Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm the one curly fry in the box of a regular

Jason Mraz.  My favorite.  I fell in love in 2003 when I saw him live for the first time.  He's my favorite for many reasons.  He can sing his butt off, dance like no other, entertain the crowd, and perform magic tricks all while looking handsome doing so.  How many artist do you know that can sing opera, do the robot, and speak inspiring words about saving the environment and having equal rights?  There's only one person, and that's Jason Mraz.

Last Tuesday, I took Jeremy to see Jason for the first time.  I was a little nervous.  I knew Jason would put on a great show but I never know what other people will think.

When we arrived to Greenville, SC we got a little surprise.  It turns out the Peace Center (the venue Jason played at) was right next to 'Falls Park on the Reedy' which is a REALLY nice park.  With me being anxious to get there, we of course arrived with a few hours to spare.  We were able to walk around, share a yummy pineapple smoothie and explore downtown Greenville.

Once the time came to go back to into the venue, we, mainly I, hurried back in.  The Peace Center is AWESOME.  We had pretty good seats. 4th row!  Well...4th row from the pit.  We made friends with our neighbors and sat through Robert Francis....who we didn't really care for.  Jason came out next!!

The Peace Center is a theater so seating was available.  I was afraid everyone would just sit the whole time.  I hate sitting at a concert.  I gotta get up and dance!  Once again, Jeremy and I seemed to be in the "dancing" section.  Our rows were first to stand up for him and sure enough, people began to catch on.  

Jason did not disappoint. He started out the show with a brand new song and continued with familiar tunes.  Here are some songs I was able to record:

At all of his shows, Jason speaks of ways to help and improve the environment.  He decided to re-invent plastic water bottles on this tour, making them his backdrop!  The bottles were plugged with LED lights which created a nice light show.  Seeeeeeeeeee:

He kept the show alive and the crowd interested in what was coming next.  He did a cover of Michael Jackson's "Rock with You" and pulled up this lucky kid from the crowd!  It was pretty funny/entertaining.  You can start watching at 1:45. That's when the good stuff is.  He pulled up more people to dance on stage with him when he ended the show with a Beatles cover of "All You Need is Love".  I tried my best to get him to notice me but I'm thinking I was too far back.  Yeah, we'll go with that.  Here are some pictures from the night:

All in all, it was a great night and I'm glad Jeremy finally got to see Jason live!  I don't think I swooned too much over Jason in front of Jeremy.  We tried meeting him after but he was taking way too long to come out and we had to travel back to Charlotte.  Evidently he came out in a Dinosaur costume.  That's Mraz for ya.

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