Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fly Me to the Moon (NYC Day One)

It had been two years since we paid the Big Apple a visit and we were itching to get back to the city. With a full agenda on que, we were anxious to board our first ever flight together. Asha hadn't flown since 2003 and Jeremy hadn't flown EVER. We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare (we weren't sure what we were up against with all of the horror stories of the TSA) but after Jeremy got his hair checked (Yes, they checked his hair! There's no telling what he's hiding in there!), we boarded the plane, sat back and watched our personal T.V's mounted on the seatback until we safely landed in NYC. Did we mention that flying Jet Blue is awesome?!

After figuring out the Subway (we got a little turned around...stupid subway system confusing us southerners...), we finally arrived to our destination and were happy to see our host and hostess, Jason and Sianneth. Although we had a snack on the flight, our stomachs were growling and we were ready to eat! We decided to take a walk through Highland Park and grab a bite to eat at one of Sianneth's favorite hot dog spots, Bark Hot Dogs. As we approached the area that the Bark hot dog stand should have been, we sadly realized that they weren't there and had to make a last minute decision to eat at a local diner down the street.

After dinner, we walked through the Meat Packaging district and toured Chelsea Market which was buzzing with people dining in the many restaurants and shopping in the many little shops that filled the hall. It was fun walking around and soaking in the atmosphere that was nothing like our little town in Matthews, North Carolina.

Day One was done and we were happy to shut our eyes and gain some much needed sleep! Day two was scheduled to be a jam packed day full of adventure in the city. Stay tuned, friends!

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