Thursday, July 18, 2013

Welcome to Miami: Worst Anniversary Day Ever!

I'd just like to point out that THIS is what happens when Asha leaves me to write a blog not on a weekly schedule. This blog will be coming from me because she was too salty against the entire day that happened. Here we go...

Our anniversary was June 4th. Our first blog on the anniversary trip was posted on June 20th. It's now late July and I'm finally writing the next part of the anniversary blog. So yeah... that's my bad.

Ok, so back to the anniversary. On day 2 we awoke to some humid weather and cloudy skies. This weather didn't exactly look promising and, little did we know, a dark cloud would be hanging over our heads literally and metaphorically ALL DAY.

We've only been married 2 years, but we've already established some traditions. One of those traditions is on our anniversary day, we sit and just reminisce about our wedding day. In other words, we watch our wedding video. I usually have to stop Asha from watching it repeatedly but we're really glad we were able to have our wedding day recorded. When we're old and can barely remember our middle names, we'll still be able to watch and have all of our memories come flooding back.

So on this day we had a couple of fun things planned. The agenda included:

  • Parasailing
  • Paddle boarding 
  • Awesome seafood dinner 
  • Beach time
Fun-filled day. It was going to be awesome! Only 1 person didn't agree with that - Mother Nature.


Lemme tell ya, Groupon is an awesome, awesome thing - except for when it doesn't work. We tried over and over and over again to schedule our parasailing and paddle boarding only to sit angrily listening to recorded messages. This probably is the most annoying thing... ever. The reason we couldn't schedule anything was because with the not-so-great weather came choppy waters and the companies don't take anyone out when the waters are rough. Understandable to everyone except the wallet that had to shell out money to pay for these things and who are only in town for a few days.

So yeah... parasailing and paddleboarding were out. We went ahead and scheduled appointments for the next day hoping that we could go out then, but for now: Groupon #1 AND #2 = FAIL (and a not so happy wife).

After a morning filled with disappointment, we decided to hit up our free breakfast courtesy of the room fail upon our arrival. It looked like the rain had let up and with our parasailing and paddleboarding plans shot, we decided to head to the beach. By the way, I'm pretty sure it only rained whenever we had an activity planned outside becaaaauuuuuse it definitely rained while we were out there. We eventually fell asleep in the rain because, really at this point, there was no reason to complain. We still managed to smile because, hey, we were in South Beach, Miami.

Once Asha slept off the bad vibes from the morning, we were ready to try our luck again with Groupon #3 - Gelato! Thanks to Miami being on it's own time schedule (aka, everything begins 3 hours later than normal places), we weren't quite ready for lunch and gelato seemed like the perfect solution for a snack! We packed up our beach gear, used the ol' iPhone to find the place (how did I live before that thing?!) and headed over, Groupon in hand.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand stop.

The store was closed.

Now... my wife is such a kind-hearted, peaceful overall nice person. But 2 things I've learned:
1. She's got a lil' bit of a temper
2. Don't mess with the girl when she's hungry and/or tired.

So yeah, when #2 happens, then #1 shows up. Annnd that's basically what happened once we saw the gelato place was closed. I swear I thought Asha was about to punch the closest person to her... which, unfortunately, was me.

Groupon FAIL #3.

Oh, and no - I didn't get punched.

Asha's "duck face" aka disappointed with the day face.

By this time we forgot about the lil' snack stuff and had built up an appetite for lunch. As we walked along Ocean Drive, listening to the lunch specials each restaurant had to offer as we were bombarded by hosts, we landed on a great pizza deal. There are a few universal things that pretty much fix anything (objects, moods, whatever).
1. Bacon.
2. Duct tape.
3. Free/cheap pizza.

Now, since Asha was still a bit upset about the previous events, I was PRAYING that this lunch would be good. We ordered a pineapple and bacon pizza and lemme tell ya, God is good! That was some good pizza. I swear, if it somehow had duct tape too, we would've been in the happiest mood possible! To top it off, we ordered some BANGIN' lemonade. This stuff was GOOD and thankfully, Asha no longer wanted to punch anyone.

The "BANGIN" lemonade.
Suddenly, everything was just... happier. I even saw a random parrot fly by. Like... Toucan Sam style telling me to follow my nose to the colorful fruit loops!

We wanted to continue the good vibes, so what better way to cheer your wife up than agreeing to window shop? We walked down Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue, and eventually made our way to Lincoln Road for some window shopping. We couldn't afford the expensive stuff but made due with some of your average shops like Urban Outfitters, tourist shops, and H&M.

Shopping on Collins Avenue.

This is what the people wear in Miami. Clearly we were over-dressed every day.

Oh, and you should all also know that I happen to know 2 people living down in Miami. 1 of them actually holds the title of "Jeremy's former girlfriend in high school." As we were window shopping, we figured it was a good idea to stop by for a quick visit. It was really, really nice seeing a familiar face down there. I haven't seen anyone from high school since... high school. The beach was close by so we took a moment to marvel at the landscape in between shopping.

We did a lot of walking in the rain that only seemed to come down when we were in the streets. By the time we got back to our hotel, we were tired. Oh, by the way, did I mention we decided to just stay in our room with the separate beds? Once we unpacked, it just took too much energy (aka we were too lazy) to pack again so we just stayed in our separate beds. And speaking of those beds, we took a power nap and were in no hurry to get to dinner. Let me tell you a lil' something about Miami - they're on their own time schedule. Early breakfast was at 9-10 AM, lunch was around 2-3 PM and dinner was whenever you felt like eating. Plus, there's basically a party every night and it would last until 5 AM. So again, absolutely noooo hurry to get to dinner. Besides, we had a Groupon for dinner anyway!

Refreshed and in high spirits!

This is what some folks call "foreshadow."

Anyway, in true Miami fashion, we were aiming to have dinner around 9:30. We drove into the city and finally make it to the restaurant and...

wait for it...

the restaurant was CLOSED. They closed at 9 PM.

Groupon FAIL #4.

All we could do was laugh. Well, I laughed, Asha was a little more upset. She got that "I'm gonna punch the closest person next to me" look on her face again. She eventually just gave up on planning events for the rest of the entire trip which meant I got to choose where we ate. If you eat with me often, you'd know my go-to restaurant food of choice is a burger... preferably with bacon. So as we walked along the strip, my stomach went to it's familiar place and we ended up getting burgers from Johnny Rockets. Our waitress could tell Asha wasn't in the best of moods and attempted to cheer her up with a smiley face ketchup. I have no idea if it helped or not, haha.

The waitress' attempt to cheer up Asha. Smiley-face ketchup! It half-way worked.

So yeah, technically this was our worst anniversary day ever. However, we managed to look back on the poo poo weather, failed Groupons and all of the other mishaps that happened throughout the day and laugh them off. Life doesn't always go according to plan. We were instead grateful to be with each other and share 2 years of blissful marriage. I'm sure bigger plans and mishaps will be thrown our way later down the road (aka children). We just have to learn to roll with it.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Research store hours when on vacation.
  2. Don't let the bad weather bum you out. Instead, go with the flow.
  3. Happily eat smiley-face ketchup when in doubt.

Asha will be in charge of the next Miami blog so expect that to come much quicker.

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