Friday, January 25, 2013

19,086 Steps (NYC Day Four)

Jeremy had his Nike Fuel Band, Asha was on a Jason Mraz high and frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity 3 was on the agenda. It was bound to be a good day. The previous morning, Sianneth pointed out a donut shop (Doughnut Plant) that she visits on a semi-regular basis. The doughnuts stuck in our minds and our stomachs were talking to us so we decided to start out our day with a sugar rush!

We're pretty glad that Doughnut Plant is only located in NYC. That place was dangerous. Dangerous with their Tres Leches, Créme Brulee, and  Peanut Butter & Blackberry Jam filled doughnuts. I mean COME was hard to stay away. We loved their vibe inside the shop. It was filled with circular doughnut pillows mounted on the wall & unique coffee, tea and milk options to choose from. We spoiled ourselves with two doughnuts each as it was too hard to pick just one.

Rows and rows of doughnut pillows decorated the wall

3 of the 4 doughnuts our stomachs gladly accepted!

With delicious doughnuts in our bellies, it was time to get to walking. We were headed toward Rockefeller Center to pick up our Rockettes tickets but the sight of Macy's stopped Asha in her tracks. We went in and toured what seemed like never-ending floors of clothing, shoes and appliances. We would have gladly gone to see Santa, but it would have been a little awkward without a kid :)

As we left Macy's, we got back on track to our mission, the  Rockettes Christmas Spectacular show tickets! On our way to Rockefeller center, we passed by Project Runways famous Parsons: The New School for Design, ginormous Christmas lights and ornaments on display, and we toured NBC Studios for a bit. Oh and we stopped and marveled at the Rockefeller tree one more time. Before we knew it,  it was nearing showtime and we headed to the famous, Radio City Music Hall to see the 85th Rockettes Celebration!

Seen on just about every episode of Project Runway!

Hanging out with the Today Show gang!

Wow. Radio City Music Hall was seriously breathtaking. The restrooms were even worth a mention as they featured HUGE waiting rooms with couches and mirrors galore! Amazing chandeliers hung from the ceiling and the Christmas spirit was in the air as hundreds of people bought popcorn and goodies to see the show. We were ushered to our seats and were very happy with the view. We're pretty sure there's not a bad spot in the house! It felt amazing to actually be in the Hall whereas our last visit to New York, we were outsiders looking in. With our 3-D glasses in hand, we awaited the popular Christmas tradition performance of the Rockettes!

The show was great and our feet thanked us as they begged for a much-needed rest.  We were in awe of the stage as it was HUGE. For crying out loud, they had an ice skating feature...and live animals at one point! The show kept our attention with 3-D animation, the precise steps of the Rockettes and Santa making an appearance here and there. It was a great experience and glad that we got to attend!

Dinner time was approaching and it was time to put our walking shoes back on. On our way to Serendipity 3, where Asha was itching to try their famous frozen hot chocolate, we came across the LOVE statue. We snapped a few photos in front of it and were on our way.

It was a little further walk than anticipated but we were racking up those Nike Fuel Band points! We were pretty sure Jeremy had already met his goal by then due to all of the walking before that. We finally arrived at Serendipity 3 and were glad to hear that the wait wasn't terribly long. During the wait, they had plenty of gadgets to look at and explore in the little aisle that they called the waiting area. Serendipity 3 is a unique little place and definitely has a look and feel all of it's own.  We were finally seated and Asha ordered her frozen hot chocolate she had been looking forward to for the entire month of December. After scanning the 2 foot menu, we ordered and awaited our delicious feast!

An hour later, we were stuffed with some goooooooooooooood food. Wow. If you ever get a chance to visit this place, GO! Their dessert menu was amazing and their New York Cheesecake.....WOW.

It was then time to try ice skating one more time. We decided on a place to meet Sianneth and we were on our way! Maps can be deceiving because where we were and where we needed to get to didn't seem like that bad of a walk. However while walking, Asha seriously didn't think she was going to make it. The break down started mid-way to Central Park but Jeremy kept trucking and Asha kept following. Central Park was in sight and we decided to give Sianneth a call to see her where-abouts. Asha pulled out her phone and what do ya know...her phone died. Out of nowhere! She had at least 30% back at the restaurant! Jeremy had a mere 8% left and gave Sianneth a call and found out she wasn't meeting us after all since she wasn't feeling well. Bummer. Asha wanted to let out a little cry. Her feet and back were throbbing (she didn't wear the best walking shoes) and the thought of ice skating and being on her feet even longer were making her pout like no other. But she was determined. Determined to go ice skating in Central Park.

The rink had just opened the moment we got there so we pretty much had the place to ourselves for a while. Jeremy opted to sit out and be the photographer while Asha glided across the ice and perked up as she was finally happy to be officially ice skating in Central Park. There were no falls and it turns out ice skating feels much better than walking. Until it came time to leave and put shoes on again. Since we were over 100 blocks away from our destination (WE WALKED OVER 100 BLOCKS THAT DAY), we were A-OK with riding the subway back.

As you know, we hadn't had much luck with the subway the entire trip. Plus we had not one, but TWO dead iPhones. It was determined to be a disaster, right?

This was the one time we actually got it right thanks to a very nice man who helped us along the way! Once we got to Sianneth and Jason's, we happily plopped down on the couch and saw, thanks to Nike Fuel Band, that we had taken 19,086 steps. Crazy. We're pretty sure Asha had close to double the steps since she takes 2 strides for Jeremy's 1.

What a day! Sleep came easy that night to say the least. One more day to go (and a celebrity sighting) will be coming up next!


  1. Ha! I've had a similar meltdown to that before. But we were in Paris, and walked too many blocks away from the Eiffel Tower. Man that sucked. But we napped under the Eiffel Tower eventually. Almost as satisfying as ice skating in Central Park.

    1. Haha, glad to hear I'm not alone when throwing a tantrum for walking all day! Napping under the Eiffel Tower sounds worth it though! Thanks for commenting on the blog and I'm glad it worked for ya!