Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sunday Morning Rain Is Falling

Sooooooo I kind of love going to concerts and hearing live music.  Any band/musician that I really like, I try and go see live.  I usually end up liking them even more (not the case for John Mayer #fail).  Last week Jeremy and I ventured to Davidson College to see Maroon 5.  We had gone to see them in 2008 when they came to Charlotte and it was a good show so we figured, why not go see them again.  Davidson is a smaller venue and smaller venues always mean a better show.  It's just more intimate and well...just better.

The show was general admission, which for Maroon 5, is odd.  They are doing a pretty big tour right now and I'm not sure why they chose to come to Davidson and do a smaller show.  To me, general admission = get there early so you can be on the front row.  I had seen Jason Mraz at Davidson so I knew the layout and whatnot and I knew we MUST get there early.

We got there with plenty of time to spare...a little too much time.  We were 5th in line for what seemed like FOREVER.  We got there 4 hours before doors opened while other fans didn't start coming until an hour before!  We were mainly with Kris Allen fans for a majority of the time in line.  They were nice but in Jeremy's words "frumpy". I felt a little silly for dragging Jeremy there so early but we did get to be 2 feet away from Adam Levine so it was worth it.

Front row was great.  We made friends with the security guards and a Kirs Allen granny fan who texts and updates Twitter very slowly.  Don't be fooled.  Our front row experience wasn't all rainbows and butterflies.  There was a smelly girl beside Jeremy but we either got used to the stinkiness or she got the hint and put on some deodorant.  We then got bombarded by some lame drunk girl who tried to push her way to the front.  She almost caught some elbows. She couldn't move Jeremy (he's so strong!) so she eventually gave up and left.

Front Row!  
After hours of waiting, the show finally began!  We got a taste of V.V. Brown who is very energetic and dramatic.  You should download her song "Shark In The Water".  Great way to start the show.  All of her songs make me want to dance.

V.V. Brown

Next up was Kris Allen.  He was good...I was impressed!  I guess that's why he won American Idol.  I really enjoyed his opening song, "Can't Stay Away".  Jeremy and I both got high five's from him.  He seems pretty down to earth.  He's a cutie.

Kris Allen
Finally, Maroon 5 came out!  They were soooooo good.  This was my 3rd time seeing them and it was by far the best.  Adam Levine...his voice is just sexy.  That's the only way to put it.  Front row gave us a great view!  Jeremy even got James' guitar pick #score. They seemed to really take their time with each and every song.  They played a long set list which is always a plus!  We got a taste of old songs along with a few new from their album releasing in September. Their their new album is gonna be goooooood.  I can already tell.  

Maroon 5

Next up....JASON freakin' MRAZ!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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