Sunday, November 27, 2011

Give Thanks

We usually leave town for Thanksgiving but a new addition to our extended family is coming in the next few weeks, so traveling wasn't the best idea at this time. Although we missed them terribly, it was nice to spend our first Thanksgiving as a married couple with our immediate families.

I did keep tradition and ran a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day. Since we're usually in a small town for Thanksgiving, I'm used to running a race with maybe 100 people (which seems to be at least 2/3 of the population there). The race I ran in Charlotte had 8,000 people. 8,000!  It was crowded to say the least. The race was an 8K (5 Miles) but a 5K (3 Miles) walk was an option as well. I talked my friend, Sairy, into slacking off and signing up for the 5K walk, but running it instead. The race turned out to be pretty fun. A little difficult maneuvering around the other 7,998 people, but once we got going, it was worth it. I'm really glad Sairy ran by my side the entire time. She was just the extra motivation I needed. I ran with a GPS for the race and once we finished, I noticed that we ran 3.44 miles. Looks like they lied to us. Clearly not a 5K. Either way, I think we would have survived the 8K....

South Park Turkey Trot 2011
Once the race was complete, it was time to focus on the feast! It works out great that both Jeremy and I's family live in Charlotte. We ended up dividing the menu between families and met at my parents' house for the scrumptious feast. Food, football, laughter, Black Friday deals, and old stories were shared all afternoon. The only thing missing was pie. We somehow missed that in the beginning, but no worries, we ended up getting some later.  Turkey Day was also a celebration of my Dad's birthday! He's now 62 years young! {Happy Birthday, Dad!}!
Thanksgiving 2011!
Apollo wanted to make an appearance :)
Someone just  had to ruin the picture....haha :)
Once home, I took a nice long nap in preparation for Black Friday shopping at midnight!  Nickie (my sister) and I decided we were going to conquer the crowds since we are usually in a small town with limited shopping on Thanksgiving weekend. We had to take this opportunity and get some good deals! We met at Khols and once the doors opened, we ran through the store grabbing countless deals. It was actually kind of exhilarating! Waiting in the line to get in and pay for things wasn't too horrible. You make friends with those around you which makes the wait a tad more enjoyable. I was out until 3AM and saved a total of $266 between Khols and Target. SCORE!!!! My first Black Friday was a success :D

Ready to get our shop on! Long lines and all :)

There we have it. Thanksgiving 2011. I am thankful for the most wonderful, kind-hearted, handsome man that I get to call my husband. I'm thankful for our drooling mess of a dog, Apollo. And last but not least, I am thankful for two wonderful families that are there for support, love, and advice whenever we need. We hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

NOW we can listen to Christmas music!!!!


  1. 1) I feel like a celebrety making small apperances in your blogs! 2) I LOVE your family picture for thanksgiving. Definitely one to cherrish! 3) Is your mother in law wearing your turkey trot metal in the picture? because if she is ... that makes her even more awesome to me! hehe

  2. I actually thought the guy talking to us in the line at Kohl's was a little strange even though he taught us something new about smart phones! I had a blast Black Friday shopping with you! Just wish I could have stayed out longer with you but I didn't want to push it having to work on Friday!

  3. Yeah, the guy in front of us was a tad bit strange...buuuuut it made time go by quickly!

    Sairy--Jessie ran the turkey trot but I didn't know it until that afternoon :)

  4. Ohhh ok cool! Yea, there was no way we could have seen her in that crowd.