Friday, June 1, 2012

Photo A Day May

May has come and gone and now we are upon JUNE, a new favorite month of mine. Why is June a new favorite you ask? It happens to be the month that Jeremy and I became husband and wife! In a just a few short days we will be celebrating our ONE YEAR anniversary! Ahh, I can't believe it's been one year already!! We are excited to eat that first tier of cake that's been hogging up space in our freezer :)

Let's get back to May. Wow. What a busy month. It's been nothing but go-go-go for both Jeremy and I. Even though it was crazy hectic, I was able to stay on top of my game and keep up with #photoadaymay. This month had a few challenging topics to capture but I like that this little project I have stumbled upon makes me think outside the box. I can't wait to look back on this at the end of the year.

Here are 31 pictures that reflect May 2012 from the perspective of yours truly!

If you're wondering the story behind these photos. Keeeeeeeep reading.

1. peace. This one was tough for me. Jeremy and I decided to go out to dinner at a new place that night and I saw a photo of John Lennon on the wall with the word peace in bold. He brought a lot of peace to people so I said...this will work!

2. skyline. Charlotte at night after seeing Dave Barnes.

3. something you wore today. I've been wanting an accent spring scarf with lots of colors. I finally found one to my liking and was able to wear it that day.

4. fun! this was captured at Concord Mills mall. Who doesn't love a good carrousel ride?

5. bird. These birds were freaking out while I was walking Apollo one morning. They must have had a nest somewhere close and didn't want the beast and I around their territory.

6. you. Not much to explain on this one.

7. someone that inspires you. Who doesn't love Ellen DeGeneres? She makes you laugh, loves to dance, has great taste in music and has a kind heart. I watch her show every day.

8. a smell you adore. I love the smell of magnolia's and May is the month that they start blooming.

9. something you do everyday. I serisouly drive on I485 EVERY DAY. No lie.

10. a favorite word. I love love (and Jason Mraz's new album).

11. kitchen. If you can't tell, this is part of our stove.

12. something that makes you happy. Live Music.

13. mom. On Mother's Day, I was lucky to celebrate with both my Mom and Mother-In-Law!

14. grass. Whenever I take Apollo on long walks, we come across this area.

15. love. Our wedding day. There was so much love that day.

16. what you're reading. I cheated a little on this one. I haven't started this book (Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris) but hopefully soon!

17. snack. Pretzals, yum!

18. something you made. I made this for my nephew, Keegan!

19. a favorite place. The middle of nowhere. This was taken on our cruise last year. There's something relaxing about looking out into the ocean and seeing nothing but water.

20. something you can't live without. Ketchup. Oh, how I love me some ketchup.

21. where you stand. This was taken right when I got home from work. I was glad to be home but I think it's time for a new doormat.

22. pink. My pink laptop cover.

23. technology. Computer keyboard that I use everyday.

24. something new. I got some new sunglasses over the weekend that I loooooooove!

25. unusual. Food Lion, LLC has decided to re-brick the entire 6 story building. The construction workers had to build a scaffold to do so. It's going to be noisy around here in the upcoming months.

26. 12 o'clock. I was cleaning on a Saturday afternoon. My mom would be proud.

27. something sweet. Mmmm, watermelon!

28. the weather today. It started out cloudy but turned out to be a beautiful day.

29. a number. I found this number on a fire hydrant during a walk with Apollo.

30. your personality. Sweet (when I want to be).

31. something beautiful. I've been loving lace lately and these flowers remind me of just that.

There we have it! 31 photos from May 2012. I'll be doing June as well! If you want to join in on the fun, visit here for details.

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  1. Clever idea! I love your choices.