Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Bachelorette: Castles, Puppets and Roses, oh my!

Dang... 40 minutes late!

8:40 PM- So yeah, I had basketball practice. Anyway, time for Asha to update me on what I missed.

... updating...

So it sounds like I didn't miss toooo much. The drama involving Arie didn't seem to be all that exciting. Maybe I had to see it to really appreciate the drama. Hopefully my blog won't suffer very much due to my tardiness.

8:45 PM- Oh yeah, I caught most of Wolf's date. Seems like Wolf opened up a bit, seemed like an enjoyable date. He just walked in after the group date announcement. He came in saying it went well and after that, "psh, he's going home," proclaimed Asha.

Ok, so Sean is out in the middle of the street in Prague searching for Emily. He looks kind of stupid right now. It's funny because in these shots, he's LITERALLY the only person out in the city right now. By the way, is this the thing to do now? "Sneak" out to see Emily because you love her so much? Hey, there are rules to this game, people!

ALSO, excuse my "French" but... why in the hell was Emily randomly standing outside by herself in some ally looking area? She better have been looking for cell service cuz from what I saw, she was trying to get raped.

8:49 PM- these suckers are going on a date. I don't know where they are, but they got beers and made out at the table.

Question, - hold up: they kissin' all out in the street now. Dang folks, get a room. - Ok, back to my question, ladies, would you use tongue on all of these kissing moments? It looks like they swap a lot of spit and well... it seems like there's a very high possibility for EVERYBODY to get mono.

8:50 PM- Just went to commercial and we caught a tease of some of Chris' (aka Mr. Ostrich) confessional moments. He seems like such a... whiner. And gets a little too worked up over things. I get it - you like her, you kind of think you love her but shut UP. The way this thing works, she HAS to see the other dudes. Was this not explained to him?

8:56 PM- We're back and Chris is already extremely uncomfortable. I feel like I'm hatin' on this guy but he's just givin' out too much material.

8:57 PM- Does anyone else find it hilarious whenever Emily spits out facts about the places they go, like she studied it or something?

8:58 PM- A little personal time now with Doug, looks like they're doing a TON of walking on this personal time. They're in a CASTLE. Last time I checked, those suckers had a whole lot of rooms and they decided to pretty much walk across the entire thing to a secluded room. Too much walking.

9:00 PM- This looks like Doug is about to go home now. Asha agrees. Uh oh... dramatic music just started... haha, and Doug is talking about wanting to spend time with her. This is not looking good for him... Emily is known for pulling the okey doke on these guys though.

YES, I knew he was gonna go in for that kiss, buuuuuuuuut it's too late.

9:01 PM- "Did I do something wrong" - Doug. I get the feeling Emily has had lots of practice before this show dumping people.

9:02 PM- Bye, Doug.

At least he didn't have to face everyone else. How long was this personal time, by the way? Anyway, Doug just took WAY too long to make any moves. And you know what happens when you do that? You end up alone in the car crying while talking to the camera.


Magic Mike. The only thing that movie makes me wanna do is workout.

Secret millionaire. How come I can't find/befriend one of those?! I'm nice. I'm sure they'd want to give me some money.

9:08 PM- We're back and Emily is now sitting with Chris and Sean.

Haha, they get their 2 keys and of COURSE Chris wants to go first and of COURSE he gets embarrassed cuz his key doesn't open the magic door. I ALMOST feel for that guy but... I'm not too fond of ostriches.

9:10 PM- So Asha believes Arie is going to win. I will definitely say that Arie and Sean are the top 2 but Jef is the wildcard. He could pull an upset and throw everything off.

9:12 PM- Chris admits that he'll be freaking out if he didn't get the rose tonight. Pretty sure NO one is surprised by that statement.

Uh oh... Emily is trying not to make this awkward but Chris is straddling that line...
That seemed like a really short.

9:14 PM- Ok, rose time. I REALLY hope she gives this rose to Sean cuz I want to see Chris freak out.

YEEESSS! Sean gets the rose, let the madness BEGIN! (haha, Chris is so hurt right now)

Oh yes... Chris is a ticking time bomb! This gives me something to look forward to.

It's commercial time and you know what bugs me about commercials? I'll tell you. When there are really bad/cheesy ones. They bug me because I could literally write and direct them. I did it college and they were just as bad. Didn't get a job so now I'm just mad at the economy.

9:20 PM- We're back and Chris is just breaking down. You can see him just falling apart. I hope the guys pick at him and make him answer questions about his feelings because you know he'll gladly share.

9:21 PM- Emily and Jef are now on their date. I'm not sure if they're on a date or not, they're kind of just walking.

They're... talking really... deep while looking at these puppets.
Haha, he went back to get a puppet for Ricki. Lil' cheesy, but a great move. Good job wildcard Jef (his new nickname).

9:23 PM- They just walked into a crazy library and here's a little fact about Jeremy; it's on my life-goals list to go somewhere in Europe to one of those fancy cathedrals or libraries and just lay on the floor and stare at the murals on the ceilings. They're just... beautiful. (I don't say beautiful very often. Pretty much dedicate that adjective for my wife)

9:25 PM- They really just spent 5-8 TV time minutes talking through these puppets to each other? Also, Emily's puppet skills were not on par with Jef's. He looked like a pro compared to her amateur moves.

9:30 PM- Back from commercial and they've finally put the puppets away.

Jef's family seems... well, I didn't see it coming, but it was almost exactly what I thought. I know that didn't really make sense, but it made perfect sense to me.

9:32 PM- Yes, back to the guys sitting around and they just got Mr. Ostrich going. Ah man... that wasn't a long enough segment. Poop.

9:33 PM- Back to Emily and Jef laying on the floor crossing off something on MY life-goals list. Jerks.

Those two do seem to have fun together. And that's why he's Wildcard Jef!!

Haha, just had a commercial tease, I can't wait to see Chris make his move!

Another Magic Mike commercial. This thing better rake in some money because all of this advertising is getting on my nerves.

9:40 PM- We're back and it's rose ceremony time!

Mr. Ostrich tells us that he's terrified going into this rose ceremony. EVERYONE can see that Mr. Ostrich is super nervous.

9:42 PM- Emily is having a sit-down talk with host Chris. Oh, Emily just said she doesn't want to have the cocktail party.

Haha, Host Chris just announced the no cocktail party to the guys. You could see Mr. Ostrich's emotions just go crazy.

Yo, Wolf is SUPER confident about getting a rose tonight. For his sake I hope he gets a rose cuz he's going to look and feel stupid if he doesn't.

9:44 PM- Oh yeeeeaaaaahhhh, Mr. Ostrich is MELTING. His eyes are watering and red (and now he's really looking like an ostrich).

9:49 PM- We're getting a sneak peek at the Glass House. Did anyone watch that last week? I caught the first half and I'm not really sure what I think of it. IT's exactly what I thought but I still don't know if it's worth watching. Seemed like a mix of Real World and Big Brother.

9:50 PM- Back to the main event and it's time to finish this up. It's also time for Mr. Ostrich to interrupt this ceremony and pour his heart out to Emily.

If Ostrich does/says something that makes Emily waver, it's really gonna just look like it's really easy to make her second guess herself.

9:52 PM- Let's hand out some roses, shall we? Jef gets the first one (duh). Next, Arie (duh). Haha, Ostrich is like... shaking. Asha said he looks like a bobble head. I giggled cuz it's true.

9:53 PM- Final rose. Mr. Ostrich is about to POP! He just interrupted so he can talk to Emily. It looks like the other guys want to laugh... like Asha and I are doing.

Ostrich is apologizing and sharing his feelings. Is it a little too late? Did he screw it all up when he was childish the previous day? I think he was going to get a rose anyway, but we'll see.

9:56 PM- Emily and Ostrich walk back in. I wonder what the guys were talking about while waiting...

"ha... he really just interrupted this whole thing..."
"I hope he goes home."
"Yeah, me too."

Emily makes the final pick and it's... Ostrich. Not totally surprised. Wolf never really seemed to be... a real final choice. He's much, MUCH cooler than Ostrich though.

Asha just said this and I agree...I'm surprised Wolf even stayed on the show this long. Hope he doesn't cry cuz he really over-achieved. Wolf is in the car... and he didn't cry. Good man.

9:59 PM- The final 4! Arie, Sean, Jef and Ostrich. Interesting preview for next week's show. It was too dramatic for me, but we all know I'll be watching next week.

10:00 PM- Hahaha... they played hide and go seek in that castle and Doug was left counting. Who knows how high he counted to. Probably why he got kicked off.

Ok, show's over. Hope you all enjoyed my thoughts. Also, please reply and answer some of these questions I asked because I really want to know what you all think. Until next week, peace out!

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