Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's Electric!

Well you guys, I've never seen so much neon green and pink in my life. This past Friday, 20,000 people filled Charlotte Motor Speedway sporting neon get-up like it was the early 1990s.

I wasn't going to do the Electric Run but when a spot opened up on Elyse's team and was offered at half the price of the original fee, I figured, why not? I was gladly a part of Queen City Sprinters and officially on the team. Even better, they ended up giving me the spot FOR FREE!

I was inducted onto the team with a bright pink tutu. I've never worn a tutu in my life, but hey, it was the electric run, why not. With tutu's hiked up and knee socks on, we joined the sea of green and pink and awaited the start of the race. As we anxiously moved up in the corral, it was hard to not keep still. Music was pumping, people were dancing, and neon was EVERYWHERE. We finally reached the start line and jogged our way through thousands of people in the mid summer mugginess.

Blurry but I love it anyways.

We made our way through some fun electric themes throughout 3 miles along the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Bubbles, umbrellas, and fun movie screens were some of my favorite parts. Unlike the Color Run, we actually got to run on the track which was pretty cool. Standing on the start line of the track felt a little unreal, even for a non-race fan like myself!

photo by Electric Run

We ended the race with high-fives and sweaty hugs with old friends and new. We packed into the car and glowed all the way home. Enjoy the video below!

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