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The Bachelorette: Ricki is bloody baggage in merry ole England!

Bachelorette live-blog. Nothing fancy, let's just jump right into this!

I love the power of video editing. The tease where one of these guys actually called Emily's daughter, Ricki, "baggage' - I NEED to know who said it! I can't figure it out which means... now I HAVE to watch, haha.

8:04 PM- Somewhat of a late start, I was debating if I should do this blog tonight. Obviously I decided to do it. Let's hope this goes well.

Also, let's go over my top 4 at this point (in no particular order):
Doug (maybe)

This group is based off of 2 things - 1) I haven't found a reason to hate/not like these guys and 2) I only know 3 other guys' names (Doug, Ryan, and Alejandro).

8:06 PM- My man Sean gets a 1-on-1. I think he might really separate himself from the pack while they're across the pond. (Am I really like... seriously analyzing this?)

8:09 PM- Back from commercial and it's date time with Sean. They're taking a tour of London on a double decker bus. I think Emily actually planned this one herself cuz... yeah, not much thought into this date.

8:10 PM- Who is feeding Emily this London info? She doesn't know all that.

Hey, good idea taking pictures. Hope he gets copies.

8:11 PM- Kalen and Jef STILL haven't been on a 1-on-1 date with Emily. Kalen, I'm not surprised, but it's time for Jef to get that alone time.

*Gasp* did we just get some foreshadowing that Kalen calls Ricki "baggage"??

8:13 PM- Haha, Sean carried Emily's purse/bag thing. That looked funny.

And now he seems to literally be standing on a soapbox and speaking publicly. The crowd seems to enjoy it, but most importantly, Emily is enjoying it... and THAT'S why he's in my top 4. Let's just go ahead and give him the #1 seed.

8:15 PM- The search is on for the next Bachelor. If you remember, Ryan so gracefully dropped a hint for the producers that he wouldn't mind being the next Bachelor. I'm gonna go ahead and call it that he isn't winning this. I'm sure there are enough females out that that think he's super hot and can look past his cocky-like behavior/personality. So I could see that happening. But is there some sort of rule where you have to make it to the final 2-3?

Dang it... I need to make my lunch for tomorrow...

8:19 PM- And we're back, and Emily sounds like she's losing her voice. Is she getting sick? Cuz she's kissing like 9 dudes so that's definitely gonna spread. #nasty

8:20 PM- Hmm, apparently Emily says, "thank you, sir" a lot.

My goodness, she is not sharing some pleasant news about this prison history over dinner.
Haha, I was just SO confused. Thought she was saying Sean's been divorced 3 times... but alas, she made that up. Whew!

8:23 PM- Group date announcements: And Kalen is on the group date... haha, sucker.

Back to the dinner. Is there any question Sean is getting this rose on this date? Just give him the rose - and man, can someone do something about Emily's voice?! PLEASE?! It sounds like she's whispering/lost her voice at a concert/sick.

Ah man, I'm glad Sean just said what he said, "I know what this is all about, but I'm confident in what we've got." I was recently talking about how some of these dudes act like they don't know how this show/game operates. Good to know he does.

8:26 PM- In the teaser before commercial break, Emily said, "hood rat". That cracked me up. It always cracks me up with people you don't expect to say certain things (mainly white people) say things you don't expect them to say. Example: Emily saying "hood rat".

8:31 PM- Ah HA! So she IS sick... and they're STILL kissing her. Y'all are some dummies.

Haha, they're all terrified to do this fake play/audition. They at least seem to be having fun with this silliness.
Ha, Arie and Doug have to be females, but that's cool, less pressure because I mean... we all know they're gonna suck.

Arie is... sort of struggling. He better not suck his way out of my top 4.

"I'm not a good actor...," proclaims Chris. Not a surprise because he is a TERRIBLE dancer.

Haha, Kalen is taking this Shakespeare thing seriously. HAHAHAHA Kalen just shoo'd her away saying they need to continue practicing. He is delightfully terrible at this show.

8:37 PM- That English lady just dropped the bomb on them that they'll be performing in front of an audience and they all got scurred.

I'm glad I didn't go into TV commercial production because people like Asha (and DVR) are KILLING them. The girl never sees commercials. Folks these days act like just 5 years ago they didn't actually sit through commercials. Now it kills them if they must do it. Funny how that works.

8:42 PM- We're back.

Man... I should go become a dentist in England cuz... wow.

8:44 PM- Oh lord, Kalen went first. Haha, and Emily said it was the least romantic scene. Everyone is noticing that he's too intense with it.

Haha, the fight scene was somewhat tolerable.

Haha, and Arie's scene is even better. He actually made me laugh out loud. He's solidly remaining in the top 4. By the way, dressed as a woman, Arie looks like Bell from Beauty and the Beast.

Of course Ryan got the kiss. He's kind of cocky and needs a new haircut asap, but that was a pimptastic move going in for the second kiss.

Another tease to this Ricki = baggage part. I'm ready to see Emily go all hood rat on these fools.

8:50 PM- I must go see this new Spider-Man movie.

8:53 PM- We're back. I would fail at this show because they drink alcoholic beverages a LOT.

Arie got a quick make-out session with Emily. Nice.

Man, you can tell Ryan has had his fair share of quality time with cheerleaders and sorority girls. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

8:56 PM- Ok... Chris, are you startin' stuff? This is the second time you go saying things that I didn't hear the person say. Now this "baggage" thing isn't as great as I had hoped. But hey, Chris is spreading it to everyone creating some drama so... I'm interested.

Haha, Alejandro is just out there doing his alone time and missing all the action!

Oh my goodness... Kalen didn't even pretend like he didn't call Ricki baggage. Also, I guess I'm glad he fessed up to it so now Chris doesn't look like he just doesn't have loose lips, haha.

9:00 PM- Mother Emily is about to get crunk. And you can see on Doug's face that he is happy this is about to go down! (also, Emily just said hood rat... I giggled.)

Cover Girl commercial feature Sophia Vergara. I'm glad she came over to the United States.

Wipe Out... love that show.

9:03 PM- We're back and it's now going DOWN! It'd be nice if she swung on him... but she won't.

Doug taking the lead on this whole thing. Doesn't seem to mind. Anyway, let's see how Kalen tries to weasel his way out of this.

Haha, Emily threw his same line at him (I love to hear you talk, but when I'm done.") Annnnnd Emily just kicked him out. Kalen is trying to make nice but uh... it's over man. Just go'head and catch your flight back home. I will miss his clothes though. He's a snazzy dresser, liked his shirts.

9:06 PM- I just realized I've been spelling his name wrong... it's Kalon. Anyway, is it sad that... I understand what he was saying? I mean... let's get serious here, on average, single men don't want go into a relationship with a woman who already has a kid. But c'mon, son, children aren't baggage.

This is kiiiiinda messed up because Emily feels no one had her back with the whole baggage talk. But obviously, she didn't see that the guys were upset when they found out. You're not anyone's woman yet, Emily, and it's a little awkward to immediately go tell you what someone said. Have to have some timing with it. But... I'm not in that situation so I don't know how I'd really react.

9:13 PM- Ricki thinks the king and "the dragon" live in Buckingham Palace. Is that what she thinks of the queen?

9:15 PM- 1-on-1 date with Jef. Let's see how this goes...ha, and he finds out there's basically a 3rd wheel. Ha... man, yet another awkward date. This is... a disaster haha.

And she's talking a LOT too... she finally left, haha.

Hating the etiquette lessons and bailing out to do their own thing... so American.

9:19 PM- Jef breaking the news about Kalon's words. Hmm, I'm glad this went over smoothly. He scored some good points on this date... and THAT'S why he's in the top 4!!

Commercial. Man, I just remembered I wanted to go on OtherScreen.com during the show, but it's hard to blog and be in there at the same time. If you're wondering what OtherScreen is, go take a look. It's a fun, interactive way to watch TV. Many of us are on our phones or computer while watching TV anyway, now you can have fun with it!

9:25 PM- Dang... how'd they get the London Eye thing to themselves? Lucky.

9:30 PM- I really just didn't have much to say during this part of their date. In other news, my prediction of the Kings taking the Stanley Cup tonight is looking pretty good. They're up 4-0 in the second period.

9:31 PM- Jef gets a rose. I think he has yet to make out with her so it's probably coming now.

"They didn't TOUCH dessert," says Asha. And she's so right. It looked pretty good do.

9:33 PM- My man got that make out session in. Too bad he waited until she was sick to do it. He's going to be coughing tomorrow.

9:38 PM- Back from commercial and it's rose ceremony time. Emily is putting them all on the hot seat tonight. I don't think there's really much the guys can say to really make these 1-on-1 talks any easier.

Arie's not feeling too good about his talk with Emily, but I think he's OK. Next up, Ryan... and of course he pulls out another pimptastic move. Emily is mad she's liking Ryan more and more, but I mean... DUH, that's the kind of guy he is.

Props to Sean for wearing a traditional size tie with his suite (aka a non skinny tie). I don't have anything against skinny ties, I actually want a couple myself. But I like seeing a little more variety in style. Man, Sean is definitely in the lead. #1 seed... with Jef now at the #2 spot. I guess Arie is the #3 seed, but he's just barely ahead of the new #4 Ryan.  Doug (who hasn't had much air time lately) is now battling Chris for the #5 spot. (This list is now in order for me.)

Commercial for the movie "Magic Mike" just came on. Am I in the minority thinking that this movie looks so, so bad? Headlined by 2 mediocre actors known more for their physical features than their acting skills. And the movie seems to basically just be bout their physical features. But hey, don't hate the player...
(By the way, I'd say the same thing if the movie was about some female dancers.)

9:51 PM- Back from commercial and it's time to dish out some roses! Who's gonna get left out tonight? I honestly don't know. I would say Alejandro cuz I mean... he's never on screen, however, she seems to like him and he's somehow sticking around.

Dramatic pause...

I have no idea who's going to get left out. 4 of my top 5 already have a rose... Arie is still waiting... this just got real...

Waiting in suspense...

And Arie gets the last rose. She just sent him a message, gotta step his game up. Alejandro looked pretty sad. Ok, he doesn't look sad anymore haha. Ah man, I hope he wasn't crying in the car. So tired of seeing the waterworks on this show. Nothing wrong with men showing some emotion, but my goodness, this crying is getting out of hand.

9:57 PM- Emily announces they're going to Croatia. I've never been there, but these shots sure make it look nice.

Interesting shots they're showing for the rest of the season. Even more interesting is who isn't being shown much in these clips (I don't know their names, sorry haha).

Ryan is definitely this season's "Kourtney". Can't be too upset that he's playing the game.

Ok, another episode done. Hope you enjoyed my banter during the show. Maybe I'll do it all again next week!

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