Friday, December 2, 2011

My Strange Addiction : Canine Diaries

Have you ever heard of the T.V. show, "My Strange Addiction" on TLC? They have episodes where people are addicted to absurd things. For instance, addicted to eating toilet paper, eating sofa cushions, or collecting hair from drain pipes. Very disturbing. The list goes on and on with even more crazy addictions.

Our dog could very well be on the next episode.

Apollo needs to go to therapy or something. He has this thing for trash cans.  Yes, most dogs like to rummage through garbage, but Apollo likes to go in our room, when he knows he is not allowed,  and raid the two trash cans that are available to him. He picks through for what he specifically prefers and leaves the rest on the floor for us to pick up after him like we're his maids. It is very obnoxious and we are getting fed up with this crazy habit of his.

We know for sure that this is an addiction of his because lately we have put the trash cans off the ground to where he can't reach them. One night, we put the trash can on the floor and Apollo eyed the goods and went straight for it, WITH US IN THE ROOM!!! C'mon, man! At least think a little!

He, of course, gets in trouble by his foolish actions. Not only a few days later, by having trouble pooping the substances out, but he also gets crate time which we're beginning to think doesn't even phase him anymore. His feelings seem to hurt more if we ignore him with no attention.

For now, he is banned from our room. We like to think this sinks in a little more and that he learns a lesson. We need some kind of dog whisperer or something. Come tell us what goes on in that big head of his!

Despite Apollo's weirdo obsessions, we still love him to pieces and couldn't ask for a better dog. We love you, Apollo! (Noooooo, we could obviously ask for a better dog... one that doesn't eat all of the trash. Just kidding, Apollo. - Jeremy)

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