Friday, January 31, 2014

Painting for Burundi

Next month, my inspiring mother-in-law, Jessie, will pack her bags for her second mission trip within a year. She has always wanted to visit another country and serve on a mission trip and I do believe she is fulfilling her dream. Last August, she traveled to the Dominican Republic to spread God's word and this February she will be headed to Bujumbura, Burundi, a country in Africa that our church, Forest Hill, visits and aids in often.

To help raise money for the mission trip, Thrivent Financial put on an amazing event at Painting with a Twist. You simply signed up for a night to paint with friends and family and were able to donate whatever amount you pleased to help 12 women towards their mission to serve God in Burundi.

A portion of the group of women that will be traveling to Burundi. I am happy to know 3 of them!

As I hustled to get to the South Park area from Salisbury in due time, I walked into a class full of familiar faces. It turns out two of my other friends (one being the baker of our fabulous wedding cake) are going on the exact same trip as Jessie. After a welcoming hug, I soon got more as I found my saved seat next to Jessie, Reuben (one of the only 2 guys there) and Shannon! I knew it was going to be a fun night just from that.

He wasn't very enthused to be only one of two males in the room.

But his Momma was sure glad that he was there!
That blank canvas at the beginning of class always makes me a little nervous but once we got going, I eased right into it. We slabbed on globs of paint, blending and mixing our paints into a night sky with an illuminating moon. As we waited for the majority of our paint to dry, we donated money and played a few games to pass the time. Reuben also got his face painted in order to take home a painting of his choice.

Once all of the shannegans were done, we went back to our seats and class was back in session! We delicately painted on our tree branches, stars and flowers to complete the look. I must say, this has been my favorite painting out of all that I have done!


The night ended with more hugs and smiles and I left feeling amazing that I had contributed to their mission. I love that Jessie is so passionate about visiting other countries and serving God's people. If you would like to learn more about her upcoming trip and to donate to help send her on her way, please visit the link below. Thank you for your prayers and donations!

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