic quotes.

See ya next week!

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