Monday, June 17, 2013


This weekend was packed two days straight of celebrations and cookouts! Although fun, they wore me out making me fall asleep at 8pm Sunday night. Sad, I know but hey, it is what it is.

Celebration #1 was a surprise for Elyses's husband Josh, who turned 30 earlier in the week. Being the sweet wife that she is, she spent over a month planing a fun get together of close friends and family. She went above and beyond creating a theme, logo, and fun activities for everyone to do. All of the hard work paid off and he was surprised to say the least :) I was happy to help with the planning and had a girls night baking and prepping for the big day on Saturday.

Rachel, Elyse, and I baking cake pops

Time for the chocolate!

I'm pretty sure we are experts at cake pop making now.

SURPRISE! I love Elyse and Josh's mom in this picture.
A golf-themed photo booth!
Happy Birthday, Josh!
I luuuuuave him. I think he likes me back.

Celebration #2 was spent with both our families as it was Father's day! We had another cookout (we'll never tire of those) and enjoyed catching up and being with both of our parents. Both of our dad's enjoyed their gifts and we can't thank them enough for being there countless times throughout our lives. Thanks Dad(s)! We love you!

Grill Master, Millard Singleton!
With my Mom :)
My Mom's attempt at using our DSLR. Hey, she tried :)


Happy Father's Day!

Now with my Dad :)

Jeremy and his Momma.

My babbbbbbby! 

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