Thursday, December 1, 2011

All I want for Christmas is.....

Hello all! December is upon us and the countdown to Christmas is officially on! Before I share my Wish List for 2011,  I'll go over how I did with my November goals. Ah ha hem......

  1. Update and revamp my resume. I'm tired of commuting 3 hours a day. I need a new job  DONE! I must say, I am absolutely in LOVE with my new resume. It's modern and very me. Hopefully it will get me a job closer to home.
  2. Start running again. (I kind of miss it)  CHECK! I ran a total of 13.19 miles for the month of November! 
  3. Lose 5 Lbs. and KEEP it off! Maybe the running will help. I came close which is why I half-way crossed this out. I lost 3 of the 5 Lbs. Almost there!
  4. Create some artwork for the bare walls in our home. Yeeeah...this didn't happen. I still need to work on this.
  5. Get Jeremy to blog at least one time this month ;) Looks like I finally got not only ONE, but TWO blogs out of Jeremy!
And here's a peek at my Wish List in no particular order! A girl can dream, right?

  1. 6 Piece Mixing Bowl Set from Crate&Barrrel---This was one thing I really wanted off of our wedding registry that I never got. Crossing my fingers that it appaears under the tree this year!
  2. Nex 5 Digital Camera from Sony---Jeremy and I have been eying this baby for about a year now. I love it's compact size with interchangeable lenses and Jeremy could even use it for video footage! It's a little out of our price range but maybe one day....
  3. Jason Mraz + Toca Rivera Acoustic Show---Hey, did you know I love Jason Mraz?! Do you even know who Toca Rivera is? (probably not) Either way, I guarantee you this show is awesome and I don't want to miss it! Let's take a road trip to VA and swoon over him on December 19th. Pretty please?
  4. Parenthood Season 1---Parenthood is one of my favorite T.V. shows. I got sucked into it's greatness during Season 2, yet I still haven't seen Season 1. Now is my chance!
  5. iTunes Gift Card---I love music. I love iTunes. Let's put two and two together.
  6. Christmas Village Toy Store---Don't forget to give to the less fortunate this season! The Christmas Village Toy Store provides Charlotte families a chance to purchase new gifts for their children at an affordable price. Our church donates gifts to the organization so they can help build gift revenue. You can also volunteer your time to work at the Toy Store itself!  Jeremy and I picked a child's age group last year and had a blast choosing gifts to give for this great cause. We plan to do it again this year :)
  7. Michael Bublé Christmas---I've heard a preview of Michael Bublé's latest Christmas album and I love it! He sings great versions of original Christmas songs. I want. I want. I want!
  8. Race Bibs and Running Medals Display---I love to run any kind of road race and I never have the heart to throw away my racing bibs or medals. They are currently all hanging in the laundry room looking a hot mess. I stumbled across a bib/medal display on Etsy and LOVE the idea. I'm sure it's every runner's dream.
What's on your Wish List this year? Do tell! Oh, and happy shopping!

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  1. I want these Nikes I saw a couple weekends ago for Christmas. And some new glasses. Oh, and for App football to win the national championship again!