Monday, January 6, 2014

The Bachelor: Juan-uary begins!

Before we get into it, I hope you all watched that great Wildcard playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers. Great second half and it was nice seeing those 2 teams beat each other up in hopes of making it juuuuuust a bit easier for the Panthers next week! Bring on the 49ers! But anyway, on to what you're REALLY here for...


I feel like there's been a lot of anticipation for this season and the sexy Spaniard. I have to say, he was probably my favorite of that lame collection of guys on Dez' season. That was such a boring season... but now, America, we get Juan Pablo. I'm banking on the fact that women just create much more drama than men do, therefore making more entertaining TV (see "Bad Girls Club" and Real Housewives of... everywhere), so hopefully this will be a good season.

OK, let's start the show!

8:00 PM - Ok, it's actually 7:59... Americas' Funniest Home Videos is currently going off. Asha and I had the same thought... "this show still comes on?!"

Now it's actually 8:00 PM and... maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan... they're showing the casting stuff. I've already done my own preview. 

Sorry folks, I'm not blogging through this. Instead, I'm going to play some xbox then hopefully catch the best of Jimmy Fallon special. 

Ha... well, I've seen some of this and I'll probably watch some cuz some of these girls are... weirdos. 

Anyway, I'm going to miss the show tomorrow night because of something WAAAAY more important (the final BCS Championship Game) but fear not, the show will be recorded and you'll see my thoughts... just a little later.

Sorry for the tease! 

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