Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Run, Run Rudolph

I am proud to announce that I've kept up my goal of running a further distance for the month of December. To help add mileage, I signed up for the Frostbite 5K in Kannapolis, NC held this past weekend. Of course I talked my partner-in-crime, Sairy, into running the race with me. I also talked her into dressing up as a Christmas Elf which didn't take much persuading at all.

As we arrive to the running site, I find that NO ONE is dressed up and instead are all decked out in their normal running gear. There was only one other person besides us who wore Christmas socks but Sairy and I both agreed that socks were not enough. Where was everyone's Christmas spirit?! Even Julius, Sairy's boyfriend, lacked in the spirit department sporting an Easter t-shirt from a 5K earlier that year, haha.

Despite lack of spirit, everyone seemed to get a kick out of our costumes. I also enjoyed hearing my headband jingle with every step I took :) It seemed to help me get through all of those troublesome hills throughout the race. I finished the 5K just shy of 30 minutes, coming in at 29:05. Enjoy the pictures below and Happy Running to all you runners out there!

Sairy, Julius, Apollo and I in our Christmas getup
My friend, Donna, from work!

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