Monday, June 20, 2011

Belize It or Not (Honeycruise Day #4)

Today the ship stopped in the middle of the ocean. Turns out you have to ride a boat to get to Belize. Once we reached land, we piled onto a small bus and headed deep into the jungle.

On the boat to head to Belize!

On the bus to head to the jungle!

On the way to the jungle we learned a few things about Belize:
  • Their native language is English.
  • They speak Creole (They add a Hispanic flavor to the English language)
  • They only have 4 major highways.
  • They are under British rule which is why their native tongue is English.
  • Marian Jones is a big part of their nation. She is half Belizian!
Housing in Belize

Bridge Crossing. Only one bus at a time for cation. We had to wait a bit to cross.

School is still in for the Belize people
We're rich! We got our hands on some Belize Money. We had to give it back...

Horseback riding was fun! Asha's horse's name was Ginger and Jeremy's horse's name was Rice & Beans. It was a nice little ride through the jungle. The horses were well trained and kept on the trail for the most part. Most of  the animals were hiding but we did encounter a DEAD armadillo. A jaguar killed it. Crocs, turtles, and monkeys were seen too! (Side Note: So, when you go on one of these excursions, you don't necessarily think or remember that you're in the for real jungle. Like... a good chance you'll see some real life, national geographic, animal planet predators. On that horse ride when they said, "oh, looks like a jaguar had lunch" while pointing out the dead armadillo... not gonna lie, I did some cussing in my head. Whenever I'm in random situations like that, I play a little "worst case scenario". This was my first time EVER on a horse and if a freakin' jaguar popped out, I had no idea what I'd do. One good buck from the horse and I'd go flying off quicker than Ochocinco and his bull riding. So needless to say, I was a little nervous on that part of the trip.)

Ginger and Rice & Beans
Belize Horse Ranch

Here we go through the forest!

Look at those two stallions!

Belize Rainforest

Our guide let us smell some key lime leaves. They smelled so good!!

A storms a brewin'

George rode on a horse too! He was very friendly :)

After our ride we got to experience true Belize cuisine for lunch! Chicken, black beans and rice, and plantains were on the menu for the afternoon. Boy was it delish! We washed it down with a nice cold coke which is sweeter than American Coca-Cola since it's made with natural cane sugar in Belize.

Belize Cuisine. Yummm!

Good eats!
Coca-Cola Ad

We then relaxed in the pool and took a self guided tour through the botanical garden. That self tour lasted about 2 seconds because we got attacked by an iguana that fell out of a tree! That was enough for the both of us so we went back to relax in the pool. (Side Note: We've seen our fair share of horror movies and the the #1 thing learned - at the first sign of trouble, don't keep going. Just go back to where you came from.)

No Bueno.

Iguanas are EVERYWHERE!!!
Relaxin' by the pool.

Dinner on the ship was good tonight! Lamb for Jeremy and pork chops for Asha. After dinner, we went up to the Lido Deck and relaxed while watching the sunset over the ocean. We've mentioned it before, but it's worth mentioning again. There's something very peaceful about being out in the ocean with zero land in sight. Makes you realize how big the world really is. As evening turned to night, it was soon time for bed. Next stop: Isla Roatán!

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