Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! This season finale is THREE HOURS LONG?! My goodness... this is going to be a struggle. Having to stay up AFTER the spring forward daylight savings time for a non-sports, comedy or action related viewing is going to be ROUGH.

Ok, so the family is here in Thailand with Sean to meet Lindsay and Catherine.

And right on cue, Sean's nephew reminds everyone that Emily did NOT pick Sean. Just in case you forgot. Anyway, right off the bat, mom is a lil' skeptical, as she should be.

8:06 PM: Oh... we're 6 minutes in and they're already about to meet Catherine. Does this mean these 3 hours will go by quickly?

(I was joking. Not getting my hopes up.)

8:07 PM: Ok, Catherine just walked in. Sean's family is really nice. At least on camera. But yeah, they're very welcoming.

Oh snap.. they're all sitting at the table for a meal and they're actually... eating! Like... everyone! I've seen everyone hold their fork! This is the most excited I've been about this show in a while, haha.

BOOM! Forks in hand and actually eating!
8:09 PM: And it's time for the one-on-one with mom. Is it just me or is this actually moving along quickly? How much do they have to show if this is happening so fast?

Ok, I just checked and technically, this finale is only 2 hours... that last hour is the aftershow. Forgot about that... just so you know, I'm not watching that last hour. Well, at least not blogging about it.

8:11 PM: Well, talk with mom went well. I like Catherine more soooooo, I'm pleased. Now it's dad's turn. I wonder if Sean's dad is ever upset or makes anyone else upset?

My goodness. He just dropped some serious "dad of the year" material on Catherine that almost made ME tear up. This guy should work for Hallmark if he doesn't already.

Hmm, I wonder if there was any one-on-one talking time with Sean's sister. Anyway, her day is already over. Lindsay, you're up!


The wife has come through in the clutch! Fresh lemon cake cookies with white chocolate chips just came outta the oven and immediately into my mouth. This might help get me through these 2 (or 3) hours!

8:17 PM: We're back and Lindsay has arrived! Is this another day? Nope, looks like they're wearing the same clothes... I think. Except for Sean. Dad's shirt is untucked though. He's in chill mode now.

Yeah, I can't tell if they have different clothes on or not.

8:20 PM: One-on-one time with dad first. He starts off asking Lindsay the same question. Hmm, can't tell if he liked her answer or not.

This is starting to sound like an interview.

8:21 PM: And dad is at it again. Jesus! ... well, yes, Sean's dad... my tear ducts still work!

"How did Emily turn this family down?!" asked Asha... shockingly.

Lindsay made dad laugh a lot. Good move.

8:23 PM: Mom's turn. By the way, wherever they are in Thailand is gorgeous. Everywhere they go outside is just... awesome.

Looks like mom is approving of Lindsay. Said she loved her from the start.

I don't know what it is about Lindsay but she just ain't doing it for me. Anyway, let's hear what everyone has to say. I hope they close their eyes and raise their hands and vote for their favorite girl. I'd just like to see who'd win.


8:31 PM: Back on and it's time to get feedback from the family. Everyone got a line... however, no one said anything helpful.

They keep reminding him that he doesn't have much time to make a decision. I think he knows this.

Whoa... mom is all of a sudden crying. She just wants him to be sure about his decision. I get that... just didn't know if the tears were necessary.

Ok, mom has now mentioned NOT proposing to either girls like 3 or 4 times now. Is she dropping subtle hints to Sean?

So... did they come to Thailand like... for a weekend? They just left. Maybe they're just going back to their hotel and they're gonna do their own thing on their own time now. Yeah, let's go with that.

[Commercial break]

Just saw a commercial for Target advertising their spring collection. I'm so ready for spring. I'm a spring baby (birthday = the real first day of spring, March 21) and I'm ready to wear my spring colors.

Ok, back to being a man - anyone want to watch some March Madness? The Buffalo Wild Wings commercial got me thinking about watching basketball somewhere. Mellow Mushroom ain't a bad spot to watch games either.

8:40 PM: We've come back and... I can't really tell what kind of... style Sean has. I like a lot of his clothes, but then he suddenly wears something... young and hipster-ish. The white watch he is wearing sparked this. Just saying, don't see too many grown men rockin' the white watch.

They're taking a lazy river-like canoe ride on a river. Seems relaxing.

They're being goofy at the moment. I wish they wouldn't show that part. They just look stupid.

I don't really have anything to say about this. They... look stupid. The end.

8:44 PM: Lindsay just dropped the "L" word on Sean.


Juuuuuuuuuuuuust kidding, she said love.


8:49 PM: Evening date time with Lindsay. Umm... yeah, Sean clearly got the memo about attire. His v-neck t-shirt matches accordingly with Lindsay's little red dress.

This may have been a hint of how Sean felt about Lindsay.
Never, ever formal or that serious with her = pink v-neck t-shirt for their last ever date. Snazzy.

These 2 kiss a LOT. It makes me feel like I need to kiss Asha more. I'm gonna go do that now.

(I kissed her... just so you know.)

Lindsay feels Sean can really express himself to her by kissing.

... yeah... gonna try that line on Asha.

Lighting the lanterns... think this was actually Lindsay's idea? I dunnooooooooooooo. I need to be on the "set" for this show's recording. I just have so many random questions.


9:00 PM: We're back in the live studio audience. I wonder if Asha could convince me to go to this if we were in the neighborhood.

Catherine's turn. She very excited.

Yo... that elephant is BIG. (duh)

Wow, look at how green their plants are!

By the way, I read somewhere that Asian elephants, as opposed to African elephants, are the only ones that are tamed and trained. Anyone know if that's actually true?

Anyway, Asha and I agree that Catherine got the better date. It was at least more fun.


9:08 PM: Time for the evening portion of Catherine's date. Think she'll drop the "L" word to Sean?

Je ne sais pas.

("I don't know"... for those that don't speak French.)

Well, she's started this speech so let's see where it goes.

9:12 PM: Catherine said she can't see anything other than this ending with Sean's proposal to her.

OH snap. Catherine with the last second (and a lil' more dramatic) "I love you" to Sean! Bold move. Oh, now she's following him out. Ha, see Tierra, this is how you're supposed to do it.

Anyway, Catherine is going on about her confusion with Sean. He's had quite the poker face with her and she can't read him.


This time of year, I miss college. My roommate, C.J., and I would of course, pull both our TVs into the living room to watch 2 games or a game + tv show. Could definitely use that right now.

9:23 PM: I can tell Sean hasn't been working out regularly. His abs are kinda... gone.

"Heeeyyy, Neil Lane!"

Sean picked out the ring. They... kind of all looked too similar. Kinda wish I had Neil Lane give me a ring for Asha... however, the ring I gave her has some nice meaning.

9:27 PM: Yo, who picked out these dresses for the ladies? They've had on better.

Sean made a terrible tie knot. I'm pretty sure someone (or him) re-tied it since it looked much better in the next clip.

Only 30 minutes left! Who's it gonna be?!?!?!


9:33 PM: Back with the studio audience and whoa... the crowd is definitely pro Catherine. Oh, and now we get to hear from this season's rejects Lesley, Sarah, Ashlee and Jackie.

I'm REALLY glad Ashlee admitted that after watching the show, she was much more serious (not fun) than the other girls. I'm proud of her for that.

Ok, I'm done with this now. Although, I wonder why those 4 were picked.


Watching the news is depressing. Even their commercials make me sad.

9:41 PM: Ok, time for the end of this. I'm ready to see this note he gets too. I'm thinking the note is from Catherine. I was thinking the same thing as Jackie - thinking Catherine could maybe be getting cold feet not being able to know what Sean's thinking/feeling.

Ok, so a lot of times, whoever comes out first is the loser, right?

Ahhhh... the anticipation just CRANKED up.

OH SNAP... Lindsay steps out first!

Hahaha, Asha and I are just... all over the place right now with anxiousness.

(random question - there are lots of lily pads in the water in Thailand. Can frogs really sit on those like they do in cartoons?)
Fact or fiction? I need to know!

Ok, moment of truth. Sean is now face to face with Lindsay.

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... Sean is dropping the bomb on Lindsay. I feel bad for her because like he said, he has to basically dump someone for no real reason at all. Man, I'm glad America didn't have to watch me beg Asha and watch her reject me over and over before I finally convinced her to marry me. That would've been embarrassing.

Finally done with that. Sean is a mess right now. He's crying more than Lindsay. So now for the important question - is Lindsay the next bachelorette?

I'm actually a little surprised he didn't pick Lindsay. That's who I thought he was gonna pick.


Ahhh, and they cut away. Haha, the audience is SHOCKED. Ooooo, did Chris Harrison slip up?! He said, "...that was a brutal break up with Catherine." Is he hinting at something or did he just get his names mixed up?


9:58 PM: We're back on and it's time to wrap this sucker up.

Oh, Sean's reading the letter now... oh... and now Catherine's reading it... oh, now Sean's reading it. We don't need 2 people reading it!

Haha, Asha pointed out that Catherine is wearing gold and she is the winner, while what's her face was wearing second place silver. Was that planned??????

After a long walk in those wobbly heels, Catherine is finally face to face with Sean.

"They're playing Mulan music." - Asha

10:03 PM: BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! Sean's on bended knee... and she said yes.

Wait a second... there have only been 2 times I've actually picked a preseason winner and I've been correct - 1. the 2008-2009 University of North Carolina mens basketball team winning the championship (it was a lock, they were the only great team in the country - and probably the last one we've had) and now, Catherine winning the Bachelor.

Ladies and gentlemen, your bachelor and his new woman.

My life is complete.

Ok, it's been an entertaining season. Definitely had some good moments. It was a grind to get through this season, but we did it, guys... we did it! It was fun. I'm not sitting through this after show thing, so I'll find out who the next Bachelorette is later.

Good stuff folks, see ya next season!

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