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The Bachelor: Turnin' up the drama!

Ok, so first of all I'd like to apologize for yet another late posting. This was just a bad week for me to actually sit down and blog. Missed the live showing of this episode due to a cooking class/photo shoot with Ballantyne Magazine. Then Tuesday I worked at the Justin Bieber concert. Wednesday I was just tired from Tuesday night. Thursday night was busy so yeah, didn't get to watch this episode until the weekend. I'm surprised no one told me about this episode yet. Anyway, now I have to do some more speed blogging as Asha zips through commercials.

*stretching fingers*

Let's do this.

Tonight on the Bachelor...

Uh oh, I see some one-on-one dates and some drama on the group dates. Yeeaaaahhhh boooyyyyeeeeeee (you BETTER have said that like Flava Flav)

Oh, so this is the episode where drama queen Tierra goes off in a neck brace. Can we fast forward to that?

Ha... we open yet another episode with a shirtless Sean workin' out. Are we going to start every episode like that? Do the women even care anymore?

Ok, Chris Harrison breakin' down the week to the ladies. And now one of those girls is reading the card. Oh, that's Selma.

Haha, Selma played Leslie. Had her hanging in anticipation and it was Lesley..... M.

Oh, we cut straight to Sean and Lesley in the limo. We didn't even get to see Sean come in and say hi to everyone.

We start the date off in Hollywood. I don't think Sean really knew what to say there, seemed awkward. And speaking of awkward, they're at the Guinness Book of World Records... place. Some freaky stuff in there.

Oh wow, his dad holds a Guinness World Record for basically driving the fastest throughout the country. Ha... and Sean didn't get to go.

This is one thing I don't like about Guinness World Records - a lot of them are just stupid. I don't care about the longest on-screen kiss. Does anyone?

Whoa, who let that creepy guy behind Chris in the crowd?

This picture is hilarious:
1. Creepy guy over Chris' shoulder is just... creepy.
2. Chris is looking a bit creepy himself.
3. Lady on the right is TOTALLY judging Chris. 
"I've been in those people's shoes," said Asha. Makes me wonder how long they all waited for them to come out there.

[Commercial time.. but we're zippin' through thanks to DVR. Such a wonderful thing.]

Ok, we're back and it's time to watch them kiss for a long time.

3:15 is the record. I'm positive I've had longer make-out sessions than that. All I had to do was record it and I coulda been a legend!

I bet that's pretty awkward having a ton of people watch you kiss for 3 minutes. Chris Harrison seems pretty excited about this too.

"Oh, she's grabbing the hair. She's taking notes from Arie," said Asha. #FACT

Are we really going to watch this for the entire time?

Oh snap... I think we are.

Things I'm noticing:
1. They're keeping their eyes closed the entire time. Not sure if I could/would.
2. Lesley seems like she's trying to make this nice with all the hair grabbing and rubbing his neck and what not.
3. Sean wants to grab her booty SO badly. He's right at her "Mason Dixon line": High enough to still be a gentleman and respectful (north side), but low enough to let her know how he really feels (dirty south).
4. Do you think this is the highest achievement in their lives? I mean... it IS a record.

[Commercial... fast forwarding...]

Ok, back to the date and we find Sean and Lesley on a rooftop date.

So Lesley was a nerd in school. Ok, let's make this clear - taking AP classes and studying a lot does NOT make you a nerd. It makes you smart.

I guess if I had to actually analyze their relationship: despite Lesley being nervous around Sean and the occasional awkward pauses, they actually seem very comfortable around each other.

Lesley "took control" and they made out for a bit. Does that get added on to their on-screen kiss?

Ok, we're back at the house and it seems like whoever has the confessional shown saying, "I really want a one-on-one date..." never gets the one-on-one date at that time.

"I'm glad I'm not on the group date because... it's probably something with activity and I'd rather have a romantic time with him." - Ashlee

HA! She doesn't want to do any "activity". That made me laugh.

I'm excited for this group date. We've got some All-stars on it. It's full of the higher ranked ladies from the previous power rankings.

Uhh... who shot off the confetti on the date?

HAPPY NEW YEEEAAAARRR!! Oh... it's just a date?

Anyway, like I said, I'm ready for this volleyball group date. This has potential to be awesome. Like I said, it's full of some of the power players AND there's some competition. I'm just giddy with anticipation!

[Fast forwarding...]

We're back and on the beach!

So after some playing on the beach... Chris Harrison LITERALLY appears out of NO WHERE to start this group competition. He literally just... appeared. That man is magical.

Breakdown: they're getting split into 2 teams to play, winners gets to stay with Sean, losers go back to the mansion. Let the games begin!

Usually I'm all for attractive women in bathing suits running and jumping around on
the beach. However, this match was just... so... bad.

Ok, just eye balling it - blue team looks more athletic. But uh... you never know. Plus, for some reason, red seems to always beat blue and we all know blue is the better color. So yeah, I'm pulling for team BLUE!

Ha... this might be the worst edited volleyball match I've ever seen. Volleyball isn't easy, but they're just giving a great example of how good Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh are.

Whoa, Taryn's getting a lot of air time. This is like the most I've ever seen her talk. Clearly, this volleyball match means a lot to her.

It's come down to the very end (of course). A short volley and... blue team actually won. Ha, the red team is PIIIISSSSSEED. Haha, Sean has to say his goodbyes to the losers. He's missing out on the champagne poppin' on the blue side! (P.S. - I should've placed a bet on blue winning.)

Hahaha, they had to watch them celebrate. That hurts. Man.. they're all crying. Like... man, they took this hard.

[Fast forward so we can get back to the winners' date!]

Ok, we're back at "Sean's house". Like I said, lots of power players on that group date. Half of them are now back at the mansion and the drama level is HIGH. So many tears. Even Ray Lewis thinks they're crying too much.
There goes Ray crying again.

He has been crying so much lately, it's been ridiculous.
But he'd totally fit in with these girls.

Lindsay said when she falls in love (hmmm, she used the plural there...) she falls "head-over-heels" for them and gives them everything. That... I have mixed feelings about that. Kinda screams "clingy" to me.

Sean is really starting to make his rounds lip locking with the ladies.  Whole house is gonna get mono.

Back at the house and the drama begins! Tierra adds Selma to Ashlee's date card and... she's not on it. I laughed, however, I'm not on this show. Ashlee, Selma and one arm girl did NOT find it very humorous. Just 1 more reason to hate Tierra.

Back on the date and the tension is building between Desiree and Amanda. Desiree is a lil' tired of Amanda's switch-a-roo act. And now Kacie B. feels it's her duty to tell Sean about it and hopefully look like the good guy in all this.

Her nose is all kinds of dirty after rubbing it in other people's business.

"Why are you saying something to me?" asked Sean.

Kacie did NOT see that coming from Sean. Uh oh, she's starting to just... talk. This is starting to crumble a lil' bit. She's saying their tension is messing with her... and she's involved with it for... no reason. Haha... Sean is so... confused. Haha, and just said she's acting like a crazy person. Ahh, that was funny.

Ya'know, Kacie B. seems way more annoying this time around than on Ben's season. She seemed cute and nice  and all that good stuff and just had difficult parents. Now she's just coming off as kind of... annoying.

...and she's crying in the confessional. Ugh... she's reaching the point with me where basically everything she does kind of annoys me.

Man, they keep teasing me with this dramatic fall Tierra takes. I want to just see it already!


Ugh, fast forwarding and notice we're only half-way through this sucker.

Ok, we're back and now we're going to learn more about Ashlee. Not sure how excited I am about that. She just seems kind of... eh. Not sure how deep her pool is.

HAHAHAHAHAHA.... they didnt' even show Tierra fall, just the sound effects. I guess I hope she's OK, but... hahahahaha, that was funny.

Ok, let the drama begin. (By the way, I LOVE the fact that none of the cameramen felt the need to help. "Just keep rollin.")

So the ambulance comes, Tierra is now in the neck brace. Is she faking? Is she serious? I guess we'll never REALLY know, but we can guess. She did suddenly uh... not feel anything and just popped right up. And holding up Ashlee's date. Perfectly executed evil plan? Or an uncanny coincidence? I'll let you decide.

(She was totally playing that up. Tried to "Catfish" us. Shout out to Manti Te'o.)


We're back. They rolled up in a Jeep. I now have one of those.

Oh dang, they have Six Flags to themselves. Is that actually fun though? I mean, I like seeing some of the characters the come to theme parks.

Oh, ok now they're doing charity stuff and bringing along 2 girls with mitochondrial disease. Sean is interested to see how Ashlee reacts with the 2 girls. Honestly, does he think she's going to be rude? Would she openly just be evil? Of course not. But my goodness would it be terrible if she were.

Haha, that pendulum ship ride... I love that ride but it scares me, haha.

That would be pretty cool to be in a theme park and ride everything with no line... but to also play all the games and do everything for FREE?! That's the best part, haha.

Last surprise of the day: a private concert by Sean's favorite band - The Eli Young Band.

...yeah, I don't know them. But apparently they all do.

That was nice they did all that for those girls. Good stuff.


Ok, we're back and now Sean and Ashlee are actually having some alone time. Hey - they didn't change clothes. After a day at Six Flags too... I bet they smell.

...Oops... I totally zoned out. I'm sure all of that about her past and growing up and what not was very heartfelt (oh, and it even made Sean cry) but... it was kind of boring. Couldn't hold my attention, however, it worked for Sean and she got a rose!

Oh, and an encore from the Eli Young Band.

These girls are falling hard for Mr. Sean... fast.


Finally back at the mansion and it's rose ceremony night! I always compare the rose ceremony portion of the episode to the 4th quarter of a game. It's the last time for you play hard and finish the game. That and... it's almost over.

Aww, they arranged for her dog, Leo, to visit. I'd probably want to see Apollo.

Time to make the rounds for one-on-one time. Tierra thinks she's the ONLY person that gets interrupted during one-on-one time. Typical. But I like it cuz it's getting feisty up in there. Cuz yeah... the other ladies see she's talking with him again - let the games begin!

Everyone is bold tonight and interrupting every one-on-one time.

hahahaha, Desiree was still sitting there... alone. Looking lame.

We finally get to alone time with Kacie B. Quick question - where does she shop? That dress looks a bit... hmm... what word am I looking for here? I'll let you fill in the blank:

"I think Kacie B's dress is ________________. "

Haha, and not only does Kacie's time get interrupted... it got interrupted by TWO ladies. #DoubleTeam

Ahh, that was entertaining. Everyone's on edge. I have zero guesses on who's going home this week. So I'm actually interested to see who gets cut.

[Fast forwarding...]

Ok, rose time. First rose goes to...

Lots of heavy breathing from Sean... and he stalls... and now he has to privately talk to Kacie... The ladies are confused by this.

Haha... and there it is. Kacie B gets cut on national TV... again. Any bets on if she somehow makes her way on the next Bachelor as a contestant? It's hilarious her first go round she left due to family. This time it was all her fault.

Now Sean is explaining what just happened. I know those girls all want to have a huge smile on their face... but they have to look concerned.

Ok, first rose now goes to Tierra. (Bet they all loved that.)

Leslie H. gets a rose. I guess I'm surprised because she doesn't get shown doing much.

Catherine (my preseason favorite) gets a rose. *Rasie the roof*

Ok... still handing out roses... blah, blah, blah... are we going to have any upsets this week?!

Daniella, Robyn, Selma all get a rose. (Selma another one that I don't know what she's doing to get a rose.)

Sarah, Jackie, Amanda are next to get roses. There's only 1 left... and oh snap, we're going to have an upset! Taryn, model girl Kristy with all the teeth, and Desiree are all left without a rose. At least 3 of them all really expected to go further than this. This is like watching a last second shot. The final rose goes to...


If this were an NCAA basketball tournament, that would've been the high see Desiree squeaking out a close game.

And now we have to say our goodbyes to Taryn, and Kristy... and all of her teeth.

Previews for next week! Some folks finally got a one-on-one date. Ooo, and we get some physical group date. OOOOO, and some more acting drama from Tierra. This week's episode had it's moments, but overall it didn't do that much for me. Felt like I didn't get enough to do some proper power rankings. Maybe next time. Anyway, next week looks like there's an increase in the drama department. Should be  good for blogging next week!

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