Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Avert Your Eyes!

I work at the YMCA and on occasion I have to pee. The closest bathroom is, of course, the mens locker room. I love our facility. I even love the locker rooms. They're nice and spacious and there's plenty of everything (urnials, stalls, showers, etc.). Here's my one problem (and this is really a problem in any locker room): naked dudes. It's really just not fun. Maybe the ladies might have a different opinion, but I'm not a huge fan. I've gotten over it because they all have the same parts I do. I'm mature enough to not giggle or say "ewww". So there's definitely worse. What's worse than seeing a naked dude in the locker room? Seeing a naked dude THAT YOU KNOW in the locker room.

A little background: when you walk into the mens locker room here, you turn the corner and there's a walkway to the toilets. There are sections of lockers that branch off from the walkway so you aren't immediately staring at people as they change. However, at the end of this walkway is a straight shot right to the showers. So today I walk in, turn the corner, and I'm walking to the toilets when all of a sudden, this guy pops out of the shower directly in my view. This has happened before - no biggie, I just tell myself to keep walking and don't make eye contact. Well, that all changed when I recognized the guy stepping out of the shower. We immediately made eye contact :( For about 3 seconds you could clearly see and feel the awkwardness happening between us. What made it so awkward was the fact that he is the parent of one of the kids I used to work with. We both had a moment of, "do I act like I don't see him?" "do I say hi?" "do I lower my eyes and just look at the floor?" Honestly, it weas probably more awkward for him since he was the one naked. We each did a quick head nod and went on our way. I never would've thought that situation would be so weird but then again, I never thought I'd be in that situation.

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