Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Bachelor: All In The Family

Alright... it's family week! Always potential for the family to screw it all up for the girl or guy (see Kacey B. on Ben's season).

Anyway, let's get this show started!

8:02 PM: The show starts with my least favorite person left - Ashlee. I don't NOT like her... I just like her the least.

Again, I like Sean's jacket. Have to get me one of those.

They're having a picnic in some field... some field that someone needs to do some maintenance on.

My allergies are going crazy just looking at this.

They're both preacher kids. I am too. Now we all have something in common.

8:04 PM: They're still on their lil' picnic, but I'm barely listening. We haven't had dinner yet and there's some ravioli in the oven and right now it's smelling SO good right now. It's all I can think about at the moment.

*stomach is growling*

Oh snap, just heard the oven beep! That means only 1 minute remaining!

[Commercial break]

Time to get my food!

8:10 PM: Ok, time to meet Ashlee's parents. They look a bit uncomfortable with how she's talking about how much she loves him and trusts him and blah, blah.... I wonder how Sean really feels about all this. Like... Ashlee is saying some pretty... deep, serious stuff. And she keeps bringing up this sense of abandonment. I get it, but for real, I really wonder if Sean is like... really ready for this.

"You better not break her heart!" - Ashlee's mom. Yeah... how can you honestly answer that as a guy dating 4 women?

8:14 PM: Sean is now talking to Ashlee's dad and... whoa... he flipped the script. He's suddenly asking the tough questions to dad! That's not how this works, buddy!

Family time. Dad is sharing his feelings about the first day they brought Ashlee home. He's getting very emotional. Like... bringing tears to everyone at the table.

8:18 PM: This sucks. I have my food and I really want to eat it, but I have to type. I don't want to pause and make this last any longer than it needs to. Y'all better read this...

Oh, snap! Upcoming previews - Desiree has some guy come back. This could be:
  1. The best/worst hometown visit in Bachelor history.
  2. All set up by Desiree. A prank to get Sean back from the art gallery prank. (Asha called this... and I'm leaning toward this scenario.)
[Commercial break]

8:22 PM: Now we're in Seattle for Catherine's family. I wonder how long in between visits this was. Like... did he just fly out the next day?

Ok, Sean and Catherine now stop at one of the fish market things where they toss the fish around. I have to admit, I kinda wanna do this. Anyway, Sean managed to catch every fish thrown his way. Good for him.

Catherine's turn and right on cue, she drops the first fish. But then... she went Jerry Rice on us and caught the next fish with one hand. Baller.

SNAG! Caught fish sticks with ONE HAND! She's a keeper.

Ewwww... that wall was COVERED with gum. Ha, Asha was NOT feelin' that. (She doesn't like "sticky stuff")

That's nasty.

8:27 PM: Sean getting some tips on meeting the family. Glad Catherine is giving him some tips on some Filipino tradition. They're still gonna know she told him to do it... but yeah, still nice of her.

[Commercial break]

8:31 PM: We're back, and it's time to meet the family!

Man... house full of females.

Haha, Sean is definitely a... team player. Put on the apron, hung out with Grandma... I'm sure they're all at least having fun.

If you're not careful, females will have you looking silly in no time!

8:33 PM: Haha, Catherine is going on and on about Sean and being all giddy... and then the sisters bring it all down.

Leave it to the older sibling to bring the reality check. It's kind of our job.

I can't tell if the oldest sister is... being truthful... or just hating.
Haha, the talk with Catherine's mom was... short and sweet. I do like the fact that mom kept her answers and responses simple.

But she DIDN'T give that blessing for marriage.

8:38 PM: Interesting hometown visit. Seemed to have pretty high, highs... and pretty low, lows.

Gonna go ahead and ask now - who ya think is going home? This is gonna be tough.

[Commercial break]

Apollo farted. Insert stink face.

8:44 PM: Time to meet Lindsay's family aka her Army General father.

Well... Lindsay's date has been kind of boring. So far Catherine is winning for "Most Fun" hometown date.

Sean is nervous about what to call Lindsay's father. Not gonna lie, I'd be a lil' worried about that too. I mean... I'd probably want to go with "General ________," but I'd probably land on "Mister ___________."

8:49 PM: Lindsay is making Sean get "army ready." I'm glad I'm not a big, strong-looking guy because apparently, females just want to make you do push ups. Hey, newsflash, females - push ups are tiring!

See what I mean?! I'm sure his triceps are burning! They didn't make Ben do pushups like this... just sayin'.

She smacked his butt a lot. I just smacked Asha's butt. Felt like the right thing to do.

[Commercial break]

8:54 PM: Back on and I'm already ready for this date to be over. I'm just not feelin' it.

We finally meet the family.

Lindsay has told the family about the first night when she came out in the wedding dress. Mom loves it. Laughing her head off. Dad, on the other hand... yeah, he's an army general. He no laugh.

8:58 PM: Lindsay's mom seems... easy to please. I guess you have to be the "good cop" when the "bad cop" is the 2-star general.

So far talk with dad isn't too bad, but now Sean is basically asking for dad's blessing. Dad ain't exactly saying yes... but he isn't saying no yet either.

"You gotta have the authority to make the decision." - straight from the general's mouth. He gave his blessing (after a bit of a speech).

Awwwww, Lindsay's dad gave Sean some dog tags. Now he's gotta keep her. I remember I used to really want some dog tags. But not enough to join the military... I just thought they were cool accessories.

Oh snap, we get a special Sean Tells All episode... tomorrow. Yeah, y'all ain't getting a blog for that. Sorry.

[Commercial break]

9:08 PM: Finally back and it's time for Desiree's hometown visit.

I pretty much zoned out until Sean got to Desiree's place.

9:11 PM: Ok, so random guy has shown up. Haha... this is... suddenly... kind of... corny. I think you can kinda tell she may be acting.

"This could be my big break as an actor!"

"So wait... I'm confused. Is this your brother?"

"Ok, explain this again... he was acting?"

Well, Sean can't, haha.

{Commercial break]

9:16 PM: "Gotchaaaaaa!" Desiree got him.

Do you think Desiree actually set that up herself? Or do you think she had a lil' help from ABC?

Ok, I don't mean to be rude but... Desiree's family uh... don't look like they produced Desiree. Let's just say, Desiree is the best looking one in the family.

9:20 PM: Time to talk with the brother. Ha, and we thought Catherine's sisters were skeptical...

Ugh... too many commercials, man!

[Commercial break]

9:26 PM: Desiree's brother looks like he enjoys getting drunk and practicing his UFC moves.

Brother is grillin' Sean. Haha, her brother is annoying. This goes back to me saying, "I wish somebody would act like this when I visit," because that's an easy way to say some fightin' words and then NOT pick Desiree.

"I want my drugs."
(JK, I don't know if he wants hi drugs or not.)

Ha, and now the dinner is all kinds of awkward.

Oh, yeah it's pretty clear he wants his drugs.

Hey, there's another a random glass at the table where no one is sitting. Maybe that was for the cameraman.

Ok - who's that extra glass of water for? Did that actor guy have dinner with them too?
Is it for Desiree's brother's imaginary friend?

Anyway, that date went downhill FAST. Her brother may have ruined Desiree's chances. And he won't let it go either, haha. Bit of a jerk, but that was entertaining.

[Commercial break]

Asha and I agree, we don't want Catherine to go home tonight. However, it kinda feels like it's gonna be down to her and Desiree. If you're on Team Catherine, like us, then you're delighted with that one-on-one talk between Sean and Desiree's brother. But Desiree has been a strong contender the entire season.

9:37 PM: Sean has no clarity for this rose ceremony and, apparently it IS down to Catherine and Desiree.

Well, I have to admit Sean seems to have valid reasons for trying to decide between Catherine and Desiree.

Ok, seems pretty clear Ashlee and Lindsay are moving on. Ugh... I just want Catherine to move on because she was my preseason favorite.

And just before Sean is going to give out the first rose, Desiree had to interrupt and talk to Sean along real quick and apologize for her lame brother. That'll make the decision harder for Sean.

9:44 PM: As predicted, Ashlee and Lindsay each get the first 2 roses. It's now time for the final rose!

And it goes to...

This is intense!

Ohh snap... Sean put the rose back down. He wasn't ready. Obviously the conversation with Desiree had a lil' influence on this.

[Commercial break]

I need to go back and look at one of my power rankings. I remember having a section with girls that could definitely hang around and then all of a sudden they're in the finals. Was Ashlee or Lindsay in that group?

I just checked, I was fairly accurate. Had Catherine and Desiree locked in for a Hometown date. And Lindsay was in the "Jef with 1 F" category - just all of a sudden in the finals. (Haha... didn't even have Ashlee ranked. She's just... boring.)

9:52 PM: OK, we're back. Sean is still thinking. He just doesnt' know if he can send Desiree home...

Ohhh, looks like he CAN! Catherine gets the final rose!!!

"Yeeessss!" - Asha and Jeremy.

I guess I'm a lil' sad for Desiree. I mean... she had to drink goat milk like... straight from the utter. And now, she has to deal with her brother saying, "I told you!" and that's gonna suck.

So, do you think Desiree's brother caused Sean to not pick her? Will Desiree suddenly show up on the next season of the Bachelor?

Sean and Desiree are having a really long hug... and he's shh-ing her, haha. Honestly, he is making a mistake. He should've kept Desiree and SENT ASHLEE HOME! She's so boring... they don't ever laugh. She's always so serious - ugh, get her outta there!

Oh well.

Who's going to watch Sean tell all? I'll probably have to watch.

Ok, another week done. Now that we're nearing the end of the season, the entertainment is going down and the intensity is going up. And with that said, I'm losing interest, haha. But alas, only a couple episodes remaining. I can do it! I must finish!

See ya next week!

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