Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas with the Singletons

Our Christmas started a little early this year. 7 AM on Christmas Eve to be exact. I had Jeremy's Christmas gift waiting to be opened a day early because I got him 3 tickets to the Panthers game being played that day! I kept this a secret from him for a good month and was ecstatic to give him a trip to the Bank of America Stadium to see our Panthers play. He had NO idea that we were going to the game and needless to say, I got him good. Another part of the surprise was the 3rd ticket. I know he likes to talk about the players and stats and all, but to tell ya the truth, I 'd rather just watch the game and enjoy the atmosphere. I knew he'd enjoy having his brother there so I decided to have a ticket for Reuben as well.

Wow. What an awesome day. I agree with Jeremy when he said this was the second best day of the year (we can't top our wedding, haha). Within minutes of the first quarter, Cam broke the record for most passing yards by a rookie quarterback in the NFL. The game only got better from there. We went on to win the game 48-16 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Merry Christmas!!
Bank of America Stadium
We were up high but had a blast anyways
Super Cam!
Everyone's doing it!
That evening we spent time with family and friends. First we went to the Christmas Eve church service with plenty of hot apple cider and wonderful Christmas music throughout the service. While there, we ran into our second family, the Normans. This time last year, Juice was still in his momma's belly and now he's a fearless biped exploring the world at 100 mph. Next, we had a Christmas Eve feast at the Singleton household which was more than satisfying since we hadn't really had much to eat all day. We exchanged gifts and it was great to see the smiles on their faces when we gave them their presents (watch for poppa S, new digital camera for momma S).

Christmas Eve with the Normans!
A Singleton Christmas!
On Christmas day we opened the remaining presents to one another. My favorite gift from Jeremy were 3 detachable photo lenses for my iPhone. I am obsessed with Instagram so this was the perfect gift for me. My favorite is the fish eye lens :) I assume Jeremy enjoyed his new bath robe and shirts I gave him because he decided to wear them all at one once the entire morning.

Fisheye Lens!
After presents, we gathered at my sisters house to meet with the Little side of the family.  We filled our bellies with delicious Christmas foods and opened the remaining gifts with them. Everyone enjoyed their gifts and it was time to go back home for a Christmas nap!

Yes, we included the dogs in our picture
I couldn't resist posting this picture. Love my Grandad! (and Mom)
Our first Christmas as a married couple was a great one! It's one we'll never forget. We hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and bring in the New Year filled with joy and happiness!

Our first Christmas :)

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