Wednesday, January 22, 2014


New Years Resolutions...everyone makes them but no one really keeps them around. I, of course, have a few resolutions of my own and figured maybe I would stick to them a little more closely if I shared them with the world. Here goes nothin'!

PAINT. I hate the color of our bathrooms. I haven't liked them since the moment we moved in, yet all I've done is complain about it for 2.5 years and do nothing about it. 2014 is the year they will change from an awful gold to a more simple color. It's happening. It must.

NASHVILLE. Jeremy and I would like to visit the music city of Tennessee. We've heard nothing but good things from friends and family and would love to witness the awesomeness ourselves. We've got quite a few friends who now call Nashville home so it wouldn't be so bad giving them a visit either.

HALLWAY TABLE. I've been looking for a table to go in the hallway for at least a year now. It's time to buckle down and seriously find an affordable one. Once I've got my table, we can then work on the next thing on the list. And that next thing is...

GALLERY WALL. I want one so bad. I take more than enough pictures so this shouldn't be an issue. I'm just waiting for that perfect hallway table and then I think we'll be set for my dream wall. 

BLOG MAKEOVER. I would like to give the blog a new look. Pure Appiness isn't going anywhere anytime soon so it might as well look pretty, I mean manly, right?

5 resolutions. I think that's more than enough for me to keep up with throughout the year. I'm hoping to at least meet one of these goals!

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