Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Signing: Charlaine Harris

My nerdy side is going to come out in this post so just bare with me.

Do any of you watch the HBO hit series, True Blood? I'm sure you know this by now, but the tv show is based off of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. I've read them all (except for the new one I just got my hands on) and I recently got to meet the author, Charlaine Harris!

When I found out that Charlaine was coming to Charlotte I instantly wanted to go! Her most recent book to the Sookie Stackhouse novels was released last Tuesday and I was itching to get a copy. My friend Chelsea, an avid reader, is on the same nerd status as I am and was just as excited to meet the author who created a fantasy world of vampires, weres, and supernatural creatures.

Chelsea and I with the newest addition to the Sookie Stackhouse Novels
It was my first ever Book Signing and I had no idea what to expect. The event was held at Barnes & Noble at the Arboretum and I was impressed at how organized everything was! The first 30 minutes Charlaine took the time to answer questions from a room full of readers and fans. She was VERY down to earth and reminded me of a southern grandma that one would call Meemaw. Haha, that's just what I picture. Southern, sweet, genuine, and wholesome. That sums up a Meemaw, just in case you were wondering!

Charlaine was nice enough to personalize her autographs, take pictures, and take a moment to chat with each person. We learned that she is very close to the cast of True Blood, plans to finish the series at book 13 (which will be available next year), and another book series of hers, the Harper Connelly Mysteries, will also be a tv show next year! She had the crowd laughing and was a lovely person overall. I had a great time at my very first book signing. Can't wait to go to more!

Chatting it up with Charlaine Harris

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