Friday, June 15, 2012

366 Days of Marriage

366 days ago (thanks to leap year) we tied the knot! I guess technically it's been longer than that now that I'm just getting around to writing about it BUT we have officially made it to one year as a married couple! *insert happy dance here* We decided to celebrate by booking a much needed vacation, just the two of us, to Kissimmee, Florida at Star Island Resort. We covered Disney and Universal Studios a few years back so this trip was going to be dedicated to the adventures that Florida had to offer. We'll get to those stories later, and for now, we'll reminisce and enjoy the celebration of our one year anniversary.

I don't know what has been in the water lately, but Jeremy and I have been non-stop busy. We were burnt out from work and ready to relax and enjoy each others company. We started the day by watching our wedding video that Jeremy did an awesome job of putting together. I cried happy tears while watching so Jeremy says his mission was accomplished. The video is way too big to upload so I plan on convincing my wonderful husband to make a short one to share with you all.

I also got to add a little more bling to my ring (!!!!). To represent one year of marriage, Jeremy gave me the last band of diamonds to complete the set. My ring isn't the biggest rock in the world but I love it because it is simply unique and well, I'm unique (I'd like to think) so it's perfect! It is also a ring that belonged to Jeremy's mom so it holds a special place in my heart just because of that.

Since it was our first full day in the Sunshine State, we headed to the pool to soak up some sun for a bit. Our bodies were still trained to wake up at the break of dawn and because of that, we managed to beat everyone to the pool. We had the entire area to ourselves for the first hour which was quite nice :)

The rest of the day was spent doing one of our favorite things....SHOPPING. We were able to find some good bargains at the many outlet malls Florida holds and I was in heaven since I got to visit a two story Forever 21 and H&M.

We had a scrumptious dinner at Paradiso 37 in Downtown Disney. It was seriously delicious. I of course had my favorite, fish taco's, while Jeremy had his usual, a bacon burger with the addition of pineapple, yum!


We made sure to bring along the first tier of our wedding cake with us on the trip. We ended the night by cutting into the tradition that was indeed still delicious. Cheers to ONE YEAR!!!!

Cutting into our wedding cake!


  1. Time really does fly. Seems like yesterday we came to your rehearsal. Still hating that we couldn't come to your wedding.
    Remember what I said in your rehearsal toast?
    It was about wishing the two of you good luck wasn't necessary because I knew you would make your own luck. I knew I was right.
    Congratulations and many more years to come!
    Greg and Bobbie

  2. Congrats to one year!!! Pictures look amazing

  3. Time which you take for marriage is so long but never the less end is well then all is well. You both are looking very quite with each other. Photographs of your wedding is looking so beautiful and clear is well.

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