Thursday, July 11, 2013

Freedom Ring

We sadly ditched our tradition of going to the Whitewater Center for the 4th but stuck with our new tradition of seeing a movie! Now that I think of it, when does making a tradition technically start and stick?  2 years in a row? If so, then this has mistakingly become a Singleton tradition. To see a movie in the theater on the 4th of July. Ok, now that I've gotten a little off topic, let's get started....

4th of July! A holiday that Jeremy and I both usually work. We were both able to get off a little early so with a few extra hours added to the night, we headed to the $2 theatre to enjoy the last of The Hangover trilogy. We heard mixed reviews on the movie but we've seen the other two so we were going to see the third one regardless. We definitely had some good laughs throughout the two hours and left feeling satisfied with the trilogy coming to a close.

We walked out to sunny skies (something we hadn't seen all week) and decided to make a pit stop in downtown Matthews to check out the free concert that was going on at Stumptown Park. The park was filled with a ton of families ready to enjoy the show. We forget the name of the band but they played Jason Mraz's, I'm Yours, so I was happy. We listened to a few songs and headed home only to stop and be captivated by some professional dancers at Planet Ballroom on the way to the car. I'm seriously thinking about taking a few dance lessons just for fun. Why not?

^^^My first attempt at recording video using Instgram. A little rusty but I'm trying to get better :)

We headed home and got wrapped up into watching Avatar since it was playing on tv. Yep. Not patriotic at all. We didn't see any fireworks that night but does watching videos and looking at pictures on Instagram count? I had the sound effect right outside my window to make it all feel real ;) We hope you all had a great holiday weekend! Let freedom ring.

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