Monday, March 4, 2013

Photo A Day February: Short but Sweet

And just like that, we blinked and February was over. It really was a blink...I can't believe we are now being introduced to March which Jeremy claims is the greatest month of all. February was a blur of workdays, doctor visits and lazy weekends with the husband.

1. fork. Jeremy and I love burgers and often make a burger joint our date night at least every other week. We had gone to Bad Daddy's Burger Bar for the night and I had no problem finishing off my delicious burger. Please note the fork was not used but it was the photo for the day so I snuck it in the picture.
2. pattern. I've gotten into the habit of changing up my desktop background to a festive little calendar for the month. I absolutely loved the pattern and colors for February!
3. something beginning with 'e'. Elephant!
4. hope. I am hoping to show as much love and support to my future kids as my mom has shown to our family over the years.
5. something you smelled. leftover white chicken chili for dinner! omnomnom!
6. soft. I straightened out my curly locks and it was so hard to stop running my fingers through my soft hair. That's something you can't do with curls!
7. your name. Asha means 'HOPE'. Did ya know that? Now ya do!
8. something orange. This one was a struggle. Jeremy and I were once again having burgers for date night and afterwards we stumbled into Home Depot just to look around. It's what we do.
9. guilty pleasure. I don't know what it is, but the tv show, Vampire Diaries, has me wrapped around their little finger. Although I'm probably a little too old to be watching a show directed towards high schoolers, I tune in every weekday at 8!
10. 3 o'clock. It was a warm Sunday afternoon and we were craving some ice cream!
11. entrance. Time to burn off that ice cream from the day before during an afternoon workout.
12. where you ate lunch. Lunch was devoured in the break room with friends...nothing crazy but I do enjoy the space.
13. walking. Apollo, are you ready to go on a walk?! He LOVES to go walking! What dog doesn't?
14. love is...Love is a kiss and a love note from your loved one!
15. inside your fridge. (almost) Dozen Eggs.
16. perfect. A morning walk in the snow was a perfect start to the weekend. Charlotte hadn't seen snow in more than two years! TWO!
17. in your hand. My hand held a homemade butterscotch oatmeal cookie....that I happily ate for breakfast. Hey, it had oatmeal in it :)
18. something you don't like. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE girl scout cookies...I just hate that they come around only ONCE a year.
19. i am...a North Carolinian and a Charlotte native (there aren't many of us left)! I came across this pillow last fall and loved it! Couldn't afford it so....we took a picture, haha.
20. where you stood. A trip to the doctor's office was in order. Fuuuuuun! (not.)
21. full. My gym locker was jam packed full of my stuff.
22. makes you smile. This framed artwork at my in-laws house that Jeremy did when he was 6 always makes me smile.
23. a word. OPEN--we were more than happy that our favorite pizza place was open on a cold and rainy evening.
24. cloud. There wasn't a cloud in the sky that day so this picture from our December flight would have to do.
25. on your beside table. A good book, of course!
26. quiet. A foggy morning in the meadow screams quiet to me!
27. playing. Keegan had those organized toys sprawled out in the middle of the room in no time!
28 upside down. Artwork turned upside down while we were eating at ANOTHER burger place. We may have a problem...

Alight folks, one more month and I'll have 365 photos under my belt. Do you think I should continue with Photo a Day or finish with one year? Decisions. Decisions.

Here is the list for March if you want to play along! Details here if you need them!

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