Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dave Barnes: Show #4

I never tire of seeing Dave Barnes. He is one to make you laugh hysterically and the lyrics to his songs will make you melt. Dave recently visited Charlotte as it was the last stop of his spring tour. I kind of like that he saved Charlotte for last. Finales are always the best shows :)

We had dinner before hand and fish tacos from Rock Bottom filled my belly. Mmmm mmm...I do LOVE me some fish tacos!

Elyse and I scored some pretty awesome seats at the McGlohen Theater. We were right on the edge of the stage! I love that he had his show in a theater as it turned out to be an intimate setting. The view of the old stained glass windows weren't so bad on my eyes either.

Elyse and I at Dave Barnes
We got to enjoy the sound of Alexis Worthington (from Appalachian) and Andrew Ripp before Dave hit the stage. Wow, Andrew Ripp sure can sing. He's got some pipes, that's for sure. He also sang a cover of one of my favorite Mariah Carey songs, Always Be My Baby. (I now have this song stuck in my head)

Mr. Dave Barnes
Here are a few videos from the night. Come back soon, Dave!

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