Sunday, November 20, 2011

Throw ya diamonds up!

I forgot to talk about this earlier, but a couple weeks ago my brother and I went to the "Watch the Throne" concert with Jay-Z and Kanye West. I'm not a girl, so I didn't take a bunch of pictures while we were there, so I'll just proceed to tell you about how awesome it was.

The arena filled up pretty quickly. I have to admit, that was a whole lot of black people and none of them were on the popular "CP" time. However, the stars of the show were held up in Atlanta and were late starting our show... almost 2 hours late. It was all good though because once it started, it was definitely a hip hop party.

Last year I saw Jay-Z in concert and it was awesome, but this year adding Kanye brought a different element to the show. The stage set up was clever. There was basically the main stage on one side, then another, smaller stage across from it. Also, each stage elevated about 20-30 feet up and had video playing underneath them when raised. (Did that make sense?) They also had HUGE screens on each side of the main stage showing both Jay-Z and Kanye while they performed so us folks in the nosebleeds could clearly see the performance. There were also lots of lights and flames and lasers going off giving you plenty to look at throughout the night.

Kanye West on the mini stage.
Jay-Z on the big screen.

Anyway, they did nearly every song from their new album, Watch the Throne, and mixed in some of their older hits as well. They really did a great job going back and forth with their songs too. They started out on separate stages, then Jay-Z took over, then back together, then Kanye took over, then back together. It was great because there was never a lull or break in the action which meant I just lost my voice quicker.

There was one thing they did that I thought was brilliant. Any time I go to a concert and a good/favorite song is performed, I usually want to hear it again. Well, they performed their song "N***** in Paris" and it was awesome. The crowd was loving it so guess what they did... that's right, they just performed it again. Crowd continued to go crazy (we were feelin' it) so ya know what... they did it one more time! Probably my favorite moment of the concert.

Overall it was a fantastic show. Also, very, very, very good album. You should own it if you don't already (if you like rap music). Enjoy the video clips from the concert below (taken by my phone so sorry it ain't in HD).

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